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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Xtube friend needed to unload...always accomodating.

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I was sitting at my desk when my phone showed a text. I opened it and saw a message saying that a hot red head buddy from Xtube was horned up and wanted some advice on where to go.
Since I am always willing to help out a friend, I asked if he was looking to suck or be sucked.
His reply was that he was looking for a blow job, so I asked if would be up for feeding me...

We originally met about a year ago when I was running late to tearoom rendezvous and he recognized me from my pics and posts.
Since then we have ran into each other at street fairs and events, but until today we have not been able to actually connect cock to mouth.

I told him that I would take his load in the stairwell and he said "lets do it".
We arranged to meet out front and then I took him inside. Once in the stairwell I told him that I had my camera if he wanted to take video.

Having seen the pics and getting a very short introduction to his cock during a street fair, I was ready to swallow his mushroom head and shaft...but as you can see in the video it was a mouth full.
As I got down on my knees, he was out and hanging down soft. Large mushroom head and thick already. It was not long before he was at full mast and I was devouring it.

Gingers are always hot but give me one with a silky smooth veined cock and full hairy balls and I am really turned on.

I stared on the shaft and giving it a good clean tongue bath and then it was time to see how far down I could take him. To the balls and back up.
Down to the balls over and over, and then time to take the shaft in hand and pull back. Savoring every inch and seeing it inches from my face.
Yes, at one or two points I did hit the gag reflex when I had him buried to the base and then opened my throat that extra inch in the hunger for every last inch of his cock.

Not wanting to let any of the cock go to waste, I worked more on his head while holding the shaft. Stroking him half the time, about halfway down and using my mouth for the remainder.
As I was down there, he grabbed his thick shaft and turned it so that I had full access to his balls.
I knew what he wanted and I was ready - lick and pull those two cum filled orbs into my waiting mouth and give them the same tongue bath as the rest of his massive tool.

Then it was back to bathing that cock in spit and swallowing him into my throat....all the way down to the pubes.
He seemed to like seeing me with my mouth stuffed and I was leaking pre cum by the gallon as I stroked his shaft and smothered the head in spit.
During the second round of deep throat he wanted those nuts sucked again, so I obliged and took them in.
After the balls were coated with a fresh layer of spit I slowly slid my mouth up the shaft and when I got to the top it was time to dive back in for some deep throat.

Well, it was not long before his balls were ready to spill their load and I was hungry to get every last drop.
As his breathing got extra heavy, I slid back enough so that I could get the full taste and let him see me taking it.
Ironically, just as he started to shoot there was the distinct sound of a phone ringing. Not being one to be interrupted, we both ignored it and kept on going.
Feeling the first load hit the top of my mouth and slide down, I was set for the rest. As each shot came forth I kept it on my tongue and let him see me devour it all.
More thick white cum oozed out of his slit and I licked up every drop.

As he was fully spent, I could only sit back and marvel at the site of his cock slowly going flaccid but still pumped full. I reached out and let the weight just sit on my hand and then I made sure there was no cum left to be milked out.

After we both got our breath back, I took him outside and we walked down the street to grab a bite to eat....and I hope he is ready to feed me again....very soon.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

2 loads in the ass and one down my throat...then a fourth load

Click the link to see the video of me getting loaded by a hung buddy.

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2 loads in the ass and one down my throat...then a fourth load

Today is the unofficial start of Folsom.

I had a message from a guy that fucked me silly in a backroom of a bar, and since he was coming to the city he asked about hooking up again.
Not only was he interested in giving my ass an encore performance, he was bringing a buddy along that wanted to watch and take video.

Of course I agreed.

Today he landed at the airport and we arranged to meet at the hotel before he could even unpack.
Now, this guy is hung but I had forgotten just how HUGE he is.
When I pulled his shorts down and saw his semi erect cock just hanging in front of me, I paused and just thought "glad I brought the!"

I got on my knees to suck him for a bit (and to get him spit lubed for my ass, of course). A few minutes of deep throat action and we were ready for the fucking.
His buddy had the camera and asked if there were any limits... I said that he could film whatever he wanted.
As I got down on all fours, my buddy asked about lube preference and I said that spit was just fine.
I took a quick hit of the poppers, arched my back and let him slide in.
It was fucking HAWT! The mushroom head just slid my ass apart and he shoved in - and I felt every inch.

Once he was in, I let him take over. His buddy was keeping the video running as he slowly fucked my ass. After getting my ass nice and open, I told him to fuck me as hard as he wanted.
I reached back to feel his full balls hitting my ass and the amount of pre cum pouring from my cock was making a puddle on the bed.
Stroking my cock a bit while he fucked me, I told the camera guy to get some footage of the thick shaft plunging into my hole.
He came over and I could see him getting behind us.
Just imagining what that looked like as the thick full cock shoved the hole wide open was enough to make me moan even more.

Soon enough he was ready to shoot. As we were texting this morning I asked where he wanted his 4 day load to go and he said on my ass and the shoved in.
So that is just what he did! Shot his spooge onto my hairy ass and hole (with so much hair it is hard to see in the video) and then using his cock as a spoon he gathers it all up and slides back into my ass to get it all in.

After the video was done and I was well and truly fucked senseless I asked our camera man if he wanted a blow job.
He said sure and his pants were off faster than you can say Hot Gay Sex.
Ginger hued hair and huge!
I got down there and started to work his cock to get him fully hard and ready to blow.
As I sucked, I grabbed his balls in my hand and he said to work them... so I did and he got larger and thicker with each suck and tug.
When he was fully hard it was a nice tasty mouth full and both guys commented that I had to work to get that load, and that I was up to the task.

Soon enough he was ready to cum and told me to take his load.
Sweet hot cum filling my mouth as my ass was filled with another thick load...totally HOT!

Well, that is not the end of it....

As I got back up on my knees I felt a hard cock behind me and reached for buddy was still hard, so I asked if he was up for round 2.
Yes, he said.
Then he told me to get on my back for this one. Our camera guy asked about any desire to do a second video but we said that one was enough.

Taking another hit of some poppers, I was ready for the second fuck. He slid in nice and easy while smiling down at me.
I could feel all the spit and cum mingling at my hole and giving him all the lube he needed.
This time it was just as hot to watch him as he pounded into my waiting ass.
With each thrust he shoved further and harder, while I leaked more and more pre cum.
He said that he could feel his first load in my ass and just knowing that he was about to give me a second had me close to blowing my load without even touching myself.

As he grabbed my legs, he let out a huge roar and let that second load go. I could feel each spasm as his cock pulsed and fed my hungry hole with more of his cum.

Now that I had two loads in my ass, and one down my throat it was time to go meet my husband and our friends.
I arrived and told him what all I did....oops. I was not supposed to get fucked.
As my punishment he took me home and shoved me down on my knees. He had his cock in my face and told me to suck it.
As I swallowed his pierced cock he shoved the bottle of poppers under my nose.
When he was lubed up enough to suit him, he told me to get on the bed. I got into position with my ass up, back arched and he came up behind me.

He started out licking my ass and tasting the cum that had been wiped around by the other cock. Using his tongue to open my hole up and taste the cum, he got me worked up and hungry for another cock.
Without any preamble, he came up behind me and slid his cock into my waiting hole.
Another hit of the poppers and that opened up my ass for him to fuck the hell out of my used cum hole.
Fast and furious ( it was punishment for being fucked without permission after all) and without mercy he fucked me.
Shoving me all the way to the bed, he unleashed his pent up cum and filled with a third load of the night.

And that is how we started off the weekend of the Folsom fair...properly.