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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Young, hung and uncut

There must be something in the air today or it is just that the sun is out after so long.
Anyway, earlier I had an email asking about feeding me a load..which led me to want to get out and go shopping.
After I got back to the computer he had emailed again.
Since there was so much lag time I chalked it up to one of those times when the other guy really wanted it and already finished.

I had told him of a place nearby with large stalls for some privacy since he was a horny 27 yr old "bi discreet guy".
He wanted me in the handicap stall with the door unlocked.
This time of day it should be no problem I told him, so we arranged to meet up.
He lives or works by me so it was a quick meeting.

I got to the tearoom, and it was empty - perfect.

Not a minute later he shows up and enters the unlocked stall.
Dark hair, baseball cap, backpack and those baggy jeans the younger crowd likes.
He did not say how large he was or that he was uncut.
You know I was smiling when his pants went down and out of his boxers came that foreskin.
He was soft and right away I went to work on the foreskin and pulling the shaft down to work it all with my tongue and throat.
Soon enough he was getting bigger and thicker.

After a few minutes he reached full hard on and I back off to admire the full size.
Just that perfect amount of skin to barely cover the head - just what I lilke.
And the girth - that was amazing how large he grew.
He was probably 7x5 and a nice slight up curve.
Now that he was fully hard I began to suck the way I think uncut should be...taking it all down the throat and on the upslide using the mouth and tongue to work the foreskin up, down and all around.
He got into the rythym and we started fucking my throat with his cock and I had my nose buried against his stomach.
From the sounds he was making, I don't think either many guys can take him all the way down repeatedly or they don't use the whole cock and foreskin.
There were some real hot moans and I just had to pull my own cock out.

Pounding his uncut cock down my throat for 5 minutes was getting some heavy pre cum out of him and I started working his shaft with my hand and staying near the head.
He let out some more moans and I knew this would get him close.
Too soon for me but after some awesome sucking he told me he was ready to shoot.
Young cum is sweet and from a hot uncut cock is even better!

I swallowed the entire load and took my time cleaning the head and shaft off for him before he put it away and headed out.

Quick load and the PA - two for one shopping

I had some free time today and since it has been awhile I took a walk over to the shopping area and planned to get some lunch.
As I was going in I see a hot little "construction worker" type on his way out. In the past we have both been stroking at the urinals and he has seen me suck guys off. Right away, he smiled and turned around so we took ourselves into the tearoom.
It was totally empty and he pulled out his soft but thick cock. I pulled mine out and we started stroking each other.
In the past I have not had time to suck him off, even though he smiles and he has shot a load with me watching.
You know how I hate to that cum wasted down the drain.

Today I was in the mood and he was getting firmer in my hand. I leaned over and said "You don't like to get sucked though, do you?"
He nodded his head and said "YES!"
Well that was all it took.
I got on my knees and swallowed his hard cock. It actually got thicker and longer while in my mouth. What started out as 6 inches soft grew to over 8...I do love those hung men when I am lucky enough to swallow it.
Every time he shoots it is a huge thick load and I was really hoping no one was going to walk in.
He may have been there for awhile jacking off, because it was not long before he was beyond rock hard.
After only a couple of minutes he said "I am going to cum."
Well, I had my mouth full and was not willing to lose a drop now that I had him buried down my throat, so I just nodded my head and gave him a hummer to say let it fly.
Boy, did he!
Thick, hot, sweet tasting and it just kept going so I shoved his spurting cock further down and used my throat to milk out the last drop.
He pulled out and squeezed one final drop out and I lick the head clean.
We went to the sinks and washed up - and no one walked in the entire time...perfect tearoom.

I still had to get food so I head towards the food court...and see an older blond man that has fed me at the theater glory holes.
He has a nice sized PA and also shoot some thick white cum.
Since he saw me I watched to see where he would go. He went to a retail store and I knew where he was headed.
After I got into the bathroom I saw him at the urinal.
There was no one around but this place is too quiet for me to get on my knees. I gestured to the stalls and he nodded yes.

I went into the middle stall, shut the door and sat. I pulled out my cock, put one leg on the toilet dispenser and my other leg curled in my lap. No one was going to be able to see me sucking a load out.
He undid his trousers (for some reason suit pants are trousers to me) and out came that PA.
Thick cock, hefty full balls and a pair of white boxers...a nice package over all.
No sooner was that cock in my mouth and he was tweaking his nipples.
We could hear a guy taking the next stall but there was no way for him to see me. I pride myself on being able to swallow a large cock and be silent when required.
My buddy knew I was good for the long haul and he just let me work it. A few times I would pull off to play with the PA. So many guys freak out on them and they are fun to play with.
We both knew I was set to swallow every drop and when I could tell he was getting close I let him take over stroking.

I positioned my mouth under in the anticipation that if he shot fast I wanted to get it all.
My preferred cock load is down my throat but a hot facial is tasty as well and as you all know.
He stroked that hard cock and when it was time to cum he pushed back into my mouth.
Perfect! I could feel that massive thick cum spewing out.
When he was done I swallowed the mouth full and let him slide out of my mouth. I took the time to clean up the PA and get every last drop.

