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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A bit of cum with that coffee? Maybe a lunch feeding...

I had not been downtown but a few minutes when I log on and have a message from a guy staying in the hotel only minutes from where I am at.

He is a furry, lean hung guy and wants to shoot a load.
Well, I am up for a coffee break!

After trading quick messages he gives me his room number and I dash over.

It was a bit funny because at first I could not find the room and the poor maid is looking at me like "what the hell are doing here so early wandering?"

She directs me to the right room and I knocked...

He answered in his underwear and said he just sent his partner off to the convention and was ready for some suck action.
His profile pics let me know it would be a mouthful and indeed it was growing fast.

Since I was not able to take as much time as I usually would I just dropped to my knees while he slid the tighty whities down.
I was thinking, Wow that was indeed a grower.
Just the right thickness to allow it all the way down without a problem and I could feel the mushroom head pushing down my throat as my chin was hitting his balls.

He was definitely up for it since it was not long before he was ready to shoot.

With a quick declaration that it was going to start shooting I nodded and opened my throat.
There were a good four shots I think and it all went straight down.
It is a turn on sometimes to not take any in my mouth but let the guy just deep throat and blow every ounce of cum down my gullet.

That was my breakfast ( I had not even eaten so I got a nice protein start to the day!!)

Later I got a message from a guy that was introduced to me a couple of weeks ago at a beer bust.
We have the same fetish for stall action in tearooms and our mutual buddy thought we should meet up.

Today he wanted to meet up at a location near his work.
There is a bathroom with a key code lock and it gives plenty of notice when someone else arrives.
Since it is not a tourist attracting location there is not a great deal of foot traffic.

We went to separate stalls and he stuck his cock underneath. I had only felt it in his pants when we first met and it was a kielbasa and I knew it would grow.
He may have mentioned that he was pierced during that first meeting, but if he did that tidbit slipped my mind.

His cock is jutting out under the stall, thick as beer can with a Prince Albert piercing and uncut...bonus!

I got on my knees and began to suck that cock. We went on for about 10 minutes - alternating between me sucking and him jacking.
His cock was buried in my throat and he reached under to stroke my cock.
I had already been on my knees for a load earlier in the day and his cock had me dripping pre cum. We switched positions.
I got down for him to begin sucking on my cock and he has a great technique.
Stroking the shaft and swallowing, then switch back and repeat.
A hot mouth and stroking while my cock is buried can get me off and he hit the right rythm.

My load shot out, he kept his mouth on my cock and swallowed it down.

That was the first half of the day...think I will take my partner's tasty thick load at home and blow mine all over to finish off the evening.

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Anonymous said...

This guy is so hot. If I ever get to San Francisco, I will have to look him up.