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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A quick threesome in the booth - two huge cocks, one load

I waited until I could get the pictures to go along since this a short post.

The other day after getting a load while shopping I was really hungry and it was HOT as hell out so I went to the booths.
Right away I ran into the blonde guy that fed me in the park way back when I first started blogging.
It was while showing the pictures of my cum covered face to my husband that we came up with the idea of sharing it all...after all there is no reason not to be proud of being a cock sucking cum whore.

So...I saw my buddy and he says he is horny as hell. I told him that I brought my video camera. He really wants to see me service another hung cock and then take as many loads as we can find me. And he also likes the video aspect.
Unfortunately this was one of those days when the staff are being pushy and the guys are being wishy washy.
As we were discussing leaving I see a guy walk down that he says is hot.
I had chatted with this new guys a few years ago in addition to seeing him around town often.
My blonde buddy told me to go into the glory hole booth and let this guy see me go in. In the meantime he was going trolling for another cock to join us.
The first person to open the door was my buddy and then the new guy opened the door.
He was shutting the door thinking that we were busy but I pushed it open and motioned for him to join us.
He smiled and walk in.
Right away I got on my knees and pulled out both cocks. The new guy was also thick and hung. Cut with a bit of a mushroom head but THICK and long. Perfect for me to deep throat and feel it all.
To be fair I went down on the new guy first - it just grew thicker. After a couple of minutes there I went back to the blonde and then went back and forth.
It was not long before our new buddy said he was ready to cum.
I got into position under his cock and let him shoot. His cum was nice and thick, just the type to coat a lip and goatee so well.
I never care whether the guy cums quickly or takes almost 30 minutes - it is all about him enjoying it and going away with a smile, as I always say.

After he left the booth I handed the camera to my blonde buddy and while the cum was still on my lips I sucked him for a bit.
He was not ready to cum so we cut off the video and went in search of more cock.
Alas, I had to get back to the office and he had a friend waiting at the @pple store.
Enjoy the pics and video.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A nice quick one while shopping

It was so damn hot in the city today that we shut down the office early.
That just meant that I had the opportunity to head to the shopping center and find me some hot cock.

I headed straight to the tearoom and noticed that one of the stalls was open. As I was going in a cute young blond guy came out of the end stall.
We made eye contact and before I could even shut my stall door he had done a U -turn and headed back to his.
To me that meant one thing only...he was ready to play too.
Right away I got into position and could see was also stroking already.
There was still a few people hanging around so I did not get on my knees but he took the time to come over and check out what I had in my hand.
He also let me see his cock - about 8 inches, not too thick but a great uncut piece. I was hungry for that foreskin.
I could see one guy outside my stall but he was checking us out and I knew he was fine. The blond was shoving his cock underneath so I could grab it and at the same time he was reaching under to stroke me. He grabbed my cock with a very lubed hand and got me pretty close to shooting.
Once there was no one else around but the third guy I got down and offered my mouth.
He took the break in traffic to shove his cock into my mouth. I swallowed every inch of his cock and could feel him get thicker.
Not too long and he was telling me he was ready to cum. I shook my head to say "yes, let me have it". He pulled out and aimed for my mouth - he was a long distance shooter and I got a good five shots in my mouth and then leaned down a bit to let the rest him my lips and goatee.
I could feel how thick it was on my lips... and that is when we heard the door open.
We both got back into our stalls. I could feel that huge wad of cum with my tongue, so I savored it before opening the door to head out.
At the sinks we both smiled and then we left. In the hallway I asked if he was visiting. He said yes and I heard an accent. I am not good at placing accents but I will go with Australia in my mind.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Blonde meets me in the bathroom and feeds me

Awhile back I happened upon a very large, very hefty cock attached to a hot blonde guy in the video booths.
We taped the action that time and I gave him my contact info in case he wanted to do it again sometime...he did and we did.

With it being Good Friday and me not being a very religious individual I was happy to get out of the office early.
Earlier in the day I had an email asking it the afternoon would work. Once I knew the office was closing I got in touch and we arranged to meet up at a private bathroom stall I know of near the office.

