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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Met up with Thursday night hot top - fucked and fully bred

The hot tall dark haired guy that was my first fuck of the evening at the Cockpit party called to meet up for lunch.
We discussed the time and decided to use my apartment and take some time to get down and fuck/suck.

He met me downtown and we took the subway home.
The pictures on his profile were hot and appealing and when we met face to face it was really hard not to spring a thick boned cock in my pants.
Sexy smile, slight beard, buzz cut and that accent.

We arrived at the apartment and began with some intense kissing while stripping each other down.
I did recall from the night party that he was extra large and when I finally had him out of his underwear and in my hands I was grinning from ear to ear I know.
Thick enough that I could barely get my hand around it and just enough foreskin to slide back over the head.
His shaft was straight and it was thick all the way to the base so when I deep throated him it completely fill my mouth and down my throat.

After I was sucking him for a bit, he went down on me as well. It is always great to find a hot man that is fine with the PA, but can also swallow it all without any hassle.
After some nipple playing and mutual cock sucking I asked if he also liked his ass eaten. He said yes and gave me a full on view bending over the end of the bed.
Sweet tight ass, just enough hair that it was delicious. I was licking and fucking his ass with my tongue and then we switched places.

He is extra large and took the time to get my ass nice and spit lubed...and of course while I was bent over so he could stretch my ass with one hand, I had his cock going into my throat to get me in the mindset to get driven deep and hard.
A bit of poppers and some spit and he aimed for my hole.
With a cock that large I wanted it all the way in, and sometimes my ass can be real tight.
After a bit more poppers we grabbed a small bit of BoyButter and he went into my ass. As I said it is thick from tip to base and when it started sliding past the head I was impaled.

Once he was buried, the fucking began. He and I shared the bottle of poppers and while standing there he pounded every inch into my ass.
I like the sound of flesh hitting flesh when two guys are fucking - not one inch of cock is left out of the ass.
Standing there getting fucked had me leaking precum and then he told me to get on the bed, on my knees.
He stayed in my ass while we maneuvered over and then came out a bit and lined back up.
My ass was nicely stretched and hungry so there was not much resistance and he entered for another round of ass pounding. More hard pounding and some poppers, then it was time for a position change...onto my back.

With me on my back, he got all the way up and even deeper than before. At the same time we were able to continue kissing while he thrust into my ass. It was a very deep fuck and felt intense.
After a round of that position he told me to roll over onto my stomach.
Ass up, face down and he was ready to go in. This was another amazingly deep fuck position and he really started pounding my ass.
At the same time he was tall enough to be in my ass and kissing from behind.
Some more poppers and he pulled out to stroke a bit...I was looking back and saw that thick cock in his, that had just been buried in my ass.
By now my ass hungry for his load, he was able to stroke a bit and shove back into my ass.
We did that for a bit and then asked if I was ready for it. He stroked and then buried his cock. I could feel his body shaking a bit during the orgasm.

He pulled out and kept stroking for a bit. I rolled over and gave his cock another sucking and licking. He was still hard and he asked if I had cum.
I told him I would like to get back on my knees and have him stand while I sucked his cock into my throat again.
While I was doing that, I told him that working on my nipples would get me off.
He reached down and pulled while I filled my mouth with his cock.
After a nice round of that I asked him where he wanted me to cum and he said right there on the floor, while I was sucking him.
Okay I said and went back down on his cock. I was close after that long fuck session and being able to swallow his cock after plunging deep into my ass so it was not long at all.
Since he wanted me to be sucking him while I blew my load I had to stroke, have him pulling my nipples and when it was time I buried every inch of his cock that I could into my mouth.

Afterward we were heading to grab some food and we ran into one of his fellow countrymen that was also in the city. It is such a small world and we all three ended up eating together and I have now met two fantastic guys from a country that I told my husband we need to visit and see the men, the beaches and the history.

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