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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The weekend cumfest continues...

Tonight we were heading out to meet friends at a local bar for the usual Sunday afternoon shenanigans and cocktails.
While we were there I had one person come over and start discussing the blog...this guy has a huge cock but we last played before this blog began. He mentioned that he reads it semi regularly and enjoys it. While we were discussing it, a friend that is involved in a few of the escapades of the past posts was intrigued and I gave him the address.

Later we headed to the same location I was at last night and had the 26 year old cum stud.
Today there were a few friends already there including another couple that plays together. Right away I see the top half of this couple on his knees.
He is sucking a younger guy we have talked with in the past. Always nice to see a young stud getting serviced.
Since the action had started, I figured it was good to go.
I see a guy with his cock out and it is more than enough to play with.
I go over and squat down to sample. He is not ready to shoot so I fluff him a bit and take a break.
The young stud was still being serviced but a new guy came back to watch.
Basically my height and wearing a pair of pin stripe pants and T-shirt - my first thought is "hot Italian tourist".
He is showing a full package and I go over to fondle it.
Right away he is ok with me unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out.
It felt big in the pants but what came out was a nice bonus.....thick as a beer bottle, uncut and about 7 inches with just a bit of foreskin.

He let me go down on his thick cock and I took my time with that foreskin.
To me there is nothing better than being able to pull the foreskin to the front and chew a bit. It seems that many uncut guys do not get this treatment even though they all apparently love it.
It is a part of the cock that is too often looked over and not utilized for a perfect blow job.

Between the foreskin chewing and watching this hot young stud get serviced my uncut buddy was leaking some heavy precum.
I was deep throating him, stroking and chewing the foreskin when he decided to hold my head and start fucking my mouth.
That works for me!
He took over and I let his cock work in and out while I did my thing with my tongue, lips and throat.
Naturally it led to a full cum load being shot down my throat.
He grunted a couple of times and pushed my head down on his cock when he was ready to start shooting.
There was enough that I had to swallow once to make room for the rest.

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