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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chance encounter with hot cub while shopping

It can be amazing how much cock there is in town sometimes.

Earlier I had a chance to swallow a tasty uncut cock and get a full load all over my face and have it fed to me. Later in the day I wanted to get something to eat and went to a local shopping district with restaurants and other options.
I was heading upstairs when I saw a hot young cub walking by. I made eye contact and said to myself (but still loud enough for him to hear or at least read my lips) "that is HOT!"...he and I kept walking and I did not expect to see him again.

I went into one of the tearooms on my way out and happened to see him walk behind me and go into a stall. Hmmm.....
Standing there, I was hoping to get some kind of indication that he was looking but I could not see into the stall. As I was about to head out I saw another cruiser walk in and he pushed on the door, it opened and there was my hot cub semi standing up. The other guy was surprised and turned around.
Before I could make a move, there was someone else walking in and he did the same thing. Ok, now I knew that I had to head off anyone else because that was going to be mine.
Once the coast was clear, I went in and the guy nodded his head that I was ok to enter.
I instantly locked the door and headed over. He stood up and I saw he was pierced, same as me.

He mentioned that he was nervous and knowing that this place was getting busy I told him to follow me out.
I left the stall and there was a guy standing there, but he was a cruiser and we just walked past him. After we were outside I took him down the hall and went into a back area that I am familiar with.
We went past a few doors and when I was sure we were in a good spot we stopped and I told him it was cool.

Let me take a moment to share that this young guy was probably late 20's or very early 30's, bearded, muscular with a full firm jean filling ass and a sexy smile. Right away he leans over and says that he recognized me from my videos.
Extra hot, because now we both know what we want and I am ready for another hot load.

As I said, he was pierced and when I pulled his pants further down he was getting semi hard already so I just got down on my knees right there and swallowed it all.
In the past I have shared how much I like finding a guy that goes from soft to hard while I am sucking him - this was to be one of those hot times.
Spending a few minutes working on the piercing and shaft with my tongue rewarded me with a firmer and firmer cock to work on.
He was moaning more with each swallow down to his balls and then I would pull back enough to work more of the head with my tongue. I have always heard stories of guys being afraid of a pierced cock but my motto is that if you do it right, you don't have anything to be worried about.

After about 5 minutes of slurping and sucking, I unbuttoned my shirt to let him work on my nipples a bit and he pulled his t-shirt over his head. I reached up and was working his nipples as I took all of his cock into my mouth over and over.
He told me that he wanted to feed me his load into the back of my throat and asked if that was ok....I could only nod my head vigorously and moaned louder around the shaft.
That put about 50% more blood into his already engorged cock because it was instantly rock solid and about to blast through the back of my throat as he fucked my face.

I opened up my throat and mouth, and he was fucking my face. Sliding his piercing along the top of my tongue and as it hit the tip I would wrap my tongue around and slurp his cock back in.
Over and over like that put him over the edge.
He shoved further in and I knew he was close to filling my guts directly with cum. He let out a loud moan and suddenly my mouth filled with sperm.
There was so much, so fast that I almost choked but I swallowed quickly and let the second batch fill my mouth again. I kept my mouth on his cock until he was completely spent and then I used my tongue to sweep up the last few drops.
After his cock was going down, I used my hand and milked the last few drops and licked his piercing clean.

As we both got dressed again, we walked downstairs and headed outside. I asked if he lived around the area but he was only in town for one night and would be heading back home later in the day.
Maybe in the future he will make a return trip and let me know...

Another Xtube fan feeds me his load

Awhile back I had an email from an Xtube fan.
He really liked the videos and mentioned that he shoots large loads, in distance and volume.
During our emails back and forth on Xtube he also mentioned that he would love to share it with me. Well, alrighty then!!

We exchanged more notes and this week we narrowed it down. Today I headed over to his place for our first encounter.
He was not sure about having it on a video, so this was just a meet and greet, feed and go.
No problem with that, I said.

