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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What to do with a room full of cock

We went out to a weekly gathering that usually has a room full of guys either naked,in underwear or at least a jock strap. It was a cold humid night so I had no idea whether or not anyone was going to be in a playful mood.
As we arrived I saw only one person in a jock strap but figured that with a packed room it was going to get better...

Right away I had one tall red head asking if I was going to strip down and then a hot black man that saw me the night before in a jock said hello.
I figured it was time to get down to my jock and on my knees.
The hung hot black man was in his underwear but he reached over and grabbed my ass, then introduced me to his group of friends. I reached down and felt a huge basket in his shorts and asked if he minded me taking it out and getting on my knees.
Even only semi hard it was a mouth full.
While looking up with his cock buried in my mouth I saw a hot muscle guy smiling down.
Once my black friend had been well and truly fluffed, he wanted to go mingle and play. I stood up and looked around at the crowd.
The muscle guy was still standing and I mentioned that when he was watching I thought he might unzip his pants also. He just smiled and said that it may still happen. Don't need to ask me twice!!!
I reached down and felt a long hard bulge going down his leg.
When I pulled it free of his pants, I was facing a hard cock, close to 9 inches and a nice mushroom head.
Naturally I had to get back down and start to work on it. And work on it I did.
He was thick but I was able to get most of him down my throat. Each time he would pull back a bit, there was more pre cum flowing.
I had to use my hand a few times just to give my jaws a break. My fist would fit around and I had room to swallow the entire head and most of the shaft. Then I would release his cock, grab his balls and deep throat all over again.
We were getting jostled and bumped by the crowd, and after about 30 minutes of heavy intense sucking I was covered in sweat.
It was hot, and my husband brought me a fresh cocktail. Even with that I had to step outside to cool off before continuing my hunt for cock.

I came back inside from the break I took and saw a group of men in a corner. One is a good friend that I see often and he has fed me his load. He is not usually a public exhibitionist when he shoots but he knows I love to get a good coating when I can. He was being sucked by a hot blonde kid, and the tall red head I saw earlier was also in the mix. There were two other guys in the circle and one Latino standing off to the side.
I was working on my friends massive cock and then I see the Latino pull out a beer can thick cock.
Knowing that my hung friend was not close to being done, I switched over to the beer can. Swallowing his cock was a stretch but he was not as long and I could take it all.
At about this time, there was a new young blond brought into the circle and he was being sucked off by the first blond. When he started to shoot his load, everyone paused and watched. I was down on my knees and after the cock sucker took the load he leaned over and started to kiss me.
That thick load was now being shared and I swirled it around out tongues and then swallowed it.
Now it was time for my beer can Latino cock to shoot his load and he aimed it at my mouth. I was in the mood for a good facial and let it hit my cheeks, tongue and beard.

It was still early and there were many more guys to suck...the hunt continued.
I was having a pretty good time and found a hot otter type standing in front of me. Glasses, shirt off and jeans bulging with a hard cock. I reached down and he smiled so I took it out.
He was nice and long, not too thick and I took it down my throat easily. At the same time I saw that my 30 minute blow job muscle guy was standing and watching.
Not long before I could taste cum and my otter feeder pulled his cock out and I saw the last drop staring back at me.
I stuck out my tongue and licked the head clean. After I stood up the muscle commented that I seemed to find hot cocks everywhere...well, I do my best to be of service to everyone.

The crowd began to get more rowdy but not more sexual so it was time to call it a night.

I know it has been awhile since my last post but 2010 is a new year and soon I will be visiting Washington DC for a leather event, Seattle for a formal event and attending a similar formal event right here in San Francisco...all of these have given me multiple men and their loads.
Looking forward to updating often in '10 !!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A hot local from the internet - gotta love the taste of ginger cum

Sorry this is a bit delayed. My computer got a virus and there have been some MAJOR crap going on at my office and I have not had a moment to post about this hot local cock.
Last week I was online checking out guys on and connected with a local guy. He has a large (had to be about 9 inches with lemon size mushroom head) cut cock and mentioned that he enjoyed the videos and my cock sucking I offered to be of service.
We agreed on a day and where to meet up.

On Friday he and I connected at a favorite spot of mine. He did not want any video, and I told him that was fine - after all I do it because I love the feel of cock buried in my throat and the taste of cum.
Right away I recognized him across the street and we went up to the restroom. Once again the area was completely empty so we took the largest stall and locked the door.
Before I even got his underwear down, he was sporting some hot thick wood.
That red bush and those cum filled balls were just beckoning.

In his pictures it has a very long hard look and in person it was equally impressive.
I took his full cock into my mouth and proceeded to let it fill and slide down my throat. So massive around that it really was a mouth full.
Well, that got the ball rolling so to speak and we went on to a full blowjob.
Stroking, sucking and deep throat - massage his balls (it was cold outside but we were heating up)and back to sliding him into my throat until I had to gag or breathe.
At one point I asked if he liked his ass eaten.
Ok, picture this - a milky white smooth ass, long gymnast legs, muscular thighs and tight bubble butt...what would you have done???

He turned around and bent over. There was the lightest bit of hair and I dove right in. Tongue in his hole, licking the ass with my lips and letting him feel the goatee rub his hot hole.
I did that for a bit and then he turned around to let me suck him again.
We repeated that a couple of times and then he went over to the toilet and asked if it was ok to sit there and let me at his ass.
That put his ass right down there for me to be on my knees and just go at it.
Looking up between his legs as he stroked his cock was a hot treat.
I kept up on the ass licking and tongue bath for his sweet hole. It was not long before he began to stroke and breathe harder.
While my face was still under his ass he began to shoot a hot load.
He aimed his cock into my mouth and I went up to capture every drop that I could.

I don't know how many shots spurt out but damn it was sweet as expected. The look on our faces had to say it all.
We went out of the stall and cleaned up at the sink. I could see some cum still on my goatee and just wiped it into my mouth and savored it.
As we left the building we agreed that a repeat would be perfect sometime.
Later that night I had the pleasure of running into him out on the town and he met my husband.
We ended up discussing this blog, so now he knows just how much fun I had and am looking forward to.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Steam room load and then found two cocks at the urinals

As usual, I headed to the gym for a cardio workout and then a quick bite to eat before heading back to the office. The locker room was not real busy and it looked like most people might have decided to extend their holiday through Monday.
I was about to get into my gym shorts when I see the compact hung stud that fed me a load back in October - click this link to read about that one.
Well, since he was in a towel and headed to the steam room I decided that I could take a steam before my workout.
There was another guy in there with him but he was not a fellow stroker. We both waited and took a break to cool off with a shower.
When we were both in there alone we did not waste time.
He was sitting near the door and could see out, but we had enough steam that it was going to be hard to see in. He was soft and I went right down on his cock. After a few strokes and working the entire 9 inches into my mouth he got rock hard. He was shoving my mouth down so that it had nowhere to go but down my throat.
I was really working to not make a sound and that made it even hotter since I could tell he was filling every inch of my throat.
Twice I could feel his shaft bulge and grow so I was looking for a hot load to be filling my guts.
On the third shove down my throat he held my head down, started grunting and thrusting - his load was starting to work it's way out of his balls and he was not going to let me up until it was spent.
The head was so far down that his cum was going straight down - I had no problem with that, it is all about the other guy getting off and me doing what I can.
Once he was done, he let me up and I just had to sit there grinning from ear to ear.
I was rock hard and leaking buckets of precum.
We headed off to the shower and I went to finish my workout.

Then I decided to hit the shopping district and see if I could find some cum to swallow.
I went to my favorite spot and was surprised that there were no crowds after Thanksgiving. There was only one guy in the stalls and he was definitely jerking off. I thought the second bathroom may have some action so I headed out to find out. As I was walking down I passed a cute young twink and we both slowed down and looked back.
Since he was heading to where I just was, I tried to signal him to follow me. He kept walking and I did as well.
The second spot was also dead and I could tell the janitor was around so I ran back to the first tearoom.
As I got near the entrance I literally almost ran over the hot twink. He was heading out but when I passed him he turned around to follow.
I walked to the urinals and there was a guy standing there already. Maybe mid 30's, jeans and a very Midwestern look. I took the urinal next to him and the twink came up to my left.
I was not sure but when I spotted him stroking and checking me out I knew it was going to be a hot scene if we were not interrupted.
We all moved back so that the auto sensors would not trigger and I got down on my knees. Having two cocks at my disposal was hot and I went down on both.
Alternated between the twink and the Midwest boy - jacked one while sucking on the other. The stall door opened so I knew we had an audience but I was not going to stop.
I made sure to work my mouth onto each cock and go down as far and as quick as I could.
Whether it was the risk of being caught or we were all horny, it was not long before Midwest boy was ready to cum. He started to head towards the urinal so I instantly said "cum on me" and he started to shoot.
Cum was hitting my chin, face and some hit my shirt. HOT!!
Then it was time to turn back to the twink - hairy balls ready to unleash their load.
He seemed to know just what I wanted...he shot onto my goatee and then the next 3 or 4 shots went into my mouth and I could the force of them hitting my tongue and the back of my throat.
To finish off, we wiped his cock with my goatee.

