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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Young blond feeds me in the stall

VIDEO POSTED - Click the title to go to my Xtube would not embed for some reason, sorry about that guys.

This afternoon I took a lap around the shopping area again, it was nice out and I had some time to kill.
Not much was going on, lots of tourists in town it seems and they all need to wash their hands and keep chatting on their cell peeve of mine when a guy has a cell phone while standing at the urinal or you can hear them yelling in the stalls.
I smile when the toilets flush and you have to wonder if the other party realized they were being chatted on the throne.

I was heading out and saw this young guy at the sink and right away we made eye contact and I knew he saw a cocksucker in the mirror.
While washing my hands, he was standing there fixing his hair and smiling.
After a couple of minutes he headed back into the tearoom so I followed along.
Tall, slim build, Nordic features and when he walked past me I saw his firm ass squeezed into tight jeans - looked like two small melons riding in a pair of white 2Xist briefs (saw them later and took the liberty of sharing the image ahead of time for you).
He was already in a stall and I took the next one.
There was a third guy but it was obvious he was a homeless. We got started under the stall and I got his cock in my mouth for a short bit and then someone came in.
I had a pen with me and grabbed some paper to write that we should go on to another spot I know.
He said ok and we left.

We got to the tearoom I knew would have room for me to get down and take his load in the stall.
Right away I see two guys that are also there cruising and we all know each other so it was just a matter of waiting for an open stall.
Finally one opens and the young buck goes in first.
He had stroked me under the stall for a bit earlier and already felt my piercing and cock ring that I like to wear to the office.
We get our cocks out in the stall and I asked if he would want to cam it. No problem he said, just not his face showing...that is cool I told him and gave him my camera.
He has a long cock with a bit of a curve up and it fit right into my mouth - all the way to his balls.
You know how I like to swallow it all and then stroke a load out as I lick the head and that is how we went at it.
I was looking up and he was smiling while watching me swallow his cock.
Sexy smile and a few times I could feel his shaft swell and I would work on the shaft some more to get him closer.

Suck, swallow the cock, stroke the shaft, lick the head and all led up to a nice massive load that went in my mouth.
He let me know it was time with his body and the sound of his breathing so I made sure to hold the head in my mouth.
Tasty hot cum, yum and then it was time to head out.

As I exited, the other guys apparently took the same clue and shared a stall because we heard the toilet throughout ( I am amazed at the number of guys that do know how to shut down the auto flush so that you can play and not have that LOUD whoosh sound every few seconds) and they were also washing up at the same time.

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