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Saturday, February 2, 2008

And more recently....

Ok, so my partner has his own will just have to find that on your own until he gives me permission to list it here...and said I should just go with what I think and want here.

On that note, I will apologize in advance to the those that are as anal about things as I can be because you will find me going back and forth for awhile about things I did and thought in the past and things more recent.

I have NOT always been an exhibitionist guy (Mitch, you quit laughing your ass off right now) and since I have been more out in the public so to speak I have had many guys from around the world comment on or ask about certain pictures and here I will do my best to give some details.

I will not be naming names or location to protect the privacy of those involved - unless they give me permission to do so.

My partner and I just returned a couple of weeks ago from DC for MAL - Mid Atlantic Leather - and it was such a hot fun time.
This was my second time and the first one was fun but recently we have gotten in the mood to be more pigs when we are out so I had a BLAST.

Met some hot men, and some buddies that know me well were there with cameras and caught some of the action.

This guy was a hot man and we had already met up before so this was the second time I was on my knees for him and what a hot nice thick cock. Thanks if you are reading this!!!

I always like repeats and giving a guy a second, third or fourth shot at my mouth when they enjoy it so if anyone is visiting and needs a great blowjob maybe you will see me out and about .
More to come later...have to take my partner out for some dinner now.

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