We were all spent, I had two loads in me and on me. The twink commented that it looked hot so I went over to the sinks to check it out.
Thick pure white cum was coating my upper lip, not sure which hot guy put it there but I had to taste it- I used my finger and wiped it into my mouth.
Before anyone could come in and see us, we got all our disheveled clothes back in order and looked presentable.
I walked out of there with a HUGE grin on my face and pre cum soaking my jock.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Over 2 feet of cock in my throat today and four loads

Well, it has been a long time since I headed up to my favorite video booths.
Lately I have been working out on my breaks, but today I had enough to do that I wanted a mental break and wanted to see if there was anything around.

After I arrived I saw a hot guy - late 20's, grey sweater and jeans. He was walking around and I checked out the glory holes. There was a cute bearish cub in one. He was uncut and had a bottle of poppers that I could smell. After he unzipped and placed his cock through hole I began to work on him.
I think he may have been nervous because it took a bit to get hard, and then he took a hit of poppers and got hard finally. After a couple of minutes of sucking and fucking my face I could taste his cum filling my mouth.
It was quick but he had a nice clean tasting cock and the cum was delicious.

After I left the booth I wandered and then I saw the cute guy in the sweater enter the booth where I just sucked (he saw me come out, so he knew I was up for some play).I went back into my same booth and got into position to give him a deep throat suck.
I could see his cock through the hole as he was pulling his pants down. Nice and thick, even while soft.
He slid about 5 inches of soft cock through the hole and I started to suck and swallow. Well, you all know there are those cocks that grow and this one did.
As he started to get into it, and I could feel it getting thicker I began to swallow more and more of it.
When he was finally rock hard, it was close to 9 inches and a good 5 inches or more around. Full heavy balls and a nice thick mushroom head made it all the more compelling for me to deep throat.
Once he knew I could swallow down every inch, he seemed to like the idea of shoving as much cock through the hole as I could take. Nothing like having a guy decide to take charge and just keep giving you more cock. We had his balls hitting my chin a few times and soon enough I could hear the intake of breath that signaled a full load about to be dumped into my throat. As soon as I felt the shaft swell I shoved my throat as far down as I could to catch it all.
I just love a mouth and throat full of cock as it empties all that sweet cum.

Well, that was two cocks and I thought it was time to head out...then I see a real cute young guy walk around the corner.
Smooth face, clean shaven, dark hair - wearing pin stripe dress pants, dark button down shirt and he was mid to late 20's. He saw me and headed to the same booth ( funny how I now think about the fact that I only entered two booths to get all of these cocks). Before I could follow there was another older business man that went in. Oh well, I thought, these things happen.
I took one more lap to see and as I was coming around the corner the older guy left the booth.
The minute I walked in, the cute guy looked through the hole and then started to unzip again.
I did not expect the sight the met my face at that hole...another long cock pushing the limit of 9 inches and with a nice slight up curve. Not as thick but damn tasty looking. I immediately went down to the base and felt his head pushing past my throat and entering. His cock was long and slim enough for me to swallow to the base and then take his cock in my fist and stroke him while teasing the head.
After a couple of minutes of hot deep throat action he is leaking and I am rock hard too.
He pulled back a bit and leaned down to say something..."can I suck your cock?"
Hell I slid my cock through.
He would not have seen the PA but I could feel his lips and then his mouth taking it. Picturing that smooth and clean shaven face being on my cock was hot but I was not about to shoot my load, yet.
He sucked me for a bit and then went back to work on his cock. Eventually the video was over and the lights came on so I asked him if he wanted to just get one booth. He said yes and we headed out.
Now, as I stepped out of my booth I saw a hot repeat from the past standing there. You may recognize the description of him as having minty fresh breath and every time we hook up, he uses his spit and it leaves his cock all minty fresh and tasty.
As the young cute guy left his booth, he and I went into the next one down. Right away we had our pants open and cocks out. I went a bit further and took off my sweater so that he could play with my nipples.
Once again we started off with me swallowing his cock to the base and playing with his balls - then he sucked me a bit.
Deep throat, pull off a bit, stroke and feel the balls hitting my fist as it slide down and then I deep throat again and stroke him some more.
As he was getting close he wanted to suck my cock again.
Eventually he was at that point of no return and asked if I wanted it. I nodded my head and slid his cock into my throat to let him release.
Suddenly my mouth was filled with sweet young male cum. I did not want to lose a drop so I kept his cock in there until he was spent. Then we both got our clothes adjusted again and he said it was time for him to head back to work.

I was getting my glasses and baseball hat back on when Mr Minty Fresh opened the door.
Well, it would be rude to leave him wanting after seeing me just send one smiling guy away...and he knows how much I LOVE cum.
He entered the booth, I locked the door and he started undoing his pants. As he was putting money in the video slot I was down on my knees taking out his cock.
It was a day of growers and I was about to get a minty dessert from yet another one.
I started out sucking on his cock and got it semi hard and then went for his balls. I have learned that he enjoys this and even likes to feel my tongue and goatee rubbing the space between his ass and balls.
After he was rock hard I went back to his cock and started to deep throat. Once again I had over 8 inches of cock being buried in my throat.
I was stroking my cock and he was pulling up my sweater to get at my nipples. I took a quick break and pulled my sweater off and let him go at my nipples.
As you all know, when I have had this much cock and cum, the next thing to get me to be a cum pig is to pull my nipples while slamming some meat down my throat.
I went back to his balls and he used some of his spit to work his cock. When I went back to his cock to finish him off it was that perfect minty taste.
It was not long at all before he was spurting a massive thick load into my mouth and I was working to get his mushroom head into my throat to milk the last drops out.
After he was spent I squeezed out two more thick white drops of cum and licked them off of his cock head.
He headed out and that was when I knew it was time to call it a day. After all, I am a hungry (and now full) cum pig and it is not good to be greedy...I had to leave something for the other pigs that were sure to heading over for their afternoon feedings.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Xtube fan gave me two loads today and I eat my own

I got an email on Xtube last week or so and he was going to be in town. He wanted to meet up and get me on my knees to swallow his cock and load.
As you know, I am fine meeting up with visitors and locals so I said sure.
He sent me a face pic and some cock pics. Based on those pics I was looking forward to a nice large cock and was anticipating a tasty load.
Today was the day we arranged for it...

I got there a few minutes early and when he walked in I was in for a hot surprise. Tall, rock solid chest and short blondish/brown hair with a sexy smile to wrap it all together.
We both liked what we saw and headed to the bathroom stalls. It was already agreed that we would take a video of it to post.
When I shut the door and turned around he was already half hard and undoing his pants. Out came a huge cock and I handed him the camera. He was rock hard already and I slipped off my shirt and got on my knees.
The sight of that cock staring at me was mouth watering - mushroom head and long extra thick shaft.
I started out on the head and then began working my way down the shaft. The head was leaking some precum already since he had a three day load saved up. I slowly went down on his cock and could feel that head stretching my throat as it slid in.
This cock was thick but I was not going to let that stop me from taking him down to the base. I did gag a bit on the first few thrusts...and he loved it. I felt it get thicker and had to pull back a bit but then I went right back down.
Each time, his mushroom head would force it's way in and then the shaft followed. He wanted my throat slime all over his cock as much as I did and he would take the lead and force his cock further down and keep it there.
Between the two of us we were giving me a good skull fucking.
Deep throat, forced to take it further until I had to gag and breathe and then slide his precum spit covered cock out of my mouth.
After a few of those deep throat fucks I would also stroke his cock with all of that spit.
With such a hot thick cock, I had to be sure that every inch got the treatment it deserved. I licked the shaft, sucked the head and shaft down my throat and kept it up over and over.

I would look up while sucking and saw the smile and look of a guy that was really enjoying the job I was doing. A few times he would say "oh fuck" and I could tell he was close. I would force his head and shaft back into my throat and keep it there until I could not breath and gagged a bit. I was trying to be quiet but I was also getting off just from the sounds he made each time I came back up for air.

Once it was getting to the point of no return I swallowed his shaft without stopping and then he let me know it was time.
I came off just enough and he started to give me his load...the first shot hit my lips, I got underneath to catch the rest and the next shot went on my face over my nose. Thick hot white cream and the rest of it went in my mouth and onto my lips.
Sometimes it can HOT to get a shot of cum around your upper lip and nose so that you can smell that scent of man the rest of the day.

After he finished cumming, we both got the rest of the cum into my mouth. I licked the head and shaft clean. The camera was shut off and with his cum still staining my goatee I went back down on him to the base. Some cum went from my goatee into his pubes and I licked that clean.

I was out of breath and so was he, so when we headed out it was agreed that there has to be a repeat before he goes back home....that was the first load of the for the second load from him today.