Ironically, my directions were not superb and I got a message saying "where are you?" as he had gone to the other bathroom.
No problem, I told him to wait and I went over. I think the holiday kept some of the usual foot traffic down so we had the entire place to ourselves.
My buddy took the bus over from north of town and was edging himself on the ride...hence, when he got there it was raring to go!
We took his cock out and I asked if he wanted to tape this scene and he said yes - so I handed him the video cam and got started.
He was semi firm but also warned me that to avoid the head at first because a guy was watching him on the bus ride.
Ok, I am fine starting at the bottom and working on those cum filled balls!

This particular buddy really gets into the sound of deep throat pushing the limits and with his cock that is NOT a problem.
The mushroom head goes down the throat and you just can't help but feel it and have it hit the back.
Usually I prefer to control the reflex to gag a bit and keep it quiet, but it was hot to know we were completely alone and I could give him what he wanted.
As I got into the rythym of swallowing him down to his balls, he was getting thicker and harder.
At one point I came up off his cock and a string of spit drool just hung in the air between us and I looked up to see him looking as dazed as I was.
And then I went to my work with a gusto.

Luckily it was not long before he was ready to give me his full load. I got into positon under his cock and a thick white drop of cum came out.
More kept cumming and coating my upper lip and chin in the process.
When he has finished dumping his load onto me, I leaned back and just savored the taste...then I had to spit and jack off myself.
I would have used his cum for that but it was too hot to be able to look up and see the cock bouncing in front of me while jacking off and tasting his cum, all at the same time.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Golden Dildeaux Awards and my practice sessions

Well, for those of you that are local enough and know me - the nominations for The Golden Dildeaux Awards are out and I am once again up for a few suck and fuck awards, so go online and vote!

Now to my practice session today.

I wanted to get some more fun to post so I went to the one spot I could be more assured of sucking cock.
The video booth glory holes, yes.
In the anticipation of it being somewhat busy due to the rainy weather I brought along my FlipUltra cam.

Today was one of those days that a few people are there but not anyone is willing to commit to a full blow and I was about to head out.
Then I took one more swing by the glory hole booth closest to the exit and found someone in the other booth.
I motioned to him that I wanted to suck and after a few seconds he stood up and leaned against the far wall and started to unbutton.
It can be very hot to see a pair of tight white underwear on a guy.
Once he pulled his cock free I saw foreskin - YEEHAW!

While I was getting in position I swung out my cam on the off chance that we could actually do a whole blowjob with climax and get it all.
He put his cock through and went to work.
This particular cock was not gargantuan but that is not why I suck...I do it because it turns me on and the size is not important (I do admit that I have never turned away a huge hung piece of meat without a very good reason - drugs).
He had a tasty clean foreskin that just covered the head - and those are the ones I really like. Since he was into the whole deep throat and letting me nibble the skin I was getting into it as much as he was.
A few times he would pull back a bit or completely out and I could hear his breathing getting heavier.
He was getting closer and so far we had no interruptions. I was anticipating a nice load and then he pulled out one more time. He stepped back, stroked and just teased my mouth.
Then he slid back in, fucked my mouth a bit and I swallowed him to the base.
That seemed to do the trick and sure enough he started filling my mouth with a thick white load of cum.

Towards the end I pulled back to savor the foreskin and let a bit sit on my lip. I did not let him pull completely away until I had cleaned the head, under the skin and gave it a good mouth wash.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gang bang in the back room

Last night we had to be a few events in the city and finally ended up in one of my favorite spots that has the men, the room and the sex.

We were out with two friends, both of whom know me and this blog very well. Once we got to our destination I headed to the back and it was not too busy. There were a few guys hanging around and one was getting sucked but when "drunk soft" meets "train wreck" it is not a pretty picture. I knew there was potential so I headed towards the front to let the crowd loosen up.
As I was heading out I saw a bare chested guy leaning against the wall by the door. He and I have played in the past and he is hung HUGE.
Well, the night is going to be interesting I knew at that point.

