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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Xtube fan feeds me his load

Awhile back I had an email from an Xtube fan.
He really liked the videos and mentioned that he shoots large loads, in distance and volume.
During our emails back and forth on Xtube he also mentioned that he would love to share it with me. Well, alrighty then!!

We exchanged more notes and this week we narrowed it down. Today I headed over to his place for our first encounter.
He was not sure about having it on a video, so this was just a meet and greet, feed and go.
No problem with that, I said.

As we walked over to his apartment building he reiterated that he found the videos extremely hot and was looking forward to being able to feed me his load.
He appeared to be a jock, as his profile says. Latin descent, mid to late 30's, lean and clean shaven and uncut.

He lives close enough that I arrived early and he met me outside. I followed him up to his apartment and right away as he was undoing his belt I could see the bulge.
Nice tight white underwear, but it did not stay on long.
I reached in and pulled out his uncut cock. Downward curve and enough foreskin to be uncut but not too much that I had to work my way around it.
Immediately I went down to deep throat him and he was moaning I was. You know what an uncut cock does for me.

The length was enough to hit the back of my throat and he was just thick enough that I could slide him down to the base and be able to breathe - all the better to keep him buried to the bone and work a load out with my tongue and throat. I swallowed every inch of cock and then cupped his balls in my other hand.
All this time I was sliding my tongue around the shaft and coming off just enough to let the head hit the tip of my tongue and go back down.

He has some nicely shaved smooth balls - yes, I don't mind shaved balls once in awhile...after all, they are fun to get spit soaked and slide around your mouth. And that is just what I did.
Got those balls all loosened in their sack and then swallowed one after the other and swirled my tongue around.
After a few rounds of this I let his cock slide out and he grabbed it in his fist and stroked a few times, then he would aim it back at my mouth.
Back to a deep throat balls deep swallow and some more throating action to get it that back of the throat spooge to come up.

He asked me where I wanted the load and in anticipation of the volume and distance I said all over my face. He agreed.
When I could tell he was getting to the edge I made sure to get him balls deep and let him fuck my mouth until it was time.
He told me he was close and I let him pull out of my mouth.
Being on my knees I knelt down a bit more and had a view of his cock and face. We kept up eye contact as he stroked and then it was time....

First load hit my cheek and from the weight I could tell it was extra thick and then the second and third shots followed rapidly.
Fourth shot went over my right eye and then the fifth and sixth shots were more directed at my mouth and I could begin to taste it, and smell it. Eventually he was spent and I could feel the right side of my face well and truly coated. Right away he began helping me move the thick creamy spunk into my mouth. From the top of my cheek and my upper lip, then the rest of what was coating my goatee.
After he moved what he could, he leaned down and licked me a bit more clean.

He helped me to my feet and said I could clean up - and as I went into the bathroom I looked in the mirror and could see the thick white remnants on my upper lip and moustache area...HOT!!!

As I was dabbing a little bit off so that I could safely walk back downtown he said that next time he would not be shy and we could take a video.
Stay tuned.....

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