Video clip, click here

Load #2 from the lunch load -

Later in the day I got a text from him asking where a good glory hole was. I replied with the spot that I frequent and you have all seen the videos. But then I told him that if he was looking to get off again that I would meet him again.
He said that would be hot so I told him to give me time to finish up and then I would text him.
Soon enough I texted that I was ready. He was only minutes away and we both headed back to the first location.
I had my video cam with me and handed it over. Once again he was hard and I was hungry for another tasty load.
This time we took it a bit more leisurely but it was also more intense. I knew what he liked when I gagged and he knew that he could force me to take even more.
Skull fucking, throat slime and deep throat - all combined and repeated.
He was true to his word about needing to get off again and I was up for the challange. This time I was stroking my cock while getting my throat worked. Soon enough he was ready to give me load #2 and I was ready.
Took most in my mouth and some went on my chest...and then I started to work on load #3.

Video clip of load 2, here

He had already shot two loads but when I started stroking my cock and told him that he could piss down my throat if he wanted to, his shaft started growing again.
I kept sucking the head, sliding down the shaft and keeping the whole cock in my throat. It was not long before he was rock solid once again.
I asked if he wanted to cum again and he said it would be awhile but we both wanted to try.
After about 5 minutes he said that it was going to be too long, so I asked if he wanted me to cum. Well, that put a smile on his face like a kid at Christmas time.
I stood up and told him that I would cum on his cock and then eat it up.
With his cock in front of me I started to cum. His cock was coated with my load and then I got back down on my knees and swallowed my own load off of his shaft.

Video clip here.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hot load in the steam room

As you know, my husband and I joined the gym back in August and I have been going every day, sometimes twice a day. All that time has let me see some very hot guys, great cocks and I have a few people that even like to play.

There was a compact, hot hung guy in the steam room about a month ago and just as we got hard and were about to proceed, the steam room got too busy.
Since then I have seen him more than once and each time we are not alone. Last night he was leaving after we spent 5 minutes in the steam room waiting for the campers to leave and he got rock hard at the locker, stroked his cock once and put it into his underwear. What a hot sight to see a cock going half way down the thigh in a pair of tight underwear. At that point I knew it was a hot cock I wanted to taste.

Today my husband and I did an early workout so that we can catch a flight to Portland. The gym was pretty empty, and after a good cardio we headed to the steam room. It was just as empty as the main room.
Oh well, not every day can be fun and playful...but then I see the hung compact stroker come into the locker room.
At the time it was only my husband and I in the steam room.
In walks the hot hung stroker and he sits next to me. Right away he is already semi hard and so am I. He reaches over and plays with my nipple - ok, now I know that I have to get him off.
As a side note, I should mention that my husband fucked the hell out of me this morning, dumped his load into my ass and never let me touch my cock...and I never came.
With a full load in my balls and a recently fucked ass, I am sitting there in a steam room with a cock that has grown to 9 inches in my hand. HOT!!!
I stroked his cock a few times and he returned the favor. My husband was on the other side and enjoying the show. Since my husband could see out the door and alert us I leaned over to put that cock in my mouth. Well, apparently he liked it because it got harder than ever and I just had to deep throat him.
His cock has a slight curve down when he is standing so while sitting on the bench it just leaned enough to let me slide my throat down. I got him all the way down to the balls and kept it buried there. I used my tongue and throat as I slowly pulled my mouth off and then stroked his cock with my spit. I could hear his intake of breath each time I hit bottom and the head would push into my throat - that sound you hear when a guy loves to be deep throated with no gag and enjoys it.
He was leaning back and I went back down again. Swallowed every inch to the balls and slowly came back up. Each time I came off his head I stroked his cock.
This went on for a few minutes and being in a gym meant we should not delay. I went down for a last deep throat and kept my mouth on him. Up - down, up - down, up - down and then I heard his breathing change and knew he was close.
I was not going to let one drop go so when he started shooting I went completely down and kept his cock buried. His shaft was pulsing and throbbing with every spurt of cum that he was blasting directly down my throat.

Nothing like a good 15 second cum shot to end a workout.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Double the cocks = double the fun, double the cum

Well this has certainly been a busy couple of days.

Yesterday I met up with the hot blonde from previous play and got a hot load in the I had the chance to meet up with another buddy from the past, AND the blonde for a second time.
The other buddy was part of the load that is on my goatee in the main pic.

I had gotten a message earlier that my long ago buddy was going to be in town this week but we never did manage to find a time for some play. When he said the he was only a few minutes away and could host for a group I contacted the furry blonde and asked if he would be interested.
He said yes and the plan was to have me sucking them both off and they could record the whole scene. Now to the action.

Furry blonde and I arrived at the location and all three of us hit it off. Right away cocks were being brought out and the camera was started.
Knowing that I would be getting a good deal of cum, I took off my tank top and got down to business.
My long ago buddy was first - tasty cock, cut with a nice ridged shaft. While I was devouring his cock, our furry buddy was getting firm and ready.
And so it began - first one cock, slurp and deep throat until it was time to trade off and take care of the other one.
As you know, my furry blonde buddy likes to be down to the base and have his balls on my chin when I take him. Because of his size it would normally be a cock that I endeavor to avoid gagging on so that I can take it over and over, but he likes the gag occasionally and who am I to argue with what someone likes...I am there to serve and get them off (and get a load as my reward!!!).
After a few minutes of going back and forth we started getting both cocks into my mouth at the same time. I would love to be able to get them both down to their balls but I don't think anyone has a mouth that large. So, I just did my best and got as much of them as I could.
Finally, after all that sucking and throating I had to release my cock from it's restraining jock.
And back to sucking those two delicious cocks and get those balls drained!

Sucking, gagging, spit lubing and slurping these cocks for over five minute and then it was time to ramp things up a bit.
After getting accustomed to the girth of my furry blonde friend he took advantage of that to do some face plowing. I opened my mouth, let my throat relax and he started to give an intense skull fucking. Spit, precum and throat spooge all mixing together and being fed down my throat.
Then it was time to suck my other buddy and give him some mouth action. I slurped and sucked on that cock and had the other one right by my cheek so that I could take it back into my mouth easily and quickly.
I mentioned to furry blonde that it would be hot to have his cock up against my ass and he readily agreed. Well, that took all of two seconds for me to jump up and turn around!!
The third guy was stroking and still recording it.
I bent all the way over, ass up in the air and hands on the ground to give my hung buddy a full canvas to use and abuse as he wanted.
Let me tell you that feeling a hot thick cock rub against your asshole after having it buried down your throat to the base is a very hot feeling - and the image I could see in the full length mirror was HOT.
Furry blonde was pressing that mushroom cock head up against my hole, then bringing it up to the top of my ass and slowly stroking it back down to my hole.
Rubbing my ass and stroking was a new scene for the furry blonde and me, so it was bound to have some explosive results. And it did.

He got to the edge and then let his load coat my ass. I could feel that hot sperm spreading out and down my crack towards my hole. Oozing down the hairs and lubing my ass.
I remained bent over until he was done and then our hosting buddy came up to the plate. He started working that cum around my ass and getting his cock ready for whatever he wanted to do
With all of that cum soaking my ass, I was not sure if it was about go from cock sucking to a hot fuck scene.
He got his cock right up to the hole and was using his fingers to work the cum into it.
Because of my position and all, we did not get into a full-on fuck and I wanted to have the next load on me where I could taste it and see it coming. I turned back around to face the cocks and the next load was being stroked out hard.
The hand that was in my ass and coated with cum was then fed to me. I licked those fingers clean and slurped up the excess cum.
I knew he was close after all this time and I leaned back to get my reward. I did take a moment to lean over and lick his balls and then he was ready to blow.
The first shot went on my left cheek, the second up towards my forehead , the third on my right cheek. At the same time I was getting cum dripping down onto my chin and licking my lips to taste it all.

After all of the cum was drained from his balls, I looked over and it was a beautiful sight of cum all over my face and the knowing smile that I had another load coating my ass and some fingered into my hole.
What a way to start the weekend.

And as a special treat for those that stuck out until the end of this the link below for the cum shot half of the video.

Cumshot on ass and face

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Afternoon of cock - repeat and a steam treat

Well, I know it has been awhile and I am sorry but this just could not go without sharing.
I have been going to the gym for about a month now and have lost over 10lbs and have toned down.
Today I not only got a load on my cam but I also found a hot cock in the steam room...and here is all the details.
Today is a good example of why I am a cum pig, not only a cock sucker.

From previous entries you may recognize this first cock.