Sure enough, when I went back after about 10 minutes there were a few more guys down on their knees and sucking.
My buddy from the wall came back to where I was and leaned back with that monstrous large cock sticking straight out.
I gave him a look that said I wanted it and he smiled back. I headed over and grabbed his get a picture of it imagine two of my hands holding it and there is still cock showing, and I can barely get my fingers around it.
You know I wanted that in every hole but started with my throat. I took out my poppers, took a hit of them and went down.
He is uncut but it is so massive that you can't tell ( I mean there is only so much skin that can stretch to cover those huge ones!). I took a couple of minutes to play with his cock and he mentioned the last time we played and he fucked me. I said that we could do it again and moved further to the back.
I mentioned that I did not have lube and he just made a fist and spit in it.
Works for me!!!

I turned around, took out the poppers and presented my ass. Of course, I am now facing a room full of horny men about to watch me get fucked.
He shoved every inch in to my tight ass and I am in pig heaven.
While he is using my ass I have an open mouth and there are guys willing to oblige and fill it.
Now, while I was standing around earlier I saw a hot lean, muscular guy in a tank top smoking. He did not seem to be interested in doing anything so I did not push it. Well, now he sees me getting fucked and starts to head over. There are guys on their knees blocking him so I push a couple out of the way - nicely of course, but they are impeding a cock I want.
He finally gets back to where we are and I can see the cock bulge stretching his jeans.
I unzip his pants and reach in and my fist finds another extra hung cock. He smiles and lets me pull every inch out and then I bend over to swallow it.
This whole time I am still being fucked and now I have two huge cocks in both holes - could not ask for more. But if it is offered I won't so no.....

The guy fucking me was ready for a break and while I had a moment with my mouth free I asked the Tank top guy what he liked. He said he likes to fuck.
Hmmmm, ok!
At that point my ass was available and the uncut cock was standing next to me and stroking. I asked the tank top guy if he wanted me to turn around and he said yes.
So I turned around and he slid into my well used spit lubed hole. Now, while the first guy was uncut and huge this second one was cut with a full on mushroom head that slid into my hole and was not coming out. He started into my ass and then just kept fucking me.
It was very hot back there and we were all starting to sweat. Mutually we agreed to take a break and get some air.
I went out to the front and took a walk around to see who was there and talk to some friends. Then I went back to find some more cock.

Well, I found Tank top still horny and ready for some more. The first uncut guy was also up for another round. I pulled out the poppers, turned around against the wall and let them have another go.
This time the tank top guy was in it for the long haul and we must have been fucking for about 15 minutes while the crowd watched.
During both rounds of multiple cocks in my ass, I had my mouth working on any of the guys nearby that wanted it.

Overall I must have been fucked for a good 45 minutes, took unknown numbers of cocks in my mouth and came close to shooting my load a few times.
At the end of the night we hopped in a cab and I just had to come home and relax before I could go to sleep.

I just that sore feeling you get in a good way when your hole has been well and truly used.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fucked and bred in the booth

It has been awhile since I have had time to get out during the day and today I was bound to do something.

For the ease of not having to try and catch some tearoom action I went to the video booths.
They now have posters on the door of the glory hole we need to be directed - a good cock hound will find them.
I went into the first set of booths, and there was someone already in the other.
Right away I could see a nice sized cut cock.
Since I was in the mood to suck I motioned for him to slide it in the hole and he did.
Hefty, mushroom head and a nice up-curve.

I went right down on it and swallowed to the balls. I was hungry for cock and he was up for a deep throat.
After about 10 slow sucks he pulled back and peeked into the hole. He asked if I wanted to join him in the booth. Hell yeah!
I walked over and saw the guy attached to that hefty piece of meat. About my height, late 40's and in a dress shirt and pants.
He was pulling my cock out faster than I could lock the door.
After he had my cock out and stroked me a few times I bent over and proceeded to get back to swallowing cock. He let me do that for a minute or two and then he said that I had a great ass and wanted to see it.
Ok, I turned around and leaned over - then he asked if I liked my ass eaten. Well, Yeah!!
And so he did, and he did and he did.
It was feeling so good that when he stood up and just slid his cock into my tongue spit lubed ass I backed into it.
Once he knew that my ass was his, he got down to some hard fucking.

I leaned over the chair, grabbed the wall and let him use my ass.
It was not long before he said that it was time for him to shoot and I said "go for it"...he asked if I wanted his load in my ass.
I said YES and he showered my ass with a full load and kept pumping.
My ass was tight around his cock and I milked every last drop out before I let him pull out.