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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Construction worker uncut load

Ok, this was not a porn fantasy...thank god it was real and oh so fuckin tasty.

I had such a nice lunch yesterday that I figured I would see if it was worth another shot at the tearoom.
While going to the building you notice that there is some major construction/renovation going on and scaffolding is all over the entrance and in the elevator lobby.
I took the elevator to the floor I wanted and went into to the it was empty but it was lunch time so I was set to give it about 15 minutes before I left.

After about 5 minutes I hear the door open and I see a pair of well worn and very used work boots under the stall.
Obviously from the looks of it, one of the construction guys needed to take a leak and this was one of the only unlocked bathrooms.
Oh well, I figure that yesterday was good so I should not be too upset.
Well, after he was done he did something I did NOT expect - he walked past my stall and stood there.
You and I both know what that means and sure enough I could tell he was standing there checking me out with his pants undone.

Knowing that timing is everything, I opened the stall door and showed him my rock hard cock.
This guy was early 40's, scruffy and sporting facial hair. The clothes were all construction worker gear from the heavy work shirt to the dusty boots... AND he was sporting a heft uncut cock!

I took no time at all and just went down on my knees and swallowed his cock.
Since he was sweaty from an obvious morning of work and he just took a leak there was that tell-tale musky scent of foreskin.

I looked up and he was keeping an eye on the door and holding my head down on his cock at the same time.
Obviously he was horned up as it was not long before he was rock hard and breathing hard.
We both knew it was best not to take too long.
Once he was rock hard I deep throated and used my throat to work a nice load out.
I was going all the way to his balls, tasting that musky foreskin and feeling his hard ass at the same time.
His foreskin just covered the edge of a nice mushroom head and slid back easily each time his cock was going down my throat.
Meanwhile he was keeping my head from coming too far off his cock and soon enough he was letting out a moan and instantly my mouth was flooded with hot sperm.
After a good four or five shots he let me pull back and I used my tongue and lips to milk the last of his cum out.

He stepped back and I stood up.
We were done and he headed back to whatever section of the building he may have come from and I went back to the office with his spooge still on my lips.


J said...

so hot, now i must go jerk

Anonymous said...

very hot Mr:) i wanna see more vids from you, they're totally horny! :)