I do love shopping in San Francisco.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

First day on my feet = Underwear party and massive cocks

Ok, so this will combine two days for reasons that become apparent in a moment.

Friday afternoon my husband returned from a business trip to LA and it was my first entire day with no cane or crutches since the accident Dec 26.
I wanted to have a night on the town so we met up with friends for after work cocktails in a local bar.
It was not crowded but with the time change it was nice and sunny. After walking around we saw friends over by the windows. One had his shirt off and coerced mine off of me.
That led to the nipple rings being available for playing....and there was talk of who was largest and of course we all know me and I had a fellow cock sucker in the group.
Naturally we had to test each one and indeed there were some above average sizes in our little group.
Cocks were sucked and in the course of being on my knees I got a quick taste of our bear friend's large cock. He is on a local sports team and usually the crowd is friends and his team mates so we never get to enjoy my favorite sport.

Now skip to today - we got notified of an underwear party taking place in the afternoon and I put on my favorite white jock...yes, the one in many of the videos as I it is my favorite cum catching precum saver.
We show up at the location and it takes awhile for the party to get started ( some straight girls decided they simply had to have a birthday party and nothing kills it for me and my friends then a screaming group of school girls getting drunk and trying to join in - sorry but NO!).
Once the band of women left it got going!
I have never seen so many of our friends in jocks and ready to play - yeah!

Of course there are guys in this group that either read this or just know me and Xtube. Most also know that I thrive in theses group settings on my knees.
While I did have a few good tastes and gropes in the first half hour, I finally found a group of guys in t-shirts and jeans but they were watching all of the cocksuckers and I like a challenge.
One very HOT guy was in a blue shirt and jeans. One of his friends standing nearby is known to me quite well and I am familiar with his thick cock. Everyone was drinking so it was just a matter of reaching up and undoing the jeans of the guy I wanted.

Out came this 9 inch semi hard mushroom head cock - all I could was let me jaw drop and open wide!

He was rock hard faster than I could get down on my knees. This was going to be good slow suck and I was not about to get back up until someone cums.
His cock was not only long but the girth was enough to completely fill my mouth.
He obviously likes a good deep throat as he found his rhythm once he discovered that I was not only adept at swallowing it with just a bit of gag but I also WANTED to swallow it down to his balls.
That cock was using the throat slime and spit and really working my skills when a flash camera went off...everyone froze since it was unexpected and he pulled out. Both of us were equally upset that a good rhythm was broke so once the coast was clear he pulled the cock out again.
With everyone seeing me on my knees and that huge cock sliding in and out of my mouth it caused a few more guys to join in.

Now it was time to get serious and get down to letting this guy feed me a load. I took his rock hard thick cock and went to town. He liked having his balls worked on and was using my left hand to fondle, pull and grope his nuts while letting him fuck the hell out of throat.
You know I love finding those guys that are thicker than most and love to get a slow long suck until they bust a load.
This guy was in it for the long haul and we both knew it.
I kept the cock swallowing and ball working going and after about 10 minutes. Once in awhile I would be stroking his cock with my spit and look up - he was smiling and the crowd was either sporting wood or stroking.
Suddenly I hear a guy ask he can shoot his load on my face. OK!
He is behind me so I lean back and he shoots but some goes on my face and the rest down my shoulder. The smell of cum is in the air and I love it.
Back to my cock feeder and the crowd....At one point a friend and fellow cock whore pig was brought over. He and my cock feeder knew each other and his uncut cock was not only put in my mouth but I was able to look up and see that the bear friend from Friday night was back.

It was finally time for the my buddy to let his load fly. He was stroking his cock hard while I was enjoying the cocks around us.
The second I knew the cum was going to erupt out of that mushroom head I got in position and he let it go.
On my face, in my mouth and shot onto my tongue. It was awesome and one of those rare loads that I love to work out from beginning to end at our leisure (as leisurely as you can in a group of cocks and cum).

Our bear friend from Friday night was rock hard and right there at the same time so I leaned over and sucked him off...he was just out of sport practice and had that musky sweat of a jock.
He shot his load down my throat and filled my mouth.
So HOT to have a 15 minute deep throat load and then finish off a hot friend.

I was ready for a cocktail ( I don't smoke or that would have been the time to step out have one!) and my husband got me one.
There was still cocks out and we found a visitor that was heading home to the Middle East in a few hours apparently and he had not shot a load.
I got in front of him, pulled out his cock and my husband got in position behind.
Between the two of us he reached the point of no return. He was quiet and a bit shy so when I felt the shack swell and started tasting cum I realized he was shooting all of that pent up spooge down my throat.
No problem, I was ready to swallow it instead of a facial and it was a thick one.

After that it was time to head home for dinner. I did not have time to wash the cum off my face and asked it was obvious. My husband looked me over and said it was fine.
One the way home we decided to eat out and at the restaurant I went in to wash my hands and there was a spot of obviously dried cum by my left eye.
Oops, wash it off and go back to the table....end of story.

For those that have followed the ski accident - Friday night after the cock showing happy hour we ran into our friend that took me on the infamous run and he asked if I would ever ski with him again - I said hell yeah!
I had as much fun on that ski run as I do sucking cock and now that I can do both I intend to!