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Monday, August 4, 2008

The bear, the construction worker and the hot young booth visitor

Today there was not much going on in the shopping district so I ventured up to the booths later in the day.
It was a stressed afternoon and I needed to relieve some tension in my way.
For some guys that means blowing a load...for me it means blowing a guy and taking his load.

The booths were actually semi busy so it looked good.
Walked around and found a set of glory hole booths with one occupied. I took the vacant one and checked out my neighbor.
I could see some facial hair and a thick cock being stroked.
To make it simple I signaled him to put everything in the hole for me to service.

Now for my question of the day - why do so many guys seem to think they need to aim for the higher hole? This guy is not the first one to stick a good sized cock in the wrong hole...stop laughing and get that image of a cock poking away and not getting in...I am talking about the fact that if some guys would just bend their legs an inch and went for the lower hole all of their equipment would be accessible, instead of just the head and a couple of inches.

I was working on his large head and getting an inch or two of the shaft.
Finally I pulled off a bit and he asked if I wanted to join him in the booth.
Yes! I knew there was more meat to taste, so I went over.
Now I could see him entirely.
Grey streaked dark hair, facial hair, bit of meat around the middle and at least 6 inches of hard cock...and the head was huge, as I could tell from the other end of the glory hole.

Well, now that I could take care of business properly it was time to get down to business.
I shucked (a word right out of my Midwest school years) my pants and jock strap and went down on his cock.
For the guys that are not "extra large" I like to pull every inch down my throat and really let them bang my tonsils.
He seemed to really enjoy the service, based on how much larger the cock head started to get and the amount of pre cum that started to flow.
Since he seemed to be ready to blow I pull off and he took over stroking.
I told him to let it fly all over my face and he agreed.
After some heaving stroking he started to cum - not an over the head shot, just enough to give me some goatee flavoring to savor the rest of the day.

After finishing this one off I went to get freshened up and saw a hot older guy - somewhat burly with that construction worker build.
He was already semi hard in his jeans so I went back into the same booth I started out in.
The next booth was empty but he opened my door so I said that was fine.
Right away we got down to business and I pulled out a hot thick cock.
Long shaft, mushroom head and some really heavy balls.
I don't know if he was in the other booth while I was taking care of the bear load but he knew that I was ready and he pulled out some lube and a condom.
Yes, I do like bareback but I am not an anti-condom / bareback only pig either.

Ok, so I am now bent over and getting fucked in the booth.
Unbeknownst to me the door was not locked.
The door begins to open and standing there is a guy I have seen often.
Late 20's, athletic build, short cropped blond hair, blue eyes I think and sometimes carrying a backpack.
My first impression a few months ago was "German tourist", but he is there fairly often so now I think he is just a hot horny local guy.
He and I have never spoken so I will keep the German fantasy alive until further notice.

While my construction top is pounding my ass, the newcomer steps in and decides to stick around a bit.
He is obviously intrigued but I was not sure if it was seeing me bare chested and impaled on a thick cock while stroking my pierced cock in person or if he was into the construction top and wanted to see him using my ass.
Since he was right there I took a moment to feel him up and he did not object.
Hmmm, could this turn into both holes getting worked over??
After a few more minutes of this the construction worker started shooting his load.
Once he was done, the condom came off and the blond left.

Construction top left and I took a moment to get dressed and cleaned up a bit.
I had shut the door while I did this and someone tried the lock. I was not sure who it was and finished getting dressed.
When I opened the door to leave and stepped out the blond was outside.
Since I had already walked away from the door I just looked back and hot blond went into the booth. I gave him a look of "thanks for the visit...more?" but he just walked into the booth without saying a word.
After getting a drink of water I was going to see how far he was thinking of going but the staff came down and started the routine of "find a booth or get out" and I did not feel like waiting for him to leave the booth.

I will keep the episode today in mind and see what he does next time. If I had more time today I would have pursued it.

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