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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fucked and bred at the sink...he fucked the cum out of me

A few weeks ago I had the immense pleasure of meeting a guy online and then taking every inch of his massive cock down my least every inch of his cock that would fit.
Afterward we discussed a repeat and then I took the cock ring share/ on stage in leather vacation to Alaska.

Today he and I arranged to meet in a private bathroom I located near my office.
After the last encounter we were joking about me taking that final inch (it has to be at LEAST 11 inches and over 6 inches around)so today I was hungry for an intense mouth fucking.

We met up out front, then went into the building and proceeded to the bathroom.
I came across this spot by chance and realized that it was perfect for a one on one encounter with him.
He went in first and I checked the other floors, then followed.
I locked the door and we were both ready to take our cocks out.
He was in hot tight white briefs again and I was in my jock.

He slowly extricated his cock and I was just open mouthed once again. You have to realize that I am a cum pig and I truly appreciate a massive cock - they are sometimes neglected out of fear. So when he pulls out this piece of flesh, I want to do it justice.
I start off with a basic slurp and lube job with spit and work up to getting the ENTIRE cock in my throat.
Since we have been there before (him buried to the base and my mouth stretched to the max) he allows me work it into my throat.
I grasp his balls, while at the same time taking the final inch of his shaft and just shoving it all the way down.
It takes a bit of work to get my throat to relax but I am not letting an inch of him go unappreciated.
My throat makes that last flex and he goes all the way to the balls - now I need to breathe and relax.
There is a small gag reflex (how the hell can you NOT gag on some cocks that are more square footage than my kitchen!) but we keep him buried and work it through.

Well, you know me and I am now so hungry to take it all.
I am taking every inch, deep throating it all , feeling it push my throat WIDE open and then pulling back to look up into his eyes while I stroke him with my fist and spit.
I stroke his cock between taking him for a deep throat thrusts and there is honestly enough room for two of my hands on that shaft.
I deep throat, stroke and then decide to swallow his cum filled balls.
I take them into my mouth one at a time and then I try for both.
I can look up and see his face while I have those massive globes in my mouth - I am precumming like a levee in New Orleans.
I manage to get both in mouth, and after working his balls I want to take his load.

I have been sucking and taking it all but I also know he admired my ass online - so I make that available to him by standing and bending over to continue sucking him off.
He reaches over to begin playing with and caressing my ass while I still have every inch of his cock buried to the balls.
I cannot even breathe but I am rock hard, leaking precum and he is busy playing with my ass.
After all of this intense play I take a moment to stand up and let him look at my ass while I stroke my cock.
He is admiring, caressing and fingering it a bit.
I turned to the wall to present my ass to him...he then comes forward and starts pressing his thick, rock hard cock against my ass.
HMMMMM, could he be up for plunging that into my ass???
I can hope!

Well, he pushes against my ass and I decide to reach back and aim it right at my hole.
He does not back off and is still pushing a bit more...OK, now I am ready to go on to the next step.
I spit on my hand and slip a bit on my ass while pulling my cheeks apart and pushing back against his mushroom head at the same time.
He pushes a bit and then it starts to spread my ass for entry.
I spit on my hand again (I don't intend to let it go because of a tight hole) and reach back to add some more to my ass, but I see in the mirror above the sink that he is also using some of his own spit to lube his cock.
Now we have a spit lubed cock ready to mount a spit lubed ass.

He pushes forward, I reach back and guide that enormously massive cock into my now hungry hole.
It is only about four (4) inches in and I push back - there is no way he is getting out of my ass.
I push back, he thrusts forward and he is now buried in my ass.
Once it is in and I can feel my ass spread, I then bend over and let him fuck the hell out of me.
He begins with a slow fuck, thrusting with his hips and making me feel every inch of his cock. I have been told by many guys that I have a tight ass and he was only using spit to get that rock hard massive cock in.
I could feel every inch spreading my ass to the limit with each thrust.

I was being fucked by a huge cock, being split by a massive piece of flesh and I was in pig heaven.
He fucked, shoved, pounded and then he was making that last guttural moan of a guy unloading a load of cum.
I stayed bent over and let him finish, then while he was still in my ass I was stroking.
He was still in my ass, then I leaned back, stroked my cock and I was ready to shoot a massive load onto my jeans.

One final stroke and my load was shooting onto the floor, while he was leaning into me.
My ass was still impaled on his cock.
Four shots of cum later I stood up and reluctantly released his cock.
We both turned and face each other....he asked if I was OK and I was saying "yes" while thinking that was one of the most intense, hottest bare - assed, spit lubed fucks ever.
He asked again if I was OK and I think he was either worried about splitting me in two or that my legs were a bit wobbly from the load I took and the load I shot.


Anonymous said...

that's awesome...would love to see THAT on film!

Anonymous said...

so hot. huge hard on in my pants.

Anonymous said...

hot fucking scene... would love to be fucked like that!