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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In a pinch, take the stairs and get a load

Today I was on my way back from the gym and swung by a new shopping center.
I had been told that a stairwell was not used and there is potential for some hot action to be filmed and posted here.

I scoped it out and it seemed ok. While there I figured I would use the bathroom and then head back.
In the bathroom was a tall silver haired guy standing at the urinal. He and I used to play years ago at a hotel tearoom.
Uncut, the foreskin that just covers the head. He saw me in the mirror and when the coast was clear I reached over and stroked it a bit.
Then the door opened and traffic started to come in. I asked if he knew a better spot. He said no.

I mentioned the stairwell and he said it was worth a shot.
We went to the doors, pushed open and entered the stairwell. Absolutely quiet and no cameras in sight.
There seemed to be no other doors for a couple of floors so we went down a couple of flights.
Once there he pulled his cock back out of his jeans.
Soft he is about 6 inches and narrow - but when I started to suck it grew quickly.
By the time he was fully hard it was almost 9 inches and a hand full.
He tugged his balls out of his underwear and I pulled the entire cock out to suck on.
I managed to deep throat him but he likes to have the entire cock swallowed and the head worked on. I used my hand - there was more than enough cock to suck and still be stroking the lower half.
At the same time I was cupping and massaging his cum filled balls.

I remember this guy from years ago and he shoots thick milky white cum. Even back then he was quick enough that we could be done and zipped up in under 5 minutes.
Sure enough, he said he was about to cum and I just nodded my head.
Instantly he flooded my mouth with a load. I do mean flooded...there was that much.
I kept it all in my mouth, and kept his cock there to savor the flavors.
After I finally swallowed it all, I kept milking his cock and got even more of his thick white cum.

We both said thanks and I told him to get in touch if he wanted it again.

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