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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick load and the PA - two for one shopping

I had some free time today and since it has been awhile I took a walk over to the shopping area and planned to get some lunch.
As I was going in I see a hot little "construction worker" type on his way out. In the past we have both been stroking at the urinals and he has seen me suck guys off. Right away, he smiled and turned around so we took ourselves into the tearoom.
It was totally empty and he pulled out his soft but thick cock. I pulled mine out and we started stroking each other.
In the past I have not had time to suck him off, even though he smiles and he has shot a load with me watching.
You know how I hate to that cum wasted down the drain.

Today I was in the mood and he was getting firmer in my hand. I leaned over and said "You don't like to get sucked though, do you?"
He nodded his head and said "YES!"
Well that was all it took.
I got on my knees and swallowed his hard cock. It actually got thicker and longer while in my mouth. What started out as 6 inches soft grew to over 8...I do love those hung men when I am lucky enough to swallow it.
Every time he shoots it is a huge thick load and I was really hoping no one was going to walk in.
He may have been there for awhile jacking off, because it was not long before he was beyond rock hard.
After only a couple of minutes he said "I am going to cum."
Well, I had my mouth full and was not willing to lose a drop now that I had him buried down my throat, so I just nodded my head and gave him a hummer to say let it fly.
Boy, did he!
Thick, hot, sweet tasting and it just kept going so I shoved his spurting cock further down and used my throat to milk out the last drop.
He pulled out and squeezed one final drop out and I lick the head clean.
We went to the sinks and washed up - and no one walked in the entire time...perfect tearoom.

I still had to get food so I head towards the food court...and see an older blond man that has fed me at the theater glory holes.
He has a nice sized PA and also shoot some thick white cum.
Since he saw me I watched to see where he would go. He went to a retail store and I knew where he was headed.
After I got into the bathroom I saw him at the urinal.
There was no one around but this place is too quiet for me to get on my knees. I gestured to the stalls and he nodded yes.

I went into the middle stall, shut the door and sat. I pulled out my cock, put one leg on the toilet dispenser and my other leg curled in my lap. No one was going to be able to see me sucking a load out.
He undid his trousers (for some reason suit pants are trousers to me) and out came that PA.
Thick cock, hefty full balls and a pair of white boxers...a nice package over all.
No sooner was that cock in my mouth and he was tweaking his nipples.
We could hear a guy taking the next stall but there was no way for him to see me. I pride myself on being able to swallow a large cock and be silent when required.
My buddy knew I was good for the long haul and he just let me work it. A few times I would pull off to play with the PA. So many guys freak out on them and they are fun to play with.
We both knew I was set to swallow every drop and when I could tell he was getting close I let him take over stroking.

I positioned my mouth under in the anticipation that if he shot fast I wanted to get it all.
My preferred cock load is down my throat but a hot facial is tasty as well and as you all know.
He stroked that hard cock and when it was time to cum he pushed back into my mouth.
Perfect! I could feel that massive thick cum spewing out.
When he was done I swallowed the mouth full and let him slide out of my mouth. I took the time to clean up the PA and get every last drop.

I do love shopping in San Francisco.

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