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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A hot local from the internet - gotta love the taste of ginger cum

Sorry this is a bit delayed. My computer got a virus and there have been some MAJOR crap going on at my office and I have not had a moment to post about this hot local cock.
Last week I was online checking out guys on and connected with a local guy. He has a large (had to be about 9 inches with lemon size mushroom head) cut cock and mentioned that he enjoyed the videos and my cock sucking I offered to be of service.
We agreed on a day and where to meet up.

On Friday he and I connected at a favorite spot of mine. He did not want any video, and I told him that was fine - after all I do it because I love the feel of cock buried in my throat and the taste of cum.
Right away I recognized him across the street and we went up to the restroom. Once again the area was completely empty so we took the largest stall and locked the door.
Before I even got his underwear down, he was sporting some hot thick wood.
That red bush and those cum filled balls were just beckoning.

In his pictures it has a very long hard look and in person it was equally impressive.
I took his full cock into my mouth and proceeded to let it fill and slide down my throat. So massive around that it really was a mouth full.
Well, that got the ball rolling so to speak and we went on to a full blowjob.
Stroking, sucking and deep throat - massage his balls (it was cold outside but we were heating up)and back to sliding him into my throat until I had to gag or breathe.
At one point I asked if he liked his ass eaten.
Ok, picture this - a milky white smooth ass, long gymnast legs, muscular thighs and tight bubble butt...what would you have done???

He turned around and bent over. There was the lightest bit of hair and I dove right in. Tongue in his hole, licking the ass with my lips and letting him feel the goatee rub his hot hole.
I did that for a bit and then he turned around to let me suck him again.
We repeated that a couple of times and then he went over to the toilet and asked if it was ok to sit there and let me at his ass.
That put his ass right down there for me to be on my knees and just go at it.
Looking up between his legs as he stroked his cock was a hot treat.
I kept up on the ass licking and tongue bath for his sweet hole. It was not long before he began to stroke and breathe harder.
While my face was still under his ass he began to shoot a hot load.
He aimed his cock into my mouth and I went up to capture every drop that I could.

I don't know how many shots spurt out but damn it was sweet as expected. The look on our faces had to say it all.
We went out of the stall and cleaned up at the sink. I could see some cum still on my goatee and just wiped it into my mouth and savored it.
As we left the building we agreed that a repeat would be perfect sometime.
Later that night I had the pleasure of running into him out on the town and he met my husband.
We ended up discussing this blog, so now he knows just how much fun I had and am looking forward to.

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