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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Golden Dildeaux Awards and my practice sessions

Well, for those of you that are local enough and know me - the nominations for The Golden Dildeaux Awards are out and I am once again up for a few suck and fuck awards, so go online and vote!

Now to my practice session today.

I wanted to get some more fun to post so I went to the one spot I could be more assured of sucking cock.
The video booth glory holes, yes.
In the anticipation of it being somewhat busy due to the rainy weather I brought along my FlipUltra cam.

Today was one of those days that a few people are there but not anyone is willing to commit to a full blow and I was about to head out.
Then I took one more swing by the glory hole booth closest to the exit and found someone in the other booth.
I motioned to him that I wanted to suck and after a few seconds he stood up and leaned against the far wall and started to unbutton.
It can be very hot to see a pair of tight white underwear on a guy.
Once he pulled his cock free I saw foreskin - YEEHAW!

While I was getting in position I swung out my cam on the off chance that we could actually do a whole blowjob with climax and get it all.
He put his cock through and went to work.
This particular cock was not gargantuan but that is not why I suck...I do it because it turns me on and the size is not important (I do admit that I have never turned away a huge hung piece of meat without a very good reason - drugs).
He had a tasty clean foreskin that just covered the head - and those are the ones I really like. Since he was into the whole deep throat and letting me nibble the skin I was getting into it as much as he was.
A few times he would pull back a bit or completely out and I could hear his breathing getting heavier.
He was getting closer and so far we had no interruptions. I was anticipating a nice load and then he pulled out one more time. He stepped back, stroked and just teased my mouth.
Then he slid back in, fucked my mouth a bit and I swallowed him to the base.
That seemed to do the trick and sure enough he started filling my mouth with a thick white load of cum.

Towards the end I pulled back to savor the foreskin and let a bit sit on my lip. I did not let him pull completely away until I had cleaned the head, under the skin and gave it a good mouth wash.

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