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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bareback load to start the day off right

Well, once again I have the unique opportunity to post fairly quickly.

A couple of weeks ago I saw an ad on Craigslist - a guy looking for a blowjob. As you know, I do enjoy giving those.
I responded and we had some emails back and forth and then also determined that he was up for trading blow jobs and then me fucking his ass to give him my load.

We arranged to meet at a stall I know that gives us the privacy to do this without an interruption.
On that first day our timing was off and we ended up looking for each other but missed connecting and had to take a raincheck.
We had exchanged pics so it was really just a matter of bad timing.

Today I got an email from him asking if I was around and horny.
I answered yes to being around and said always horny for a hot daytime load.

We arranged to meet at the same spot.
This time we connected....and it was HOT.
He sent pics of his face and cock but both were much better in the flesh.

My first impression when I saw him was hot Spaniard - he reminded me of the young guys we saw and played with in Barcelona.
Dark hair, just a bit of hair on his chest (hot little tattoo on his pec) and a tasty looking cut cock ot feast on.
Business attire for him and casual for me.

We went in the stall, locked the door and pulled our cocks out.
Both of us were pleasantly surprised based on the looks we exchanged.
He was at least 7 inches and the perfect size to take down the throat and let me swallow it all without making any noise.

Since we had mentioned fucking the last time I was not sure what today would bring.
I sucked him rock hard for awhile and then he returned the favor.

After a bit of sucking I turned around - I was wearing a new tight jock, and he rimmed me for a bit.
Well, that was the perfect lube and I was up for taking it then and there.
He came up behind me, pushed in and I pushed back for a perfect fit, not too tight with just spit for lube.

We fucked for a few minutes, and then he pulled out to spit on my ass some more and went back in.
At this time we could hear someone enter the bathroom and go to the urinals.
He was buried in my ass already and we didn't stop.
He leaned in and fucked me good and hard while this guy was just outside the door.
The only sound was his cock sliding out, and the slap of our bodies smacking along with the tell - tale sound of a nicely lubed cock getting buried up to the balls.

He was ready to shoot and I said to go for it.
Damn I could swear I felt all those blasts of hot cum filling my ass.

We both stood up and I asked if he wanted me to shoot my load.
Yes he did, so I said "where do you want it"?
He wanted it in his mouth.

I jacked for quick minute and he licked my balls until I ready to unload.
A nice thick white load of cum shot in his mouth and he took it all.

We then got dressed and headed out.

Now I am sitting here at the computer with a smile on my face and an ass full of cum.
Next time I will have to send him out of there with my load in his ass.

I will have to add my partners load to the mix I later!!

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