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Sunday, February 10, 2008

25 yr old Scotch vs. 25 yr old foreskin

I love a great wine, fine cigars and a nice aged scotch but if I can have a hot uncut 25 yr old guy standing over me with his cock shoved down my throat....

I will take the cock anytime I can!

Today my partner and I had some errands to run in the morning and later on we were both online ( two laptops are very nice sometimes) and we came across a young uncut guy also online.

I am definitely a cum pig bottom but if you show me a nice hairy ass I can be in top mode real fast.
This guy said he was versatile but the profile name did include "bttm" so I was ready to be a top.

We exchanged emails and gave him our address. He was only 10 minutes away.
He came over and we started out with him sucking me a bit, then his cock was in my mouth and he went down on my partners cock.
I figured that I would keep him up and fully erect by sucking him while he was kneeling to suck my partner's cock .....well, I ended up being on my knees and he stood up so I could do my best.

I have to say that an uncut guy will absolutely get me hard and this guy was such a grower it was fantastic. I was deep throating that uncut cock, taking the shaft down till his balls were hitting my chin. I would suck up to the head and chew a bit on the foreskin before going back down. He had the perfect foreskin for pulling over the head and while chewing a bit I could stick my tongue out and tease the head and keep my tongue under the skin.

Suck, take it till his balls were on my chin, come back up to the top, chew foreskin a bit ...then repeat.

He asked if I wanted his cum...well, you know the answer to that.

I kept up the deep throat action while he grew thick and long, and he hit my gag reflex a couple times - after all there is nothing wrong with having a bit of gag reflex when they are mouth filling thick and long.

Suck, deep throat, repeat and then he was ready to cum.
I took him in my mouth and felt every one of his thick shots - one after another. While he was shooting I went back down to the base so he could fill my entire throat.
He shot load after load after load .....on and on.

Nothing better than a nicely aged uncut cock to give you a hot afternoon load.

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