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Friday, October 10, 2008

Bgdkmuscleguy forced me to walk home covered in cum

Video is posted but cannot embed...Click on his screen name and mine to access via hyperlink to Xtube.
Here is a link to his copy

And here is a link to my copy

After taking the piss and cum loads in my ass it was time to meet up with Bgdkmuscleguy form Xtube and get his load.

This was an interesting scenario...

Awhile back I was online while my husband was on a trip. It was late, after midnight and this guy emails me on the site and we talk about my cock sucking experience and expertise. He says he is extremely hung and wants a blowjob.
No problem, and he has a certain requirement....I will be at his back door, off the alley and BLINDFOLDED.
That sounds hot to me so I drive over, he calls my cell to tell me exactly where to go and when I am at the door he instructs me to get on my knees with my eyes closed.
I hear the door open and he hands me the blindfold. I open my mouth and he slides was HUGE and more than a mouthful - I saw the pics but damn it was larger than I expected.
I do my best to get every thick inch and manage to. After he is deep throated and ready to shoot he tells me to get ready.
I feel this heavy warm cum shot hitting my face...and hitting my face..and hitting my face.
There was so much and when he was done he told me to stand up, take off the blindfold and turn around. Then I went to the car and looked in the rear view mirror.
FUCK - huge pure white cum all over my face. ....and now to the present day.

We have been trying to get me back over to his place but his hours are late and I am not always able. Once I was out with friends in the Castro and a now closed bar when he called and I went up, that was the last time for awhile. When I told him that this week I could meet we agreed to and we would both tape it.
He also posts on Xtube as Bgdkmuscleguy.
For this scenario though his catch is that I will repeat the blindfold set up and when he blows all of his cum on me I will walk home without wiping off.
To me that was a hot fantasy and I agreed.

I arrive at the address, he buzzes me in and the blindfold is on the door knob. I put it on and he brings me in. I hand him my camera and he says his is also up.
I get on my knees and he tells me to keep my eyes shut but take off the blindfold so he can shoot all over me.
This time another b0y had been over to service his cock and I was just getting the cum load.
He has me count down from five to one and then he blows.
Once again I just feel thick heavy warm cum hitting my face. When he is done and says it is over, I stand up and he gives me the camera - still rolling - and directs me to the door. I exit and open my eyes. Since I have no idea what I look like I can simply turn the camera around, and then walk home.
I go down Market street a few blocks and a cop car drives by...I can feel the cold night air on the cum all over and I know it is still thick and shiny - no way the cops can't see it and here is this guy with cum on his face holding a video camera as he walks down the street.
Yes we are in San Francisco.

I turn down a street after the cops go by and head to 18th Street and the Castro district. The bars are still open and people are everywhere. I walk past two bars, some restaurants and a groups of people. A homeless/ tweaker with hoodie and sunglasses on starts chatting. His first words are "you look like you had a nice night". I am polite and talk to him as we walk and I am trying to carry my camera. I pass Castro street and come across a pizza parlor with the usual line out the door. Another cop is there with some couple arguing.
About this time I am feeling the cum start to dry and figure it is time to grab a cab. I am not about to wipe my face and figure if the cabbie freaks out I will find another.
One stops and I get, give the address and we drive off past the bars and Dolores Park. I have the camera still rolling this whole time.
When I get near the apartment I have him stop a few blocks off so I can walk home with the cum on me.
I get to the apartment and turn the camera around one last time for a final shot.
Then I go into the bathroom and see what is there....WOW, it was a nice thick full load!

I will post the edited clips on Xtube and so will Bgdkmuscleguy

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