Xtube clip click here

He is the hot hairy blonde fella that likes to feed me his cock and if I let my gag reflex slip...well, all the better.
I had the office to myself and when he said that he was in town and wanted to meet I said sure.
We arranged to meet up at a spot here in the financial district that is very private and film it. Well, when we got there it was all being remodeled. So much for that idea.
But, being good at improvising when it comes to cock sucking I found another spot in the same building. It was private, locked and we had the area to ourselves.
We went in and before I even started the camera he was showing a hard cock in his pants.
I pulled down my jock (the one I wear to work out in) and got down to start sucking.
This guy is not much taller than me but that cock is a mouthful and I always love that.
I swallowed his cock to the balls and then started on working his load out.
Deep full throat and get it to the base, then let the throat juice start flowing - and slowly work the whole shaft out of my mouth.
As I have said, a few times I just let the gag reflex go instead of controlling it and I could feel each time his cock grew. Licking his balls, and looking up to see that smile while I slowly circle the cock with my mouth and tongue.
I got him close a couple of times and then it was time for the final plunge.
Once he was moaning and about to blow that spooge I leaned back and let it soak my face.
Shot on my upper lip, my goatee and a couple on my cheek....all totally hot!

I slipped back into my jock, zipped up the pants and then we headed out. He went back to work and I went to the gym. Round two.

In an effort to be more fit and to be able to get into tighter spaces, and tighter jeans I have been going just about every day. I work out and then treat myself to a hot steam.
Today I was earlier than usual and the gym was not busy. I did my full workout and was about to shower and head out when this hot young guy came back into the locker room.
Early 20's, dark curly hair cut short and long legs topped by a firm cute ass and hefty cut cock.
One other time we were in the steam room and I could tell he was ready to play but we had a camper - my term for those guys that will sit there for an afternoon but they are NOT even thinking of playing.
Today we had the steam to ourselves and just about the entire locker room. He came in and started up the steam to full force. He sat down next to me and I started to get hard.
After he started stroking his cock, I reached over and grabbed hold. He reached over and grabbed my cock. It seemed he wanted to stroke off a load and that was fine with me.
His cock was a hand full, nice mushroom head and hairy balls. While his cock was at full mast and pointing at the ceiling we both stroked. After a minute of that he motioned for me that I could use my mouth and lips. I leaned over and tasted his precum. He was still stroking and I used my tongue on his head.
That seemed to be just what he wanted and he his strokes came faster. I worked my tongue and lips and soon he was ready to blow.
He said "I'm going to cum" and I said "uh huh" without lifting my head.
The first jet of cum went into my mouth (amazing how hot it can feel hitting your tongue while in a full force steam room!)
After the first sweet shot of cum, he kept cumming. One, two, three and then a final spurt. All sweet and all in my mouth.
I swallowed it all and then leaned back and licked my fingers clean of the cum that slid past.
He smiled and then I leaned over to swipe up a glob of cum near his balls. That got a laugh out of him...but my motto is "Never waste a drop!"
I said thanks and so did he. We checked to be sure there was no more cum to clean up on his cock and balls.
Then we headed off to the showers.

I just love it when lunch can go from a hot bathroom load to a second hot load from a young buck, and even get my workout in.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Finnish sure know how to finish

Last night I attended a "closed door" party that a friend puts on every week.
My husband was in Orange County for work and he gave me permission to have some fun.

I arrived a bit early and it was busy, but not packed. Eventually one guy did finally take his pants off to walk around in a jock.
Not being sure what I was going to do, I chose to wear a muscle shirt and jeans but my jock also.
Two friends showed up and then more started arriving. I was told by more than a few that I should not be so dressed and I checked everything but the jock, my shoes and baseball hat.
Then I went out into the party.

One of the friends I was meeting brought a date - who turned out to be a fuck buddy of me and my husband. We have only met up at other parties but he has a very thick fat cock.
I was planning to swallow a load from a friend that fucked 7 guys already but had not cum.
He and I have played in a back room before but he can also be a bit shy - so I was going to let him call the shots of when I got on my knees. I was up for some play before that.
I headed towards the back of the room and started to check the scene out.
While in the back I see "date boy" getting sucked. I head over to say hello and he asked if he could fuck me.
Well, normally for that size I need some poppers and mentioned that to him. He did not have any but there was a helpful guy that was willing to eat my ass and lube it up for us.
When I thought it would slide in, I turned around and backed on to his cock.
Well, you know how there are always those cocks that you think "no way in hell will that fit" but they slide in like a greased up sausage....this was one of those times.
I leaned over and he started to plow my ass right there in front of the crowd.
A few guys there were surprised to see me getting that huge cock and with only some spit.
Their eyes got very wide and the smiles got wider.

Not wanting to shoot my load at the time, and the fact that it went to about 100 degrees with everyone sweating, my top buddy took a break. That left me free to roam the crowd some more.
I saw a few other massive hung guys that I have sucked off at this party in the past and went over.
They recognized me and let me have a swing on their cocks. My mouth was being stretched to the maximum with about 5 cocks that were over 9 inches but also over 6 inches around or a mushroom head that could fill an ass tighter than a champagne cork. One guy even commented that when he saw me, he knew there would be a huge cock in front of me.

After getting a drink from my friend, I ran into "date boy" again. We were standing near the open door and it was much cooler. He asked if there was any reason no one was playing up that way. I said that it was probably ok but no one wanted to be the first one.
Then I heard my friend that hosts this party ask to see some cocks out. I passed along the info to my buddy and he pulled out his fat cock.
Well, that got the host's attention!
Then "date boy" and I decided to have him fuck me right there, in front of the entire room. I said sure and turned around. I grab the bar stool in front of me and leaned over.
He slid right up behind me and we started to fuck.
I could see guys to the right, and guys to the left watching. Someone commented that a guy was being fucked and all eyes turned our way.
There I was in my jock being rode hard and fast, stroking my cock and taking every inch that was being pounded into me.
More than once I was close to shooting all over the floor and I would just stop stroking and give his cock a tight squeeze with my ass.
Unfortunately my top was still a long ways off from cumming, so we put on a good 5 minute fuck show and I headed back to the crowd.

A small group had formed and I went to see what the attraction was.
There were two shaved/buzzed head guys and one was uncut and hung. I saw at least 10 inches of cock. You know what I had to do.
There were a few people all trying to get their attention so I just waited and when I got the look to proceed I got down and swallowed him. He was thick enough to fill my mouth and he knew it.
After the first deep throat and having his balls on my chin he took over the face fuck. I had to breathe and relax, then he piston fucked my face for a few good strokes.
Not wanting to be greedy I let the other guy have a shot at this cock.
This back and forth went on for more than ten minutes. Then the uncut horse cock let me have another shot at him. I sucked and deep throat swallowed every inch, then stood up and said that I would love to have his load all over my face.
He gave me that look that said "it may be awhile" and I said ok.
Well, within 5 minutes of that look the other guy he was with started to shoot his load onto the ground.
Uncut horse cock saw that and while I was on my knees we both looked at each other and he nodded. It was now time for him to blow his load!
I looked up and he took my head in one hand and his cock in the other. He stroked about 5 quick times and let it fly.

HOLY SHIT - the first rope of cum went up over my eye and would have sailed past me but hit the hat, and then dropped down my face. Then he shot the next few ropes of spunk. He was aiming that cock at all parts of my face. Spurt two, then three, four and five.
Both eyes were covered, my mouth, cheeks and nose.
After he was done I was completely and literally drenched in his cum.

As I stood up, I could see him smiling and I just had to say "Thanks!!" He nodded again and smiled - he knew a cum pig had gotten his wish.
That was when I heard someone ask where they were from and the other guy said Finland.

Well, now I know that I have got to get my husband to take us to Finland.

As I was getting my clothes, I asked the host for a napkin to wipe what I had not eaten off of my face.
As he handed it to me he commented that he was glad that he could "see" I had a good time - all around.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A quick booty call...or is it a throat call?

This afternoon I was sitting around enjoying a hot summer day and I got a message.
It was a guy that had contacted me in the past via a website that I have a profile on. He said the warm weather was making him horny.

The day was basically over so I said sure.

We agreed to meet up at one of my quiet spots nearby. When he came in, another came in right behind him so we waited till he zipped up and left.
Then I followed my buddy into the large stall.
He had his cock out and was starting to stroke it. I got on my knees and took it into my mouth.
In less than a minute he was fully hard and filling my mouth.
I could feel it pulsing and growing as I sucked and slurped it.
A few times it got bigger than my mouth and I had to breath through my nose, but that is what I am there for.

He was already horny and I was in a cock suck mode so between us it was not long before he was close to shooting.
He took over stroking his cock and I took my shirt off to let him have a full canvas to cake with his spooge.
After more stroking he asked where I wanted it. I said to coat my face.
The first shot hit my upper lip and nose. The next few shots all went onto my upper lip and chin. I could feel how thick and chucky that cum was.
Totally HOT!

After he was done, I could feel it all just weighing down on my goatee. He smiled and I knew it looked awesome.
After he looked over my face, I asked if it needed a picture and he nodded while saying YES.
He took my camera in hand and snapped a good long distance shot. Because we were in a stall, I let him leave first before I licked my face need to be trapped in there if anyone walked in.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In a pinch, take the stairs and get a load

Today I was on my way back from the gym and swung by a new shopping center.
I had been told that a stairwell was not used and there is potential for some hot action to be filmed and posted here.

