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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Uncut load before the movies - they call me Sam for a reason

Well, for my friends that follow this and know that many refer to me as the Samantha in our group of friends al`a Sex an' the City - you will be happy to know I filled my role today.

Last week I had guy from an online hook up site say that he wanted to meet an give me a load. He was the subject of a post and today I got a text from him.
It was simple and said that he was not sure of my interest but a guy was looking for under stall action and he gave me the email address.
Not wanting to shock some total stranger with a booty call email, I asked if the guy knew and was waiting. He said it was a guy from a popular phone app that most of you gay pigs know. Since I don't have on of those fun touch phones, I can't access it.
It was kind of funny to me that I was able to utilize it without having to try....gotta love technology and the savvy cum sluts.

Anyhow, back to the load.

I sent the guy a pic of me in my jock and he said that he knew my videos on Xtube. He sent me a pic of his cock.
His email address already led me to believe there may be foreskin but the pic was a tasty confirmation but it did NOT do him justice.
We agreed on a spot that close to his location and that I could get to easily. He also said it would be ok to bring my camera along to capture the action.
I got to the location and as I walked in there was a guy already in the middle stall (which is where I was supposed to be). Sometimes you have these things happen.
After washing my hands and delaying a moment the other guy left.

Once I was in the stall, my buddy was sliding his cock under that stall and I was instantly hard.
Looking down at a nice thick cock and seeing the top of the head poking out of the skin was mouth watering.
He jerked it around a bit without touching and let me get an eye full.
As my husband can attest, I love foreskin but I REALLY love to see the cock under it - no offense to those hot men that have foreskin that could stretch to their is just a preference but not a requirement.
Well, I paused for a moment to let everyone watching the video see that cock and then I went down on it while handing him the camera.

Thick, warm and wide in the center made me want to swallow every inch. I also have learned from a good friend that not all uncut guys like the foreskin played with, so now I work on everything...yes, I know - when do I not work on everything???

I leaned down and slowly slid all the way down the shaft while holding it to let me work a bit of the skin on the head. Letting it slide down my throat and using my hand at the same time to stroke the thick shaft.
My hat was getting in the way so I took it off to let me fully deep throat him as I cupped his balls.
Such a sweet tasting cock and with it being a hand full at the same time I wanted to get his load out. He was holding the camera and I was just bobbing my head and mouth down as much and for as long as I could.
After swallowing to the balls, I stayed down and just used my throat and tongue to work the shaft, then I slid off so I could work on the head and upper shaft.
A couple of times I would come completely off and just savor the entire cock before swallowing and stroking all over again.

His shaft actually got thicker a few times and could feel his head grow and stretch the skin to the limit. Of course, that just got me hard and dripping my own pre cum and made me hungrier.
There was enough cock for me to stroke, slurp on the head and then deep throat to the base and come back up - and continue stroking while working on the skin covered head.
After a few minutes we heard the door open and had to take a break.

He held onto the camera and sat back to do some more stroking and showing for the camera - I saw it after and oh does it look HOT!
The guy that came in took the stall to the other side and I was not sure how long he would be.
I put my hand under the stall of my buddy so that he could come over. I was not sure if the new visitor was gay or not, so when my uncut buddy leaned under the stall at the back and gave me his cock I reached down, started stroking and holding the camera to keep the action going.
This whole time the other guy was not leaving but he was also not making any motions that he wanted to join in.
As I stroked the uncut cock more, he got closer and then he grabbed his cock and took a couple more strokes and started to erupt onto my side of the stall.
The first shot flew under my feet and I was worried it might have hit the other guys shoes, it was so hard and fast.
My hand was still down so I let him coat my fingers with all of the cum that was not flying around.

Once he unloaded his balls onto the floor and my hand, he slid out and I leaned back to wipe the cum onto my tongue and savor it.

Yes, I know that you and I wanted to the load down my throat but it was very hot to know this guy came, gave me his load and that I was still able to savor it ....all with a total stranger less than a foot away.

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Anonymous said...

The guy you met in the restroom has a beautiful uncut dick. Thanks for sharing the story of the encounter. Love the pix and would like to see the video. Can you post it here?