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Friday, April 25, 2008

Underwear, cocktails, cum and poppers - fuck yeah!

I just got back from underwear night at a local bar..
I was in a jock with cock ring, wearing just my Frye boots and a pre-lubed ass - guess what happened?

I arrived and it was a bit slow but I could see the potential. I took off my clothes at coat check and went in the back.
Right away I see a guy getting sucked on the bench, not bad looking with decent thick dick.
The guys sucking him leaves so I move in and check it out.
I take my shot and it is a satisfactory suck but it is early and I have time to kill waiting for friends to show up.
I take a break from his cock and prowl around the bar.

After heading out for a bit see a guy that has been introduced to me before.
For his privacy and at his wishes I will not disclose any more info other than - HOT AS HELL and HUNG to make my mouth addition to being a very sweet, guy and friend.
He and I chat a bit and I head out for a cocktail.
For this post I will refer to him as my discreet buddy.

I head to the back to check out the new arrivals and find a hot guy being sucked, and once again I take my shot at swallowing another cock - well, at this time a young man that has chatted me up before comes up behind me to start eating my ass.
He rims me for a bit and tries to fuck me while I suck the guy off. The angle was off so we both decide to move on.
I head back to the main bar.

In one corner I see another hung buddy surrounded by about 4 other guys and walk over to ask what can be the attraction.
Right away I see a tall hot man in boxers sporting a very hefty piece of uncut meat!!!!
DAMN that is thick so I do take my opportunity and ask if he minds getting a blowjob.,
His answer is "no, that is fine" - no more talking needed, I am on my knees in the bar with 4 guys around standing around with cocks out.

While sucking this uncut French man ( he spoke and you could hear the!!!!) my hung discreet buddy is there with his thick cock out and two others.
They all see me going to town on this long hung uncut cock and now it is a buffet.
I don't mind of course and they take turns directing where my mouth should go.

Finally I end up on this very hot hung cock that is the absolute perfect fit.
Long and curved just right so I can take him straight down the throat in one full stroke.
After about 5 minutes of sucking I can tell he is getting close but not quite there and he keeps pushing his cock in my throat.
I can feel the gag reflex only seconds away because of his size but I want it so bad that we develop a routine where he is buried to the balls, pull back a few inches and shove it down again - over and over and over. All of this deep throat action while he is kissing a guy.
After about 10 minutes of this we get interrupted by the bar staff....damn, they have poor timing sometimes.

I am now extra horny and roaming...

I head to the back once again and end up in an orgy of cocks with my discreet buddy and a few others I know very well.
We all suck, fuck and swallow for about 10 minutes and then I head back to the main bar.

There I run into a guy that has arranged groups for me and I have arranged groups for him to join so we instantly look for some guys to share.
We check out a few guys and pull our cocks out to stroke a bit and get some action going.

I see a group of guys in jockstraps and decide I have nothing to lose so I go over.
I now have about 4 friends watching and not believing I am talking to this group of total strangers...well you only live once, why waste it being a wallflower?

While I am getting this group of guys in jocks to pull out their cocks my discreet buddy had returned and is watching me in action..
Yes I am determined to get these cocks in my mouth and at least one load.
My two buddies join in and I have poppers so it seems to flow easily,
My discreet hung buddy has been fluffed by me at least three time tonight and after seeing me in action many times now he is stroking for all he is worth.

Will I finally his whole cum load?

He shot 5 - 6 extra thick porn quality blasts.
Most of it is hitting my cheeks, forehead, goatee and a couple ended up on my glasses.
The rest of the cum is hitting my mouth and coating my tongue.

Perfect ending to a night of cocks - always a treat to service a buddy and relieve him of some much needed DNA.

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