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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Do you want some protein?

That was the text I got this morning after being up and about at the office for a couple of hours.

This was a repeat a.k.a Boot call from March 10 entry - he was my third load of the day and today he was my first.

Here is the link to the first time -

I was running some errands and was not planning anything for the morning.
I already had my afternoon booked for Screen test #2 which you probably just read about if you are going down the blog.
So back to the first protein load of the day!

He was close by and we agreed to meet at the same bathroom I arranged last time.
It is quiet, marble walls and as private as you wish most of the time.

I got there and another guy was using the facilities so I hung out for a second until my cock feeder arrived.
He showed up and went into the designated stall, I hung out until the other guy left and followed my buddy in.
He was already out of his dress pants and I got right down on my knees.
There is definitely something to be said for wham, bam, thank you - get off and go sex.

We had not arranged for video or pics this time but he pulled out his I -phone and took a couple of pics which I will post once they arrive, so check back ( or enjoy if this is archived and you are reading in the year 2020).

He was hard in an instant and it grew while I was sucking him and filled my mouth.
I knew that neither of us had all morning so I went into suck mode and used my tongue, throat lips and tonsils to work out his load.

Soon enough his cock grew and he spewed a hot thick white creamy load in my mouth.

Mmm, mmm, good - and I still had my afternoon of the booths to look forward to!

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