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Friday, April 11, 2008

Damn, my mouth is almost tired....yeah right!

Today I was able to get out of work early - and you know what my first thought was!
It is an amazingly warm day for San Francisco and I knew the boys would be out.

Cock #1 - Load 1

I go to the video booths on my way to the hotel where my partner is at the conference.
Right away I find a booth with one of the glory holes open and go in.

I can see this amazingly thick cock being stroked. Can't see the face but who gives a fuck - that cock is begging to be taken.

I signal him to put it through and he obliges.

Wow, it was even thicker than I thought and I do believe he would put my park buddy to a close test in the size department but since I am a total pig it was just fine!

I slurped, sucked, took it all the way down over and over and over again.

Unfortunately the staff can be a pain in the ass and came by banging on the doors. Since I was video taping it I was trying to leave the light on.

After more than 5 solid minutes of deep throat and slurping I was rewarded with a very thick, hot load!

I held the camera through it all so you can all enjoy on XTube and check out how huge his balls were too.

Cock #2 - no load, I am just a fluffer.

I found another glory hole booth unoccupied next to a guy so I went in.
Tall, dark hair, mid 30's and good looking.
I had seen him earlier and hoped to get a taste of his cock and load.

At first he did not take his cock out and I thought, oh well - his loss since I was ready to suck him till he blew.

He stood up and pulled his cock out...yee haw!

Good size and some more huge balls (which you can see in the video clip I took).

He was one of those guys that likes to fuck your mouth instead of holding it there for you to suck and that is fine by me.

He fucked my face for a few minutes and then pulled out and zipped up.

Oh well, it was a very tasty cock and a nice appetizer for more.

Cock #3 Load #2

I went to meet my parter and later decided I was horny for more cock since I had not gotten off with the first load of the day so I went back hoping for more.

Well, there is a god and he must have been in a horny mood as well today because he gave me not only another hot cock, the lights stayed on for me to tape it, and the guy was dark, hung and UNCUT.

Triple score!!!

I saw him leaving a booth when I got there and thought damn he must be done.
I went in one of the other glory hole booths and sat down.
Well sure enough he followed into the next one and I signaled to put his cock through.
When I saw it was dark (hot Latino man) and uncut I got hard and could tell I was precumming already.

He was just the right length to go to the back of my throat and the foreskin was just tight enough to slurp and chew a bit.

We went back and forth between him fucking my mouth and me sucking his cock to the base.
Once in awhile he would pull back, stroke and work some precum on the head.
I was in pig slop heaven watching that and just waiting to taste every drop of cum.

After almost 15 minutes of deep throat and mouth fucking action he was getting harder and thicker so I knew he was close and then he started moaning.

I was ready and his cock swelled as he shot the first load.

He must have blasted about 4 loads and since I was taping this one too (love my new camera!!!) I wanted to get some on my face and pulled off a bit.

Sure enough he had more ready to blast and I got some on the corners of my mouth, my lips and my addition to the full load I was still holding in my cum soaked mouth.

Then I figured it was time to call it a day and head back to the conference and see if there are any horny men in the hotel...will keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Hey there. Recognized you from Saw you on the cable car friday after work. You looked hot in the wife-beater and shorts. Almost looked like a tourist. I knew better :) If i knew where you were cuming from, it would've been even hotter. If possible.

sfverscumboy said...

I still had cum in my goatee on the cable car actually.
Maybe you will see me again around and wonder whether there is a drying load of cum above my lip...or see one getting planted on it.
Thanks for the note - say hi if you like next time...I won't bite.

Anonymous said...

can you include links to the videos?

sfverscumboy said...

I have a link to my Xtube page on here and was at a hotel all weekend with horrible slow internet...
I am uploading the clips and will post them here as well just as quickly as I can.
Sorry for the delay but I can't access the Google video uplink for adult content (unless someone knows a way?)

Anonymous said...

Hm... clicking your xtube link above takes me to a page that says the profile doesn't exist. :(

sfverscumboy said...

Wow, I checked and found that was correct. Sorry about that.
I have adjusted the link and hope it works for you now.
I made the video links into hyperlinks as well.