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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I just love taking loads from friends

Last night we were all out for an event and decided to leave early to his one of my favorite spots.
As soon as we walked in I spotted three friends that have all given me a load or two. Sitting around talking and sharing led to me wanting to head out and service a few more cocks.

I left the group, but not until I had said that I would be on my knees if needed. Once I got outside I saw a hot cub type getting blown by another leather boy. At first I was not able to see all of the cock buried in his mouth but after a few minutes they took a break and we all stood there for a moment. Then the leather boy commented that he liked the blog...well, that told me all I needed to know and I pulled the hot bearded cub's cock out of his jock and got on my knees.

He had a perfect size cock for swallowing to the base and a full set of hairy balls to hold while plunging down.
After sucking him for a short bit, he exchanged the favor and also directed me to suck his leather boy as well.
The room was watching it all and soon it was just me on the cub and another guy took over the leather boy cock. I felt the shaft start to swell up and knew I was about to get the load.
And oh did I get it! Massive flooding of my mouth and spurt after spurt going down my throat.
I stood up with only a small bit of the overflow on my beard and had to get to my group of friends. And that leads to the second hot load of then night...

One of our group is married to a hot hairy ginger, and I have had the pleasure of taking his cock in the back once before. Last night he and his husband were out with another friend (he was sporting a 00 Prince Albert but I did not get around to testing my throat on him...but that will happen soon as he knows from past experience how much I like his loads) and we all talked about my love of cock and cum.
Knowing what a hot cock the hairy ginger has, I told him that I was up for a repeat and would be heading outside. He followed me and we went to a secluded area so that I could get on my knees.
I don't mind when the room watches, but there are also times when me and the guy I am servicing just want to be in our zone without too many extra hands. This was one of those nights.

I pulled his cock out of the jeans and got down on my knees. The room could see the back of my hat and his cock being fed into my throat. Naturally there were some that wanted a closer look and a bit hands on but my ginger buddy was able to tell them no and they stepped back.
Turning my head a bit and using my hand to stroke his long thick shaft let me work on the pink head and give everyone a view of his cock. I swallowed his cock to the base with a bit of stretching...he has a long shaft and it gets much thicker at the base but you know me, I want it all.
Getting him spit lubed with my throat and mouth, then working the shaft and head with my tongue and hand was causing a huge pool of pre cum to leak out of my cock onto the floor.

After standing for so long with his cock being worked on, the hairy ginger moved over to take a seat and let me continue to work his cock. I got back between his legs. He played with my nipples while I plunged my mouth down on his cock and pulled his nipples.
With his cock being large enough for two hands to grip it, the room was now able to see him in all of his glory.
At this time we were joined by a new buddy. My hairy ginger let the new guy take over the nipple play and I went back to working on his cock.
Well, that was enough to get closer to the edge...

Knowing from past experience that he loves his nipples played with while my mouth is entirely stuffed with his cock, I put it all into play.
Lips and tongue around the head for a slurp and swallow, followed by a few strokes of the shaft and then the full deep throat to the base and back up the shaft to repeat...and repeat.

Soon enough that was the key to unleashing his load. He pulled out just enough and the cum started flying...literally. Shooting up to my face with the first volley. Second and third hitting my beard and cheeks, followed quickly by another shot that hit my hat as it flew over my head.
After those first shots, I milked the rest out onto my tongue and licked the shaft clean.
I was now literally covered in cum.

Being the sweetheart that he is, he tried to apologize for the hat volleys but I told him that I was thrilled. We put his cock away and headed back to our spouses and friends, but of course I did NOT wipe my face clean.

Someone commented that I was all sweaty, and I smiled and replied "it is not sweat, it is cum". They laughed and replied back that it was not a surprise. I spent the rest of the night with that load on my face and this morning there was still a bit on my cheek.

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