As we walked over to his apartment building he reiterated that he found the videos extremely hot and was looking forward to being able to feed me his load.
He appeared to be a jock, as his profile says. Latin descent, mid to late 30's, lean and clean shaven and uncut.

He lives close enough that I arrived early and he met me outside. I followed him up to his apartment and right away as he was undoing his belt I could see the bulge.
Nice tight white underwear, but it did not stay on long.
I reached in and pulled out his uncut cock. Downward curve and enough foreskin to be uncut but not too much that I had to work my way around it.
Immediately I went down to deep throat him and he was moaning I was. You know what an uncut cock does for me.

The length was enough to hit the back of my throat and he was just thick enough that I could slide him down to the base and be able to breathe - all the better to keep him buried to the bone and work a load out with my tongue and throat. I swallowed every inch of cock and then cupped his balls in my other hand.
All this time I was sliding my tongue around the shaft and coming off just enough to let the head hit the tip of my tongue and go back down.

He has some nicely shaved smooth balls - yes, I don't mind shaved balls once in awhile...after all, they are fun to get spit soaked and slide around your mouth. And that is just what I did.
Got those balls all loosened in their sack and then swallowed one after the other and swirled my tongue around.
After a few rounds of this I let his cock slide out and he grabbed it in his fist and stroked a few times, then he would aim it back at my mouth.
Back to a deep throat balls deep swallow and some more throating action to get it that back of the throat spooge to come up.

He asked me where I wanted the load and in anticipation of the volume and distance I said all over my face. He agreed.
When I could tell he was getting to the edge I made sure to get him balls deep and let him fuck my mouth until it was time.
He told me he was close and I let him pull out of my mouth.
Being on my knees I knelt down a bit more and had a view of his cock and face. We kept up eye contact as he stroked and then it was time....

First load hit my cheek and from the weight I could tell it was extra thick and then the second and third shots followed rapidly.
Fourth shot went over my right eye and then the fifth and sixth shots were more directed at my mouth and I could begin to taste it, and smell it. Eventually he was spent and I could feel the right side of my face well and truly coated. Right away he began helping me move the thick creamy spunk into my mouth. From the top of my cheek and my upper lip, then the rest of what was coating my goatee.
After he moved what he could, he leaned down and licked me a bit more clean.

He helped me to my feet and said I could clean up - and as I went into the bathroom I looked in the mirror and could see the thick white remnants on my upper lip and moustache area...HOT!!!

As I was dabbing a little bit off so that I could safely walk back downtown he said that next time he would not be shy and we could take a video.
Stay tuned.....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First day in Key West we met a hot couple for fun

This is from our trip to Florida over Memorial Day weekend. I was not able to share it immediately because of computer issues and then getting back to work but here is how we arrived in Key West....

We made the drive down from Fort Lauderdale to Key West in the middle of the week. We had a room booked at an all male gay resort and arrived early in the afternoon.
It was blistering hot and humid so we checked in and headed to the bar. The bar was next to the pool and due to an upgrade our room was directly in front of it.
Opening the french doors to our room and you only had to walk a few feet and there you were.

During the afternoon I was in the pool bare ass naked and there was a couple sitting at the bar.
At one point I was standing there and one of the guys wanted to ask a question - he asked if I had any videos ....and I knew exactly what he meant - my Xtube postings.
I told him yes and he instantly had a grin from ear to ear. He told me that he was trying to convince his boyfriend that I was the person he would see and jack off to.

Well, during the afternoon I was on the roof with a hung guy and sucking him off - while giving a deep throat performance the Xtube voyeur walked up and caught the action. He did not stick around but he saw me in action.
After the guy shot his load, I went back down to the bar.