I scoped it out and it seemed ok. While there I figured I would use the bathroom and then head back.
In the bathroom was a tall silver haired guy standing at the urinal. He and I used to play years ago at a hotel tearoom.
Uncut, the foreskin that just covers the head. He saw me in the mirror and when the coast was clear I reached over and stroked it a bit.
Then the door opened and traffic started to come in. I asked if he knew a better spot. He said no.

I mentioned the stairwell and he said it was worth a shot.
We went to the doors, pushed open and entered the stairwell. Absolutely quiet and no cameras in sight.
There seemed to be no other doors for a couple of floors so we went down a couple of flights.
Once there he pulled his cock back out of his jeans.
Soft he is about 6 inches and narrow - but when I started to suck it grew quickly.
By the time he was fully hard it was almost 9 inches and a hand full.
He tugged his balls out of his underwear and I pulled the entire cock out to suck on.
I managed to deep throat him but he likes to have the entire cock swallowed and the head worked on. I used my hand - there was more than enough cock to suck and still be stroking the lower half.
At the same time I was cupping and massaging his cum filled balls.

I remember this guy from years ago and he shoots thick milky white cum. Even back then he was quick enough that we could be done and zipped up in under 5 minutes.
Sure enough, he said he was about to cum and I just nodded my head.
Instantly he flooded my mouth with a load. I do mean flooded...there was that much.
I kept it all in my mouth, and kept his cock there to savor the flavors.
After I finally swallowed it all, I kept milking his cock and got even more of his thick white cum.

We both said thanks and I told him to get in touch if he wanted it again.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A day at the river, then a river of cum on my face

Sorry this is late to be posted, but I have been extra busy at work and have started back at the gym.

Over the past weekend we were up at resort in the Northern California region. I bought a new swimsuit that allowed for quite a bit to be seen while still covered for the straight crowd at the pool.
On our last day, we left early and got back to the city in time for a cocktail.
We headed to my favorite late afternoon spot. It was a very busy day - it was warm and the men were out.

There were a few regulars that I have sucked off and a couple of hot new ones.
I was on my knees taking care of a very hot uncut buddy. Everyone was watching and enjoying but then the "Hand" came along.
I usually don't mind someone helping out with tweaking the nipples or maybe the balls while I am sucking but you do not ever get in the way of my mouth on a blow job.
The exception is if the guy being sucked and I are both in agreement. No problem then.
This guy was not invited or welcome and he was actually trying to get me away and take over. His hand was bad enough but then when I came off the cock to give my buddy a breather, this guy tried to swoop down and start sucking.
As this was a good buddy and he asked me to suck him, I got aggressive. That did not stop the guy - I finally had to literally stop the blow job, look up at this guy and the other four guys that were just observing and say "one more time and I am going to hit you". He finally seemed to get the message.

Before I was done with my buddy, I went to get another drink and came back to dive into a hot group scene. Cocks out and everyone sucking or getting fucked.
Since it was so busy I went back towards my husband and the uncut buddy.
Just as I got there he was about to shoot his load, and I got on my knees underneath to get it all on my face.
He let loose with a hot thick load that covered a good portion of my face. Then to my left was a guy I sucked off earlier and he started to let his cum fly at me.
And THEN the guy to my right put his cock out for me to suck. I went down on him with all of this cum still dripping down my face.
Real fast, he was close and ready to shoot. I backed off and got a third cum spray within minutes.

I was in cum pig heaven!

Then it was time to head home for some dinner. I licked every drop I could off with my tongue and scooped the rest into my mouth.
Then we walked right past the onlooking crowd and made our exit.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Young, hung, uncut and full of cum - Thanks!

Today I was at my desk and I got an email. Nothing surprising, except it was from a young guy that said right off the bat "I want to try your mouth" - and went on to describe himself as a cute latin with nine and a half uncut. Where can we meet?

Well, you know me and uncut latins...they are hot and usually are very cute.

He said he was a fan of the blog, thought I might enjoy his cock and wanted to "sink this fat uncut cock into your amazing mouth".

Nothing like getting right to the point.
That got me hard thinking about it and I gave him a suggestion for a nearby bathroom, and we arranged for a time when I could get away long enough to enjoy a thick load of sperm.

When it was time to rendezvous, he was there and come to find out he was a tall, dark haired guy, lean swimmer build and indeed young.
And as you know, I do have a fetish about tall, lanky guys.

We went in and I told him the layout and where we would be going. Once we were in the stall area, it was empty.

I took him into the largest stall, and got down on my knees while he was pulling out his cock.
You know how I love to get a guy rock hard while I suck....he was a bit nervous but it was not long before that full nine and a half inches was sticking straight out.
He did not have an excessive amount of foreskin, and that is the way I like them.
Just enough to cover the head and still be able to taste everything.

After he was full and pumped, I took the entire shaft down my throat. We were trying to be quiet, but it was such a mouth full that I did feel it hitting beyond the back of my throat.
Long, straight and a nice full set of balls to cup while he was in my mouth. Tasty!
We did some deep throat swallows and I used my hand (there was room for more than my two hands - love those hung uncut guys!)to stroke him a bit.
A couple of times he took over and fucked my mouth a bit and then we were back to stroking and sucking.

Every once in awhile I would look up and he would be smiling and watching his cock sliding in and out of my mouth.
He was going for my nipples so I took of my shirt and let him go at it. He was pulling on them and that does get me nice and hard - plus it gets me in the mood to be a real pig and swallow it all.
After that bit of hot action he was ready to blow.
He was a quiet one, like I can be when we need to be but he let me know by body and sound that he was about to cum.
Suddenly I could feel and taste this hot thick load filling my mouth.
I was loving the taste and can't say how many spurts he may have emptied into my mouth but it was thick and sweet.

As we were leaving I said thank you!, let's do it again and he said thanks for being accommodating. Ah, mother would be so proud of me.
Perhaps next time we might take some pics or bring my cam if he likes that idea.

I am sure he will see this later and knows it's him.
Thanks for the hot load and that is a hefty nine and a half uncut piece of prime meat!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Welcum to the city - I do enjoy greeting the visitors

The booth door opened and in walked a tall hunk of meat. Swimmers build, sunglasses tucked onto his T-shirt and then I found out the rest.
He shut the door and I could feel his cock bulging when I reached out.
Since it was rock hard, I sat on the seat and took of my baseball hat to give full access to my throat.
He slowly lowered his white briefs and out came the mushroom head first, followed by about 7 1/2 inches of shaft - all of this stacked on top of two very full low hanging balls.

Without wasting a moment I dove right on and went straight to the base and slowly came back up.
With his cock fully slicked up with my spit I started the real blow job.
He was not so huge (at first) that I could not get the whole package in and I devoured it.
Working on the first third of his cock, using my tongue and lips on the head and then swallowing down till it just nudged my throat.
I was in a horny mode and as you know, that opens up my throat sometimes. When I felt that mushroom head nudging my throat I reached out and grabbed his balls and shoved him in.
The head slid down, filled my throat and then the shaft followed. My nose was now nestled right in the hair of his crotch. He shoved in even more and I opened my throat and got that extra inch.
He stayed in my throat for about four solid strokes and then I had to breathe. I did not want to gag or miss out on the load so I pulled back.
Standing there with a now even harder cock, he just smiled and said he had not cum in three days.

Well, you know I wanted every ounce of spooge in those balls. He told me to work on his head a bit more. I slowly swallowed the mushroom head and only went half way down the shaft. Then I slid up nice and slow and used my tongue to tease the shaft and head. That was what he liked, he said. Nice and slow.
And I am nothing, if not accommodating.
I slowed my technique and went back down.
He was playing a bit with my nipples and I just kept handling his full sack of balls. Even though he said slow, he did not say no deep I went back down to the base with my mouth and when his head hit the back, I opened up and let him slide further down.
His cock grew with each plunge down my throat and I reached under his balls to get that extra bit of cock, grabbed hold and pushed him further. Now we were both leaking pre cum and he was getting closer.
I told him that for a 3 day load, I would either walk out covered in cum or he could shoot down my throat. He wanted it down my throat.

We went back to the slow work on his head, followed by deep throats and balls grabs. His cock was beyond rock hard and he was finally ready to release that sperm.
I slid his cock in one last time, the head hit the back of my throat and I opened up for the rest.
While he was buried, he started fucking my throat and I kept him in there. Then he let loose with a grunt and my throat was slicked with cum. His shaft convulsed and throbbed each time. With his cock spurting, the head and load hit the back of my throat and I had to try and swallow. He came out of my throat a bit, I breathed, swallowed and let him back in to finish emptying his balls.

After that HUGE load, we both stood up and my cock was coated in pre cum that I had leaked. He then asked if he would see me at a certain bar and I said maybe over the weekend. As we were leaving he said he was from back East and leaving in a few days.

