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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The final IML load - lights out bathroom load

On our last night of the trip we went to a local dance club with a group of friends. There were huge crowds of leather and fetish men running around and so many horny men to choose from.

Having been drinking cocktails in Boystown before, I headed up to use the bathroom. It was not real busy and the urinals were only semi occupied.
I headed back to meet my husband and the hot friend we brought along.
It was getting warm in the space so we all took our shirts off and went on a lap around to get drinks and see who was there.

After about half an hour I went back to the bathroom...but this time the lights were off and there were men bent over, squatting and cocks were out or in various holes.
Needing to actually use the urinal, I went and did my business. On the way out, I simpy had to stop and see if anything caught my fancy.

Standing near a stall was a very hot man. His cock was not out, even though some guys were attempting to start something.
I stood close to him and we made eye contact. I reached over to stroke his bare chest and stomach and then let my hand trail down to his pants.
He did not stop me, and let me begin the process of undressing him and bringing out his cock.
Full hefty balls hanging below a great piece of meat, with a tasty looking mushroom head.

Well, since there were guys wanting what I had found and had in hand, I wasted no time in getting it into my mouth and out of view.
Worked on the head to spit lube it and then went down to the base and began my deep throat maneuvers.
He kept getting harder and thicker, and that made me go into cum pig mode...after all, you know how I like tearoom sex and it is even hotter when there is a group and no threat of being busted or interrupted.
We were ready to do what it took to get him off!

Now, there are some idiotic men out there that seem to think that if they can see a cock, it must be theirs....even if the guy that cock is attached to has said no. And if a mouth is already being used with permission, it is very rude to try to keep intercepting. We had one of these jerks and he actually tried to force my mouth off.
Ummmm, HELL NO.
At one point he not only got an elbow but he was just about decked.

That was my cue to shove back, get him out of the way and become the aggressor. My feeder and I knew what we wanted and once we were clear of hands I went back to work.
He seemed to like some stroking of the shaft and then a full deep throat so that it was buried to the balls and then a piston fuck off and back on to feel it hit the back of my throat and a pause before shoving it that extra inch.
I was in my pig mode and just let him use my mouth and throat.

It was not long before he was ready to cum and he let me know.
With my mouth completely filled with his cock, I just nodded and moaned a yes, and he let it rip.
Volley after volley of cum was filling my mouth and it was one of those sweet tasting loads that you can just keep on your tongue and savor until it slowly slides down your throat.

Once he was spent and I had swallowed it all, I milked the last few drops from the head and made sure he was good and cleaned up with no cum going to waste.
He tucked his cock back in and we went out to the hallway.
There he introduced himself, and let me know how great it was. I told him that it was my pleasure and I was happy to service.
He told me that while he was in there for possible action no one interested him until I walked in and came over...which was good news for me and I told him that I was thrilled to be the lucky guy that got his cock and load, and said that he was the only one I was interested in at the time as well.

As these weekends go, there is a good chance that our paths may cross again and we expressed the fact that a repeat would be in order.

I could not ask for a better ending to a weekend of cum, and hot men.

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