Sitting there I struck up another conversation with the Xtube viewer and his boyfriend. The talk got around to seeing me in person and I mentioned that I always like to meet the guys that watch the videos and some of them are personal requests after meeting face to face.
He mentioned that his boyfriend was very hung and that he would love to see me servicing. I said that was fine with me and our room was right behind us.
Of course, the boyfriend had to agree and he was a bit nervous. We kept talking about my love of cum and desire to be sure the guy I am sucking is able to sit back and just enjoy the service.
Finally it was agreed that we would go in and I would suck both of them off.
We were not going to take any video - it would just be a chance for them to have a personal show.

We went into the room and they pulled out their cocks. Well, I know some guys are thick but when the boyfriend was aiming his cock at my face, I was not sure it would all fit in my mouth.
Tasty looking mushroom head and it seemed to be close to 7 inches around and longer than that from balls to head.
I slowly swallowed everything I could and there was a bit left - it was just that wide. Naturally I was hard as a rock myself.
Going back down on that wide cock, I was slowly able to get more and more into my mouth. He had some pretty hefty nuts and I was enjoying feeling the weight of them in my hand as I gripped his shaft.
After a couple of minutes, the door opened and my husband walked in - he knew I was going to be servicing the two guys after he saw us all go into the room.
Right away he and the first guy seemed to connect, so the next thing I knew they were in the bathroom and my husband was on his knees polishing off that cock.

My extra wide hung cock feeder laid back on the bed and told me to come up and continue the service. I climbed onto the bed and went back to work.
Slowly sliding down to try avoid any teeth and at the same time to let my breathing work around that massive shaft.
He had his eyes closed and a faint smile on his lips when I looked up at his face. He would then direct my mouth and hands to get him to the edge and then back off.
I lost track of time while slurping away but as he got to the final edge he started to jack his cock and let me know when it was time to let the cum fly.
When he said he was cumming, I went back down and caught spurt after spurt of his hot spunk. Not only was he extra wide and a mouth full - his load was sweet and filled my mouth to the brim before letting it slowly slide down my throat.

After we finished our scene, the other two finished and we all went back outside to the bar. We talked a bit more and then exchanged contact info.
You never know, maybe they will make a trip out and we can try to get a pic or two to matter what, it was a perfect way to arrive in Key West!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hung top takes my load in the pool and then....

The day after getting fucked and bred by the mushroom head hung guy we were all hanging out by the pool once again.

I inquired whether he was finally able to fall asleep and he smiled and said yes. I was in the pool just floating bare ass on the mats when he decided to join me.
Originally he was wearing a swim suit but before entering the pool he took it off.
As we were in the shallow end I could see that he was sporting a full-on rock hard erection.
Well, I am not one to let that go without notice and I reached out to stroke him.
The floating mats were able to cover some of what I was doing but my husband sitting by the pool and one of our fellow guests could see everything.

Deciding to keep the action going, we moved over by the wall. I was facing the pool side and he was facing me.
Looking down into the water I could see that mushroom head staring back at me. I wanted to swallow his load but he seemed to have other ideas.
Eating his ass the night before, I knew it was tight and would feel like a perfectly fit leather glove around my cock.
We moved closer together and while he stroked my cock, I was working my fingers on his hole.

Being in the pool, we had no lube but after some work he pulled my cock closer to his hole. I relaxed and let him direct the force since it was his ass being spread open with my cock and the piercing without lube.
Ever so slowly we sat there next to the wall, my hands on either side to hold me in place and him easing his ass down onto my cock. I pulled his left leg up and he kept it on my arm, giving me that much more access to his hole.
Finally I was all the way in. It was tighter than I imagined but hot and gripping my cock. I began a slow and steady fuck.
With no desire to share his ass with everyone and also because the staff were walking around and neither of us wanted to be told to find our rooms we were trying to not make too much splash.
Thrusting into his ass so slow that he felt every inch kept his cock rock hard.
I would stroke him a bit but then I had to grab the wall to keep myself steady and buried to the hilt.
Fucking an ass in a pool is not a problem but to do it so that no one notices took a bit of work and actually made it extra sensual. I was slowly pulling my cock out until just the head was left in and then push up with a bit more force and then when I was up to my balls in his ass we would start kissing.