Who knows, maybe I'll run into him and be able to share a second load with you all.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Steam room fun....nice to have a gym buddy

My husband and I have joined a gym to get back into shape - at least that is my goal, he is already hot.
I was at one of the locations, on my own and was early to meet my trainer. While getting dressed for a workout I saw a hot buzzed head blond go by.
He was dressed for the gym and when he looked back I thought...hmmmm, could be fun.

Before I could finish getting dressed he walked by again with only a towel on. Well, since there is a steam room I was hoping he wanted to do something.
While in the steam room, there was a cute dark haired guy in there and he checked me out. Right away he starts stroking a nice uncut cock. Not huge but not small, and I like foreskin.
He jerked a bit, I leaned over and sucked a bit. He was rock hard.

Then the door opened and my blond looker came in. He and eye exchanged glances and the other guy left.
Once it was only two of us I immediately went over. I did not know how long it would be since it was a gym, so I leaned over and swallowed.
He had a nice long cock, not too thick and some great cum filled balls.
I was sucking and he was watching the door.
I told him that I did not have long, as I was meeting a trainer and he said ok. He told me to work on the head and I went back down.
He was leaking pre cum pretty fast so I told him that if he wanted to shoot in my mouth that was fine. After all, I don't like to leave a mess behind.

He started stroking his cock to get off in time and when he was ready to blow he let me take it all.
Nice thick cum, sweet tasting and actually a bit cool compared to the heat of the steam room.
I put my towel back on and headed out to shower.
While getting dressed he smiled and went to his locker. We had finished with time to spare and I went out to meet my trainer.

During my workout, we ended up being nearby and he just gave me a knowing smile. Maybe I'll like this idea of working out.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweet thick icing on the cake

Sorry for the delay but I have not been able to get a moment to fill you in on last weekend.

The weekend really started on Thursday. I attended a friends birthday/underwear party.
As you can surmise, things progressed as they should. Cocks were out, jocks were being worn and the men were horned up for the weekend.
My cock was naturally out, but only for a short time - then it was buried in a tight creamy white ass.
I fucked this kid twice and both times he shot his load all over the lucky guys in front. I was mildly surprised because he was sporting a good 9 incher with a massive mushroom head. But, you know me...once in awhile I love to bareback a good tight ass.

Friday and Saturday were low key...but then came Sunday!

Early in the evening we had planned to meet my husbands brother for dinner. That did not give me the usual Sunday afternoon time to get into trouble but I somehow found a way.

I was in the backroom and there were a few guys standing around, not doing too much.
One older bear type started talking to me and cocks were brought up. He said he was a grower and I said "ok, lets see it grow".
He pulled out a nice hefty piece and I started to suck it.
There were a few guys standing around watching and a couple tried to help out.
Since there were a few too many hands and I was not sure how long I had, I was set to head back out.
Then I see a hot shaved head guy that I know from a past job.
He is about my height, bare chested and makes a straight line over to where we are.
Out comes a good sized cock.

Ever since I first saw this guy at my old job site, I wanted to swallow his cock.
He was being sucked at first by one of the grabbers, but I manuevered him over to my mouth and started on his load.
Just as I was getting into it, I feel a hand slap my ass. I turn around and there is my husband and two of our friends.
He gives me slight nod and I go back to what I was doing.

I went back to the shaved head guy and started sucking more. I smelled the faint whiff of poppers - just a hint, but it was enough to get me deep onto his cock.
While I was feeling the head of his cock hit the back of my throat, I was also playing with the bear cock.
I look up and see that shaved head has that look of a man getting very near the edge of blowing his spooge.
There is nothing better for a cum pig than to know your husband, a group of friends and strangers are all watching you about to get iced with cum.

Soon enough the bear asks if I want his load. I am on my knees, head tilted back and say "yes!".
He starts to release his load and it is THICK. Each drop coats more of my face. Either my shaved head buddy was already edged or I performed a splendid blow job in a short time, because in less than 30 seconds of seeing my face get creamed he begins to cum.
His load is as thick and sweet as the bear. I can only lean back and let spurt after spurt after spurt hit my face.
It was on my goatee, covered my mouth and dripping on my cheeks.
I don't know how many ropes of cum he shot but it was enough that I felt like a pound of cum was smeared across.

I stood up, turned to smile at my husband - and he smiles back while telling our friend to help me clean up. Our friend tastes a bit off my cheek and says I should walk home that way.
A great idea, but we still have to meet my husband's brother for dinner.
I don't think his idea of an appetizer would be the same as mine.

So, what started out as a birthday party weekend, ended with my face being iced with two loads.
My idea of a good party.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Impaled on hung Texan cock

The street fair this weekend brought some very hot men to the city.
On Friday night the entire city was hopping and the cocks were out...I did some cock sucking, bending over and fucking hot asses.
One of my favorite local spots for getting on my knees was a virtual wall of men on Friday night.
There were asses everywhere and I was horned up enough that when this hot tight ass was done being bred by a couple of other guys, he let me add my load.
I fucked him good and hard and just let loose.

Then it was Saturday night.

We had an invite to a play party in the city. Two very good friends arranged for a private space and sent out the invites.
It was a hot party, there were some guys in slings and on the St Andrew crosses.
There were many friends and even a few guys that have seen my blog or watched me in action, so it was a hot little gathering.
Bareback seemed to be the theme for the slings and hot men were on the menu.
After a couple of hours there neither my husband or myself got off, and on our way home we decided to detour into one of the few sex clubs.

We went in, put our clothes in a locker and grabbed my bottle of poppers. I headed to the glory holes as they are in the corner and usually a good mix of guys.
It was a bit slow, but there was a very eager cock sucker and he was good. Almost too, good and I had to take a break...did not want to blow my load that early.
I took a lap around the floor, went up into the loft areas and cruised a bit.

After a short bit I was back at the glory holes and while sucking a hot cock, I turn around and see this sexy young guy walking over.
He is wearing pants (it is optional)and smiling... he knows what I like.
I reach in and pull out this hot uncut cock. He is semi flaccid and I can just dive into that foreskin with my tongue.
I suck him to a fully hard status and then turn around to present my ass.
He comes right up and slides in deep. HOT!

Well, at the nature of these places can be, we take a short break and make our rounds. Eventually I see him again and he signals that I should get into the sling.
We are in the middle of the room, so everyone will see.
I climb in, take a small hit of poppers and we start. He fucks me bareback again and while he is in there another hot guy walks over.
While my ass is being used, I turn my head to suck the newcomer. When he begins to grow I am in pig heaven. Hot uncut cock fucking one hole and a massive long cut cock buried in my other hole.
After god only knows how long my uncut top asks the other guy if he wants a go at my ass.
He walks over and puts on a condom - yes I love bareback but will never say no to a fuck.
With just the little bit of spit and ass juice, he slides right in and proceeds to open me up with his cock.
He is much larger than the first cock, and I can feel every inch stretching me out.
This new top is more aggressive and takes over.
Hard ass pounding and then he reaches under me and picks up the entire slings, pulls me forward and IMPALES me on his cock.
I was moaning and grunting with each thrust.
He was a power top and I really did not know how that poor condom was going to hold up. He would pull almost all the way out, shove in and power fuck my ass.
After fucking me relentlessly for what felt like an hour (and at least two more of those impalings)he slid out and let the uncut guy back in.

The uncut guy fucks me for awhile and I suck the impaler, and by this time I am just oozing my own pre cum all over the place.
With the grunt and moan of an orgasm, the uncut cock unloads right into my ass.
The impaler knows that I just got bred and he also says "hot!".
Since I know he is a safety boy and I want his cum, I asked impaler if he would like to shoot his load on my face.
He says "if you keep sucking me I will"...well, hell YES!
I tell him that if he blows a load, I will shoot mine right after. That gets him as excited as me and we go at it.
I start sucking while lying there and quickly he lets me know it is time.
His first spurt was THICK, heavy and landed on my face. I know there were a few more ropes of cum flying out and my face was covered.
I started stroking my cock. Almost instantly I can feel my balls pulling up and I start to shoot.
Another guy standing to my left and when my first shot flew, he was on my cock to swallow the rest.

Needless to say, I was a complete cum pig in spooge heaven. We both went over to clean up and chat a bit.
Some days it can so fucking hot to let a safety boy plow your ass.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two aussie boys...watersports and bareback

It was a hot summer day in the city and we had met some friends for a going away party.
The bar had an outdoor patio so everyone was enjoying the sun and cocktails.
As the crowd was winding down, we headed up the street to another favorite location.
Usually we go here on Sundays but I said we should check it out.

As we were talking to a friend we all saw these two hot guys walk in.
They headed to the area I like to be on my knees, so of course I had to follow and see what I could manage to find.
Well, right off the bat the first one introduces himself and says he is on holiday from Australia (love those accents) and then introduces his partner.
My friend got to the point and asked the partner if he would mind having his cock sucked.
He said it was up to his other half...ok, we asked.
And we were told that this guy has a cock that could be modeled....hmmmmm, intriguing.

