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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lending a hand and more when asked...

So much for Sunday being a day of least, not for this cock sucker.

After taking a few loads from anonymous guys on Saturday night we had planned a semi quiet Sunday morning.

I logged onto a bareback hook up site and happened to look at the profile for a very well endowed local guy.
Young, hung and full of cum.

As is often the case, this young buck was listed as an escort and I chalked it up to a hot man to fantasize about.
Then I had a note from him saying that he saw my observation and thanked me for checking him out.
I replied that it was an impressive profile and cock.
Then, out of the blue, he asked if I could suck a load from him...

Usually I keep weekends for my husband and friends. I told him that I would be at a favorite spot that afternoon and would be happy to take his load.
We went back and forth, and then he told me that he was already committed for the afternoon but had seen my Xtube videos and wanted to feel my throat on his cock. He also wanted to be drained of cum before meeting his afternoon client.

He was set to be a bottom and told me that he likes to cum before, to be able to last longer. Feeling the same way after I cum, I could appreciate the desire.
I told my husband and he agree that I could go over and take care of the hot young buck.
I got in a cab and headed over.

He met me outside the house, and we both liked what we saw. He led the way into his room.
The profile had some pics of the cock but after getting on my knees and pulling that piece of this meat out, I would say it did not do justice!

He told me that after meeting in person, he wanted to film the next time. I told him we could this time and he said "no, I will be back and we will do it again".

You know how I love to get a cock started semi soft and feeling it grow...well, he was only semi hard and it was already a mouth full.
Full mushroom head and the shaft filled my hand before he was even rock hard.
At this point I knew I was in for a real throat fucking that would work my talents.

Starting out as I like to, with only my tongue throat and lips with my hands around the balls. My technique had him growing fast.
Soon he was so large that I was having difficulty getting it all down my throat. To work every inch I started using one hand and keeping my hands around his balls.
Apparently he liked the feel of my mouth and not my hand, because he pushed my hand away from his balls.
I go the message and started to use only my mouth to work his shaft. I was instantly rewarded with an even larger cock! I kept that up until my jaw started to feel stretched and I went back to using my hand to cup his balls and lower shaft.
In that position, I was able to force his cock into my throat and met with no resistance. He felt my throat opening up and helped out by shoving more into my gullet. I kept him there until I could not breathe around it and pulled off.

At that point I was looking at a massive spit covered cock and could only hunger for more.

My young hung buddy was no hurry either.

Using my hand, tongue, throat and lips I worked him closer and closer. After many minutes of throat stretching I slid down his shaft and started to work on his balls. One full one in my mouth at a time, and then both together. He appreciated it, based on the moans and then he spread his legs a bit apart so that I could get at that sensitive spot between the balls and ass. I worked my tongue and lips all around until I could tell he needed my mouth back on his cock.

At this point he was close to the edge and told me to make him cum. I was finally allowed to use my hand and grasped his shaft at the base and pulled the rest into mouth. My tongue around the head, lips at the tip and hand stroking the shaft.
All at the same time and repeated over and over.

It got him to the point that he loudly told me he was about to cum.

I wanted no waste of his load and pushed him into my mouth. Cum began gushing out and coating my tongue.
Spurts shot towards my throat and they just kept coming.

Fuck, that was an intense load and he did say that it was going to be...hell, fucking yes!

After we both got our breath back it was time for me to grab a cab and head home. On his next trip to San Francisco we will meet again and there should be some pics and video to share.

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