During this whole time my husband was sitting about ten feet from us and another guest was floating in the pool about five feet away.
Once I knew that staff were not around I started to pick up the pace and fuck him harder.
Gripping the wall I would shove my hips forward, bury to the hilt and lift him a bit out of the water. Feeling his ass tighten around the shaft kept putting me closer to the edge.
I don't know how long we were fucking but finally I looked into his eyes and let him know that I was ready to finish.
Picking up the tempo and not caring who saw, I grabbed the walll and fucked him until I was on the verge of filling his ass with my load. I forced my cock up into his ass, kept it there and shot load after load of spunk up into his hole.

After a couple of minutes, he slowly slid off and remarked that it was a perfect way to relax in a pool. I mentioned that my husband would probably like to relax as well.
He said that sounded hot and he wanted to have another load in his ass.
We waited a couple more minutes and I told my husband that we were all going to finish in the room.

Fucked and bred before shooting weeks worth of cum

While we were all hanging out by pool a hot newcomer walked past us and up to his room. My first thought on seeing him was that if everything was proportionate I wanted a taste of it.
As he walked by I checked him out along with everyone else - and he was a topic of conversation that afternoon.
Tall, swimmer build, military cut and an ass that seemed to able to have quarters bounce of it. The package in front was covered but I could only imagine....

That night we had gone out to dinner and decided to head back to cruise around and see what we could fin.
My husband went one way but he also asked that I either stay public or take it back to our room. No problem there, I said.
I made a loop around the pools and hot tub but did not find anyone interested or there was no one in the area.
The back pool area was where the hot tall newcomer was rooming, so I headed over there.
As I walked by his room he opened the door and came out in a towel. Not knowing if he was going to the pool or not I walked on another foot but watched him. He let the towel slip and I saw he was naked underneath.
As I walked past and stopped I turned around and stared. He grabbed his crotch and rubbed it.
Taking that as my cue, I walked back and pulled his towel off.
I was not prepared for the tasty cut thick cock that sprung out at me. At least 8 inches with a slight down curve and the best looking mushroom head I have seen.
Well, you know me....I wasted no more time on going down to my knees and swallowing it all down.

Deep throating him was a challenge because of the seemed to be the size of a large plum and really filled my throat - but no, that did not stop me!
Slurping on that cock right out in the open had me rock hard and him as well. He took my head and directed me down on his shaft.
After a few minutes of that we decided to take it to a room - I suggested mine.
He and I walked over and I opened the door. He followed me and I adjusted the blinds so someone walking by could see.
I turned around and he was standing at full attention - literally.
As I walked towards him, he leaned back on the bed and I got between his legs. I pulled his cock into my mouth and slowly devoured it. Now that I could concentrate on it, I was going to give it my full attention and he was not leaving with any cum left in those balls.
From what we both learned out on his walkway, I was eager to deep throat and work a load out of his balls and he wanted his cock buried to the balls.
Speaking of his balls, they were the perfect size for pulling into my mouth - both at the same time.
Taking a break from those balls and cock left me with his smooth hole to work on. He pulled his legs back to give me access and I dove in with my tongue and stared eating his ass like it was my last meal. He had a sweet tasting hole and I was gorging myself on everything.
We kept this up for close to ten minutes and then I stood up and he motioned for me to turn around - we had not talked about fucking and after being able to taste that ass I really had no idea whether I wanted to be fucked or fuck him more.

There was a bottle of lube next to the bed, he grabbed it and then aimed straight for my hole.
Now remember, that mushroom head was massive and it was going to be felt COMPLETELY while spreading me open...but I was now up for anything.
He pushed forward and my hole spread open to swallow the head and then I felt my ass close around his shaft and pull it in.
Slowly he fucked me and let me feel every inch. He would plow and fuck and then I would take control and push my ass back on his cock. I wanted that load and if it went in my ass, that was fine with me.