Since we had the ok, we got his cock out and started a long cock sucking session.
My friend started him off and then we traded back and forth.
Over the course of a few hours - yes we were there for awhile and cocks were out the whole time - we had the pleasure of getting him and his partner rock hard a few times.
Everyone was having fun, and at one point the talk got around to needing to pee. Well, as my husband knows, that is not my first choice of cock juice but in the right crowd and the right cock I am on my knees.
The first partner had to pee and instead of making him leave the crowd, I took it.
He was very nice about stopping the flow so that I could swallow it all, and then he would let it blast again until my mouth was full.
I got at least 4 mouth fulls of piss and only once did we miss the timing and it shot all over my shirt and face...which was really HOT.

After so much cock sucking, piss play and just good ole fun we had the "model cock" hard again and he was in the mood for some ass.
We all know how much I like a spit lubed cock shoved up my ass.
I sucked and slobbered on his cock to get it nice and slick and then I spit in my hand and bent over.
He came up right behind me and slid right in.
This cock was cut, thick and I would guess it to be close to 9 inches - all bonus points in my book.

So there I am with one cock shoved up my ass, a room full of guys watching and cocks out being stroked.
This story does not end with any cum loads - the boys landed in the morning and had been up for almost 30 hours, so we all knew they needed some rest....but these boys are returning at the end of the week for the street festival we have - all leather men, from all around the world and SEX SEX SEX.
I intend to wear only an apron, no jock and my harness boots to the fair - along with a bottle of poppers and some lube of course.

During the week I also had an email from a very hot red head here in the city that has seen my Xtube videos and wants to give me his load of cum.
That will be shared after we meet up, and I hope it is this coming week.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cocks from the past return for a huge facial

I decided to head up to the bookstore and glory hole booths today, and boy am I glad I did.
It has been a bit of a quiet week and today was a smorgasbord of repeat cocks.

First off I see the business suit guy that always chews minty gum. He likes to have me lick his balls and completely deep throat his cock. I like the feel of his mushroom head hitting the back of my throat.
After I have gotten him rock hard he will stroke himself with a bit of spit from himself...and that makes his cock taste fresh and minty! This is always refreshing because in the past I have had the displeasure of sucking a cock that had apparently already been in a smokers mouth.
I used to smoke and can appreciate the desire but it taste like shit on a cock and that is not a good thing (bareback cock from a clean ass is a nice snack on occasion).
Every time I see this guy, I can just walk into a vacant booth and he follows, then I get on my knees.
Most days it takes a few minutes of intense stroking and sucking but he ALWAYS has a thick load. Today was no exception and when he shot I pushed it back into my throat.
Sometimes, like today, it is so thick that I choke a bit and then I try not to cough...can't have that going to waste.

After I was finished with him I opened a booth and inside was a cock from the past.
This guy has a THICK cock and we used to meet up regularly at lunch in a hotel tearoom. My best memory of that tearoom is the time I took 6 loads on my face. This guy was one of them. The bathrooms were all marble tile and in one particular one you can see the entire bathroom from the stalls. On that day, there were 5 other guys and we all recognized each other.
Once we knew the plan, I got on my knees outside of my stall. At the time I wore a shirt and tie to work, so I took those off and just started sucking cocks.
While I was down there sucking, the others were stroking and watching...and then once the first one started to shoot they all began to blow.
The thick cock I saw today was one of the last to cum and he shot a final cum drenching shot.

So now that I told you about him...on to today. He was in a booth and I went in.
Long story short, he was getting blown for about 5 minutes and then said he wanted to take a break. Okay, no problem.
While I was heading out, thinking that he would be ready long after I was gone, I ran into my blond park buddy...the one with the HUGE cock that meets me there often.
He is thick and hung but he really loves to see me sucking other guys and then cumming on me afterwards.
He and I talked and he headed his way. The staff were really pushing people into the booths so I took a break to step outside. I sent him a note that I was in the mood for his cock if he wanted me to swallow. He sent a note to meet him back downstairs.
As I was walking around I see him in a booth. And guess who was in there with him..
The hung cock from my past!! BONUS

So now there we are, three to a booth and two of the largest cocks I could want all for myself.
My blond buddy pulled my mouth onto the other guy and I went down for it all. I can deep throat him but the thickness can be a bitch. Like a champ though I kept at it.
Blond buddy was stroking himself and every once in awhile I would switch and suck him.
After quite awhile, and some heavy sweating we were taking the thick cock to the edge and getting him closer to blowing.
My blond buddy told the guy to shoot it all over my face. At that point I unbuttoned my shirt and leaned back.
He started stroking hard and my buddy tilted my head back to catch it all.
I shut my eyes since I knew from past experience that he shoots MASSIVE cum.
Sure enough I felt this thick drop hit my forehead and then the ropes just started flying. Some hit my goatee, some on my cheeks, some near my get the picture.

After he was fully drained my buddy said that I love cum and the guy from the past commented that he remembered me from the hotel tearoom and was looking forward to it.
As we left, I gave him my number and told him that if he wants a repeat sometime I am up for it.
Damn, I love walking through the city with cum drying on my face.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Years of foreplay payoff

Over the years there has been a hot guy standing in the door way of a business for each Folsom and Dore Alley fair.
I see him, walk over and say hello..then I swallow his cock down to the base and give him a quick taste of what I can do.
Each time we both say that it is necessary to get together and really let me at his cock.

Well, last week he and I finally set up a time to complete the deed.
Click here for the link to the video

He sent me a text me and I walked down the location. We met out front and then I took him inside. The entire bathroom was empty, as it usually is.
We headed for the largest stall and I proceeded to work. He was already sporting a hard on, and I just unzipped and let it out.
Seeing him once only sporadically I was not prepared for the straight, hard cock that was hanging in front of me.
He was looking forward to this blow job as much as me (for the record, next time he is sucking me off).

I started out with the head and deep throating the shaft. I always love to feel a cock buried and he lets me do that each time we see each other, so I knew it would feel good.
I did have a bit of gag reflex on this day, but I was also going further than I had in the past with him.
There are those cocks that are so hard they just stick out, and you can impale yourself without needing to hold it...he was like that but I was enjoying stoking his shaft. He also had some very thick full balls that I would cup and hold.
Stroking his shaft and sucking the rest of it was amazing...I like those that you can have a fist full of cock and enough left over to see and taste.

Eventually some people came in so we tried to be quiet but I did not stop.

At that point I was ready for a huge load, there was pre cum flowing from both of us. I was wearing a T- shirt, so I took it off and got back to sucking.
Piston fucking my mouth onto his cock, stroking the shaft and using my tongue with each thrust.
I like to tease the head each time it leaves my mouth and while I have it there. His cock had a head on it that I could just catch on the tip of my tongue and he seemed to enjoy that.

After more than five minutes of intense cock sucking and deep throating, I could tell it was time.
He took over stroking his cock and I got underneath to let him blow. His face got an intense look and then he shot!
The first few cum spurts hit my face, goatee and mouth. Another hit my eye, the risk you take..and then I felt more hit my back as they shot over my shoulder.
My mouth had a nice coating of cum and he took the camera to even capture the stray shot on my back.

I licked my lips and pulled most of his load into my mouth, letting the remainder stay in my goatee. Nothing better than being able to taste a guy on your lips as his cum slowly works its way down via gravity into your mouth while walking down the street.

We both exited the stall, no one was around and we washed up.
Outside we said goodbye and agreed that my load was his the next time. I have his permission to post the entire episode to Xtube.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sucking a new buddy for Pride

It is pride weekend in the city and of course that means locals and visitors are out for some hot action.
We started out Sunday with a brunch at a buddies apartment.
This is one of the tall friends we have that has also been mentioned in some of the backroom posts.
He invited a group of friends and when we arrived it was apparent that I had sucked or been fucked, maybe even fucked more than a few of them.
That of course is never a problem.

During the brunch, one of the guys threw out a challenge and I had to get down and suck his cock in front of everyone. We were not out to get him off, he just wanted me to suck and he took a pic on his phone to send back to his partner.
That started the day on a very positive note!

After walking around and seeing the crowds we headed off to have drinks and see friends. One of our local hang outs was crowded but not exactly action packed. We decided to head over to a couple of other spots and see what we could find.
At a spot that I normally don't find any cocks we did see one hot prospect.
I was talking with my husband and one of his co-workers when they pointed out that this guy seemed to be fondling himself and might be up for something.
Well, you know that I always follow directions and like to be friendly.

I headed over to where this guy was, and took my time checking it out. Indeed, he was stroking a very impressive cock through his shorts.
Once I determined that he was watching me I headed over.
I grabbed his bulge and felt a VERY impressive thick cock. After feeling him up for a few moments I went for the zipper.
He was a bit shy at first. He was rock hard and a complete hand full of cock. Nice large mushroom head, and some very hefty balls.
When I had stroked his cock a few times I just had to bend over and take a taste. He slid at least seven inches of cock in my mouth.
He was reaching down for my cock, so I took it out and he began to stroke me.

