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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Taking a friend's huge load - what are friends for

Last night we were out and I ran into a guy that over the past couple of years has also become a friend. A couple of times we have been in the same bathroom and had a taste of cock but we never took it to completion.
So last night we hooked up again in the bathroom and decided to finish it.

There was not a good spot or time to do it there and when he suggested a place around the corner I said sure.
I had already tasted his cock and watched it grow semi hard - and he had taken a good swallow of my cock so we were both ready to get down to it.

We arrived at the spot down the street and I got down on my knees.
He slowly pulled out his cock and aimed it at my face. I opened my mouth took a long slow plunge down the shaft and buried it in my throat.
Then I started to suck -and it grew to a very full hefty length.
Long, straight and topped with a tasty full head.
After getting him hard I took the entire cock down my throat and grabbed his balls. I did not realize how low they were hanging but as he got harder in my mouth I was able to actually grab his sack in my fist and the balls were still hanging and swinging below.
Once in a while I find guys with such loose low hanging balls and they do love to have their cock buried while the balls are worked with the other hand.
I was taking the entire length, pulling his balls and working my tongue over the head.

He has a cock that is long enough to reach down my throat and when I came up for air to work on the head I took his shaft in my hand, stroking at the same time. It is true that some of the "height challenged" men have the longest cocks I have found.
No gag reflex and a long thick cock made for a perfect blow job and I was hungry.
After doing some heavy deep throat, shaft stoke, head slurp and ball tug action over and over he
took over jacking off.
I got my mouth on his cock head we had a rhythm going. He was stroking hard and I worked the head with my tongue and mouth.
I could taste the pre cum and my spit got his hand lubed for some furious jacking.
As he was getting closer to shooting a load I got in position to swallow it.
He said "you're going to get it" and let me know it was time.

Shot after shot of hot thick cum poured into my mouth, then I slurped up what was oozing out of the head and licked it clean.

Of course we got back to our friends and I was instantly cornered and asked where I was.
It is basically impossible for me to lie about sucking a cock when my grin from ear to ear is too pronounced.

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