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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hung, uncut and always deep throat him for a load!

See the X Tube clip here...

I was at the video booths again today and ran into a guy that has let me suck him off in the past.
This guy is a treat because he is not only uncut, HUNG and thick - he is also vocal and loves to let me totally devour every inch of his cock and there is at least 9 inches of it and it is so thick I can barely breathe.

As I have said in the past, there are some cocks that you know will stretch every hole you have to the limit and those are the ones that seem to go right down my throat.

I always get rock hard while sucking him and he says that he rarely gets that hard except when I am taking him to the base.

Flashback - We first met up through a gloryhole, and of course I really get into that but if I can get the guy in a more private space, I can really go to town and give him the absolutely best blowjob I know how to give.

After that first time we would seem to be at the booths around the same time and we both know that a hot load is going to be shot by one or both of us.
Now that we recognize each other we just go to a single booth and get down to our shoes and socks ( shirts off since we both sweat).

Today was the third day of not cumming since getting bareback fucked hard in the stalls and then jerking , edging my cock in a cock ring and jock all day yesterday - you can see those clips on X Tube if you are interested in seeing my cock jacking.

So today I am on a 3 day load built up and wanted him to blow his load.

Sometimes he takes awhile to get off and that is fine with me.
It means I have my work cut out for me and the only reason we have ever left without one of us getting a hot load off is when we run out of time and have to be somewhere else.

I decided this time to ask if he would let me take a video of me sucking him off since I know my partner would love to see it and so would all of you.
He agreed and we got down to business!

I was on my knees swallowing every thick inch I could get, as usual of course.

Today was one of the days that he was able to just piston fuck my face - he would just lean back and let me go down to the base and then I use my throat and tongue to work his load out.
Somehow he gets even thicker after I deep throat and by that time we both have pre-cum oozing all over.

I could see his face while looking through the camera at me, taking every inch of his cock and he was as turned on as I was, knowing I could take his cock all the way.

He is as wired to his nipples as I am so there is lots of mutual nipple pulling, biting and munching when we get down to it.
I jack his cock, suck to the base, pulls his nipples and lots of mouth action.
Then he likes to do the same to me.

His other favorite spot (on me) to get me rock hard and ready to blow is my tight ass-hole.
He will be on his knees, me in the chair leaning back giving him access to work his fingers up my ass while he is jacking my cock or his with the other hand.
There is so much pre-cum we rarely need to add any spit to the mix.

After jacking and sucking, nipple play and ass play he told me he wanted to see me cum.
I was trying to not shoot my load before I got home and said that if he would shoot all over my face and take a video or pics of it I would blow my load for sure.

He said he did not think he was that close - he does love to edge.
Well, I was too close and asked if he wanted to take a video of me blowing my load for him.
He said yes real fast!
So I stood back and started stroking.

I don't mind edging but let's see...this week I had already jacked my cock without blowing my load yesterday, have been wearing a jock all week , been fucked full of cum yesterday by my partner and sent to work, sucked the X tube guy earlier and been fucked and cum dumped by the red head jock trader....I had to shoot!

I knew he was recording it and I could see how hard he was while watching me jerk off so that made me shoot a nice thick load.
We caught it on the cam and then he said he was ready to shoot now.

I worked his nipples again until he was so close and then took the clip of him blasting a huge thick load all over the chair.

As we were finishing up and heading out I told him about my blog and asked to post the clips and he was all for it.

I hope you found it and soon we will have to take up the challenge of getting you buried up my ass!

Thanks and looking forward to next time.

Enjoy and check out X Tube also since I can put more on there -for anyone looking to see me get off and shoot, it will be on X Tube.

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