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Monday, November 24, 2008

A quick cub load in the tearoom

Yes, it has been a few days but work has been keeping me a bit busy.
Today it was time to take a break and get a willing cock down my throat.

I had two choices - retail tearoom where a buddy was planning to be but we did not set a specific time or I could try the office tearoom where I filmed the out of stall sucking.
Because I got out later than planned I headed to the office tearoom.

I walked in and there is a set of shoes in one of the peep hole stalls. Always a good sign.
Based on the shoe style I was going with the bet that it was either my thick cock sucker/load trade buddy or just another hot guy in the area that was casual and horny.
I took the stall next door and peeked through the hole.
There is not a lot to see but I saw facial hair and realized it was the young cub.
He has been down my throat a couple of times now and given me his there was no one else around so I got into position.
Once he realized I was there to suck him off he came down and presented his cock to my mouth.

Under the stall action can be more intense and today we both had the same goal in mind. Over the past few weeks we have had to share the tearoom, but today it was ours alone.
I am guessing he is in late 20's, he is under 5 foot 7 but sports a hefty 7 inch plus cock. And with the youth factor he is ROCK hard instantly and ready to go.
I took his rock hard cock into my mouth and grabbed the shaft with my fist.
This guy has enough cock to stroke and still keep the head on my tongue to work it.
We were both hot to get his load into me and the only goal in my head was to be sure and give him the best blowjob before we were interrupted.
As we all know, with tearooms it is a crap shoot whether you will be interrupted by a camper, an asshole or another willing tearoom member.
Today we had luck on our side and I was enjoying his meat while taking the time to be sure his cock hit every available space in my mouth and throat.

You know I love to suck those young studs that can sit back and let me do my job. This hot young stud kept his cock down and hard while I sucked and swallowed.
After almost five minutes of uninterrupted oral work he began to moan and his shaft started to swell.
As he shot load after load of young spunk I kept my mouth on his cock. He shot a nice thick sweet tasting load and after the last spurt I pulled on his shaft to get the last drop. SWEET!
I kept the spunk in my mouth for a couple of seconds and then let it slowly slide down my throat.

Time to get back to the office but it is so nice to be back in action...

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Anonymous said...

How about a vid of his studly cock? Would also like a tour of your hairy body while sucking him off! Yum! Your chest is tight and a squirt canvas for a penis painter! Think about doing it for the camera!
YOU are a fantasy!
David :-)