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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Four and a half feet of hot fuck

Now, if that title got your attention, you will have to either skip to the end, or let me tell you about what I can recall from a very full week of debauchery during the street fair we just  had.

During the week I wanted to get fucked and chatted up a local friend.  He was amiable to breeding my ass, so I prepped and met him after work.   Damn, did he fuck the hell out of my ass!  Not only a hung, thick cock but a head that can plug a tight ass.

As many know, I have a buddy down near LA that loves to breed my ass every year that he comes to town in September (or any other time he can get up here).
This year we not only planned it to be on video, but we included a very special person as a third top to fuck the hell out of me..and yes, we even managed a DP!

Those three loads started out the fun.

On Friday night I went to one of the local play parties.  Being a good bottom, I was ready for any and all cocks.
There was one guy in particular that was so large he was pointed out to me by a friend.   Well, he was busy fucking the hell out of another that I bent over and let a guy plow my hole.
As I looked over my shoulder, I see the hung guy watching me...and when the other top pulled out he moved in for the hole...and fuck, he was hung!
I was not about to let him leave without some intense hole pounding, so I turned on power bottom mode and started to push back for each thrust forward.
The only thing holding me up under that assault on my ass was the chain link fence in front of me.

On a side note, the next day I saw him in the bar and mentioned it.  At first he was not sure who I was, then I turned around and showed him my bare ass...and his eyes lit up and he said "YES, I remember!"

During that play party I actually bred one young twink twice.  Just a bit after getting there I saw his smooth tight ass in a pair of assless underwear.  Bent over and just open for business - so I went up and dumped my first load of the night.
Later, I saw him in a sling and we recognized each other.  I fucked him a bit in there, and let the others have him...but, an hour later I saw him in the fence area and fucked him right there until I gave him my second load.

There was one very HOT man, a bit shorter than me but packing a hefty uncut cock...and a sexy Irish accent.  I chatted with him over a cocktail, and later he found me in the chain maze and pushed me to my knees.
Instantly he started to skull fuck me.   It was  not long until he pulled out of my throat and started stroking.
Suddenly he began to shoot his load - and I was instantly covered.  I could feel it hitting my forehead, my cheeks, my mouth, my eyes and covering my nose.  Fuck yes!
I stood up and continued to walk around with his load dripping down my face - and even used his cum as some lube for a quick fuck in the back - that guy just pumped my hole for a bit and walked away.

On Sunday, I went to the fair and headed to a spot I know will give me cock to swallow or ride.

Sure enough, in walks a hot young guy - all in leather.  I started off sucking his blonde pubed cock.  After a few minutes of head, I stood up and said it should be in a tight hole.  He asked if I had a condom.
Since I did not, one of his buddies produced one.  On it went, and into my hole it went!
He pounded me hard while bent over a bench, for all of the room to see.

It was getting warm, and we were both drenched in sweat.  He pulled out and I asked if he wanted to just blow his load on my face.
He smiled and said yes!  I dropped to my knees and went back to blow job mode.
Within minutes he was unleashing a full face load of cum.
I stood up and someone wanted to wipe it off, until I stopped his hand and said that I was wearing it out, and eating it myself.

Now on to my title load..

Awhile later, in a separate section of the locale, I was surrounded by men in various stages of undress - cocks were in mouths, ass or hands.
I needed some cock but everyone seemed occupied.  I went to turn around and walked into a guy behind me.
He was about  4 to 4' 5" tall, buff and built with facial hair and a military haircut..and HOT.
When I looked down and saw the 7 inches of cock in his hand, you know I wasted no time in dropping to my knees and swallowing him.

I took him balls deep, and worked over his cock with my tongue and throat.  We kept this up for a couple of minutes, then I stood up with a huge grin on my face.
My next question to him was "do you want to fuck me?"  and he said yes.

I turned right around and bent over.

He walked up to my hole and slid in with just the spit on his cock.  He wasted no time in starting to power fuck my willing ass.
I reached down and had to undo the cod piece of my jock because I was rock hard.  My cock was dripping massive amounts of pre cum.

I felt him grab the strap of my jock and pull me back even further onto his rock  hard cock.  I was moaning..well, like a bitch in heat.

He kept up the piston fucking of my hole until I felt him pull out, and suddenly I felt the familiar warmth of a hot load hitting my ass cheek.
I looked back and he was standing there with his spent cock in hand.  I reached back, grabbed his shaft and pushed him back into my hole.
I felt his cock give a couple of spasms and then let him slide out.


Richard said...

Why do the vids appear only as a black box with no way to play them?

sfverscumboy said...

It may appear to be blank, but if you click it the video should start - it is linked from Xtube. I do know that they cannot be viewed from an iPad, for some reason.

I can also send you a link directly if you like...or see them on xtube under sfverscumboy.

BikeGuy said...

i'm in lust w your buddy from LA. I love watching those vids of you two.