There were a couple of other guys there but we were basically in a corner by ourselves. I could see my husband and his friends, they were smiling and knew that I was doing just fine.
My buddy and I kept up some slow stroking. I could feel some pre cum leaking out and used it to work my hand around the head of his cock.
He was possibly uncut, there was quite a bit of skin to use and work around even though he was rock solid.
I bent over to take another taste of his leaking cock and to lube it up with my spit.

He was enjoying the cock play and working on my nipples a bit. I could sense him getting close and he said the he should hold off.
I asked if he had to hold off or just wanted to. He was getting thicker with each stroke.
I knew that I could get a load if he was standing up, but we also did not want to draw attention by moving.
When he kept smiling and the pre cum began to flow more I told him that if he came, I would swallow it all and not let it waste.
Well, it was only moments before he said it was close and before I could get my mouth down he shot the first load.
It hit him on the stomach and I went straight down to catch the rest.
He was a large cummer, and what did not go in my mouth was also pooling around his hand and balls.
Hot fresh cum - pooling and just waiting to be swallowed. I licked up as much as I could and he let his cum soaked cock slide into my mouth to get every last drop of cum.
We looked up and my husband was heading over.

I was licking the last drops of the load off of my hand and fingers, then we zipped up and buttoned up.
Now that my husband was there, introductions were made and we all sat back to relax.
My buddy mentioned that he may be back in town so I gave him my contact info.
About ten minutes later, he was standing up and I started to feel him up again. He got hard instantly.
Hmmm, what to do?

To be continued...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thick cocked tasty cub in the stall

Last week my laptop died, so it has been awhile for posting even though I have had some hot loads in the shopping district.
Today I had one that was quick but very good.

I went into one of the tearooms and found the end stall was open. There were guys in about four of the other stalls, so there was no real way of knowing who was doing what.
I figured I would take a chance and before I could even lower my shorts and jack strap I caught the guy sneeking a peak through the back of the stall. That told me all I needed to know.
I was able to see more of him and was ready to suck him off until a homeless freak started banging on the door. Luckily the other guy saw that it was a no win situation and we both headed out.
Not being sure if he was leaving or just intersted in moving to another spot I waited in the hallway. When he came out, we made eye contact and I proceeded to the closest store. He was behind me but when I entered the bathroom there was a janitor there.
I waited a moment at the sinks and then the other guy came in.

In the last tearoom I only saw his lower legs, but while walking I saw that he was late 20's to early 30's, beard and wearing a button down shirt with khakis...a hot little cub.

Once he came into the bathroom I heard him go into a stall. These stalls have 3/4 doors but no understall connections. I had already seen which were empty and headed down to the one with a shut door.
Sure enough it was not locked so I started to walk in. He moved aside and I got into a squat position on the toilet. That way if anyone did look under the door they would only see one pair of shoes.
He pulled out a thick cut cock with a smooth mushroom head. Damn, that was a hot little mouthful.
I bent over and took it all into my mouth.
He had eyed my crotch so I stood up and pulled my cock out. He started to stroke my cock while I went back to sucking his.
You know how much I like young thick cocks and this guy was rock hard and ready.
We heard some people outside the stall so I just kept sucking and not making any noise. His stroking was getting my pre cum flowing and I could taste his on my tongue.
I was cupping his hairy balls and wrapping my hand around them and the shaft to get every inch of him in my throat. His cock was easily over 7 inches and I wanted to get at least 8 inches in me.

It is always great to suck off a guy that knows tearoom etiquette and how to be guiet but still have fun. While he was in my mouth I felt the shaft start to expand.
I shoved his cock entirely in my mouth and could feel it filling with his cum. I was able to taste it, there was so much shooting into my mouth and down my throat.
I swallowed to allow more room and let him finish off. Once I felt him start to go soft I pulled back. His cock was pointing right at my face and I gave it a good all over licking to clean off his mushroom head.

We both put our cocks back into our pants/shorts and he opened the door to walk out. I waited a moment and followed.
The bathroom was empty...another successfull cum sucking afternoon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fuck, that cock was worth the wait!

This morning I was on a social network website and I got a message from a friend. This guy is an extremely hot man and we have previously chatted back and forth. Over the past year we have actually become friends but I still thought he was hot as fucking hell, and the pictures I saw made my mouth water.
So you know what had to happen when he was nearby and in the mood.

There was a short discussion of where to meet. We decided on a nearby bathroom that is private - I wanted to be on my knees without interruption.

He texted me when he arrived and told me the location. I headed right over.
To be sure we were secure, I told him that I would do a certain signal and he could unlock the door. When I arrived there was one guy heading out, and the second he left I headed over to the designated stall.
When he opened the door I was looking at one of the largest cocks I have seen.
Based on what I knew, it was to be expected that it would be a mouth stretcher but this went beyond that.
Cut, about 10 inches long and at leat 6 inches around with a full head just protuding out there, waiting for my mouth.
I put my hand on it - of course it was difficult to get my hand all the way around, and got on my knees.

There I was, face to face with a massive cock - I leaned forward and just had to take as much of that cock as I could.
As you know I like to suck, and pride myself on being able to get a cock down my throat until the balls are bouncing on my goatee. This was a cock that was going to stretch every hole imaginable.
I started out sucking and attempting to take it all. Yes, I did say attempt - this cock was that large. I was actually only able to get about 90% of his cock into my mouth.
Since we were in a tearoom stall, we were trying to be extra quiet.
After a few minutes of deep throat sucking we heard another person come in. I went into quiet mode and started working on the shaft and head.
I love a huge cock that requires some extra effort to get it all the way down my throat.
Being quiet can be hot but the longer we were there, the harder I found it to be quiet...I just wanted to swallow every inch and let the spit and slurping take over.
Eventually my buddy was working on my nipples while I was on his cock.
My shirt was unbuttoned more with each stroke and he was tweaking my
know what that did to me.
If we had a bottle of poppers I may have been able to get the head of his cock completely buried down my throat but with my nipples being worked I was giving it everything I had.

Not much later I found that my friend was playing my ass a bit. To give him a bit more leeway I stood up and kept working his cock while he started playing with my ass.
It got to the point that I knew his massive cock was going to try and enter my ass.
I turned to the side and let him finger my ass. Then I felt the head pressing against my hole.
Now, remember that I have only sucked his cock to this point and I had no lube. We both determined that spit would work.
He gave one good spit into his hand, grabbed his cock with it and started nudging my hole. I knew it was going to be tight so I also tried to add my spit to my asshole.
My ass was lined up for his cock and he started pushing in. My eyes were ready to roll back and I took a deep breath..and then he pushed into my ass.
It was fucking tight!
I had to breath again and let him push a few more inches in.
By this time I was breathing and could feel my ass being stretched!
We got him half way in and it was time to get more lube. My ass was up in the air, I was holding onto the wall and I was working my hole down around his cock. It took us a few seconds but we got him buried to the hilt.
Then he started to fuck me - FUCKING HOT. I love an awesome deepthroat but a huge cock barebacking me in a bathroom is intense.
I felt my hole stretched around and with just spit it was nice and tight.
We then heard someone come in and they had a speaker phone. I am not sure if my buddy thought security, but we both slowed a bit. As we heard the guy talking, it was clear he was just using his cell phone. So my buddy began to pick up the pace and I felt his cock get harder - he had softened just a bit when we heard voices but now it was rock hard once again.
He was ready to use my ass and I was ready to let him do whatever he wanted - he was in charge of this scene.
Anytime you are without lube it can get to be a challenge and I looked back once to see him aim a wad of spit onto his cock while impaling me. Very hot and it was just the right amount to grease the hole for more cock.
As he started entering me harder and getting thicker (yes, this is one of those cocks you feel each pulse as it throbs) I knew it was only a matter of time.
The breathing got heavier and I knew it was time to get his load in my ass.

The first spurt must have been intense because I felt the shaft expand and then it was throbbing with each spurt.
After he finally finished loading up my hole, he let himself slowly deflate enough to slide out.
Fucking hot - there was still about 9 inches of semi hard cock jutting out from his body, he just does not get smaller.

This guy is a sweet guy in addition to being a hot fucker. He offered to help me get off, since I was close to blowing my load with his cock buried in my ass.
He opened my shirt a bit more and gave my nipple some more attention. I started stroking my cock and he licked his finger, grabbed my right nipple and also licked and chewed on my left one.
I told him to go a bit harder and then I was ready to blast. I tried to keep it from hitting the floor so I aimed my cock up and let the load run down my fingers.

We got ourselves back together and headed out.
Whew - I just love a hot scene with a friend that can end with two creamy loads being shot.

We had talked about my love of cum and cock in the past and after that scene, anytime he asks and is in need of relief I will be right there.