I have not mentioned it yet but my husband had come into the room and he was there watching me get royally fucked and telling him to load my ass.
Soon enough I heard the grunting of a top letting his cock unload. Feeling that shaft expand and the head ballooning in my ass as his seed spilled out was hot as hell.

My husband and I knew that my load had been building for a week and there was no way I was going to get out of that room with my balls full.
With my top's cock still buried in my ass and that head plugging it he reached around and started stroking my cock.
He stroked my and then I would take a hold of my cock and them my husband would swallow my throbbing cock - and we repeated this until I was ready.
The thought of my ass filled with cock and cum, and the stroking led me to an unbelievable orgasm.
I let out a huge moan and as my cum started to fly my husband was down on it and began swallowing it.
Spurt after spurt of the week full load went into his mouth and some had to ooze out.

Once I was fully spent, he came up and gave me a kiss and I could taste my cum.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More cock in my ass over the weekend

After a nice full day in the sun at the beach we headed back to the hotel.

During the previous night there were many guys hanging out at the hot tub and then in the pool. We all sort of groped and played but no sex.
Some of those same guys were now hanging out by the pool. I was still wearing a suit trying to get a tan line but some of the men were nude.
There was one young Latino guy that was pointing to me and saying that his friend thought I was hot and wanted to play...ok.
The guy they were all talking about came out of the room and in between the Spanish conversation I gathered that he was interested but extremely shy about it. To make him feel a bit more comfortable I went over to the edge of the pool and started talking.

He was interested and then noticed my wedding band. At first he was sure that I was off limits but I made sure he knew that we could have some fun if he wanted.
His friends were all teasing him still, so we decided to take it away from the pool area.
I grabbed my towel and headed to the gym.

After a couple of minutes he came in and closed the door.
While outside I never got to see his cock or even guess at what he was hiding in his shorts. When he let me pull out his uncut cock you know I was smiling.
Being the cock sucker that I am, I slid all of his cock out and bent over to begin a nice slow blow job.
He was rock hard, and had an up curve that was a bit of a challenge. I was able to get every inch of him in and I could tell he really enjoyed that...but then he decided it was time to use my ass.

We had not talked about fucking me, but I was ready and he was willing 'n able.

The first position we tried was me riding it while he sat on the weight bench. That curve was a fun challenge but he wanted to get even further into my ass. I stood up and turned around and let him mount me from behind.
Once he got in, I leaned over and grabbed the side of the weight bench. He started slamming into my ass and the bench kept moving forward. I would try to keep us standing and not let the bench slam to loudly - after all, even though I was ok with a crowd he wanted to keep it to a private show.
As he was slamming into my ass I looked back and saw that a painting on the wall was swinging from each time he leaned back. Now I thought we were either going to have a hole in the floor from the weight back smacking around or the picture was going to fall.

He and I had a hot little rhythm going and then he decided to put me on my back for some more fucking.
I got into position on the weight bench and guided that uncut cock into my now well lubed and used hole.
After all this fucking and positions he was ready to cum and he let me know - in Spanish of course which made it even hotter!
His final thrust before unloading was good and hard and in my mind I could see all of that cum flooding my ass.

Once we were done, I headed back to pool only to see everyone looking at me with a knowing smile - and of course my husband had the same look that said I had been found out. We all had a good laugh at my expense but that is what makes it fun.

Later in the evening I was in our hotel room with my husband and the same hot Latino - he got a good dose of my husband's cock and when we were done I saw a guy walking by our room. I opened the door to let him in and he was already rock hard.
Thick cock, hugely massive mushroom head and full balls swinging low.
He wasted no time in following me to the bed and I got on into position with my ass in the air.
With no time to spare, he was buried balls deep in my ass and fucking me into the bed.
While buried to the bone, he then shoved me all the way onto my stomach and put one leg fully on my back to hold me in place and SLAMMED into my ass.

Fuck yeah!!!

This was a wham, bam no thanks slam fuck and when he grunted out his final shove he pulled out and was gone faster than I could get up.
Ah what a perfect day in Florida...