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Monday, April 4, 2011

Who knew they can cum that many times...

I started out the morning sucking off a hot young guy full of cum that needed to be drained before getting fucked...and then I end up taking three loads up my ass.

After getting home from the young stud that fed me, we went out and met friends for the afternoon.
Eventually we ended up at a favorite location.
I was in a definite cock sucking mode. Over the weekend there were multiple cocks filling my mouth and I was ready for more.

We saw a group of young guys walk in and when I headed to the back room they were all there.
By chance I ran into a guy from Saturday night - I was on my knees with a room full of guys watching me swallow his thick cock and that led to many more.
On Sunday night he recognized me and I was back on my knees with more guys watching...which of course led to a group suck fest...which led to some hot bareback fucking.

My husband was buried deep in the ass of a young guy and I was sucking a few guys.
After I stood up from that group I ran into a blond buddy of the bottom my husband impaled.

Soon after, I was on my knees with this blonde studs thick cock down my throat. He was fucking my face hard and fast.
His friend and the room full of men were watching as I took that piece of meat.
Eventually we took a break and had to get a cocktail. Then we went back outside.

As I got back on my knees and sucked his cock, he told me that he really wanted to fuck me.
I stood up and turned around.
While his buddy was getting fucked there were some poppers floating around. Luckily a fuck buddy of ours was standing nearby and I asked for his bottle of poppers.
After taking a hit, I told the blond to slide into my ass.

DAMN, I knew it was going to be large and tight and with only spit as lube, it was. Full, thick and tight.

Bent over in front of a room full of men, some of them stroking or getting sucked was hot and I could tell the blond was ready to use my ass.
I could hold onto the wall and take his cock as it impaled my ass...and, you know I gave him what he wanted.

Soon he was grunting, thrusting and filling with his load.

And then he stayed in my ass and started fucking me again...

Damn!! Load number two was soon fucked into my ass to join his first one.

Time for a break...and then ....

We chatted for a short time out front and he mentioned that he was from Iceland and could cum up to eight times... well, guess what we did..

Yep, load number three was fucked into my ass out back in front of the room full of men.

Wow...and to think my quiet Sunday started with one load down my throat and ended with three up my ass.

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