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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Autofellatio - when you need to take matters into your own hands

This blog is about cum eating and cock, right?
Well if the idea of a guy doing himself is not what you want to hear about then you may want to just jump to the next post and read all about the other cocks.

Years ago I read a story in Penthouse - yes this was LONG ago when I used to sneek a peek at my older brother's stash looking for cock.
In those days Playboy would not show a guy but there were occasionally couple scenes in Penthouse and they had the story section.
Someone wrote about being in a movie theater and sucking himself off.
I had never thought of it even though I was already a cock pig back then and knew it.

I was thin (about my height/weight proportion now) and the author said he would bend over and stretch till his hands rested on the floor to get limber enough.
Since I was so turned on at the thought of tasting my own cock back then I worked on it.
Not long after trying, I was able to get half of my cock down my throat and suck it.
WOW, I thought!

Of course I was never able to stay in the position long enough to suck the cum out like I do to guys now.

So anyway...back to the present.

My partner had to travel and it has been a few days of not blowing a load and I was at the point of wasting it by accident so I thought it would be hot to try it once again.

I got the bottle of poppers since there had not been time to stretch and work up to it. I took out a tub of Boy Butter and got down (no pun intended) to business.
Figuring out a spot in an apartment of hard wood floors was not easy so I went to the bedroom and stretched out on the rug there.
Laid down on my back and pulled my legs up over my head to wrap my toes around the end of the bed and my PA was right there staring at me.

In the past I took quite a bit of my cock, about half way down the shaft and if I really pushed it I could deep throat for a bit and then I had to pull of to breathe.
This time I could only get to the head and a bit of shaft but no deep throat action.
I knew it was going to lead to a cum load being shot and I thought I would take it up a notch and include a way of getting fucked while sucking at the same time.

I also thought it would be hot to get it on cam so I turned on my new flip video and set to work.

I grabbed the largest dildo we have and lubed it up, sat right down on it and took a hit of poppers.
The camera was going so I laid back down on my the rug and threw my legs back up and over.
With the added sensation of a large cock in my ass I was only able to get the head licked but oh was it tasting nice and I could feel the load building in my balls.

The whole time I was thinking of my partner's cock plowing my ass bareback and forcing my cock down my throat at the same time before both of us shoot a load into both of my holes.
That thought was enough to give me the push I needed after edging for so long.
I stroked my cock and felt the cum ready to blast all over my face.
After a few strokes I shot all over my goatee and into my mouth.

I am usually not a big fan of eating my own cum off my hands or body but once in awhile it tastes great and my partner loves to feed it to me or make me lick it up.
In the past I would apparently make a face while tasting my cum that would make him laugh....I love the taste of cum, just not my own always.
When I have been able to shoot my load directly into my mouth like this though, it is one of the occasions that I feel you MUST swallow the load and eat it, after all I am a cum pig.

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