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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hot little fireplug with a big load

I do indeed love it when friends ask for repeat service.

Once again a buddy found me on his phone app, and asked if I was hungry.
My reply was "yes, actually".
In the past, he and I met up by chance in the shopping district and I told him then that I would be up for a repeat anytime.
We chatted back and forth about when and where, before settling on a stall nearby.

On the sidewalk we said hello and I led him into the building. Once again we entered a completely empty bathroom and proceeded down the hall to an empty stall.
After locking the door, I walked over and reached down to undo his shorts.

Now, this guy is my height and more muscular with a hot little facial scruff and that "boy next door" look in his shorts and button down shirt. However, when you pull down the shorts and grab the cock it is a hot torpedo that aims right for you.
Thick as my cock, and no curve...perfect for a deep throat blowjob.

I got down on my knees and swallowed him to the base. My hands were cold from the wind outside and I kept them on his legs and ass (muscular bubble butt!!). After a few deep shaft swallowing maneuvers I came up for air. Seeing that spit shined cock, I went back down and grabbed his balls at the same time.

Using my mouth entirely, I took every inch and then using my hand to push his balls forward I took an extra couple of inches....and I could tell from his vocals and shaft throbbing that he felt it.
I took a quick bounce off the cock to breathe and use my fist to stroke him.
Then it was time to get back down on that rock hard piece of meat.

Some guys get off with stroking, and some can cum from a no hands blowjob...this cub likes to have a bit of both.

Going to the base, pulling up and using my hand was getting him closer and the precum was beginning to ooze. That was my cue to work it all with my mouth and bring the reward up out of those furry balls.

As I was filling my mouth with cock, he reached down to tweak my nipples and would grab my head in a way to let me know he wanted to keep fucking my face.
During the deep throat action he would take over and start piston fucking mouth until I had to breath out my nose and let him control my throat.

We kept up the rhythm until he let me take over again. I could tell from the increase in his breathing and moans that I was milking out a massive load. As he started to breath faster, I started to go deeper and harder to give him as much of my mouth and throat as he could.

And then it was time for the load!
He pushed that rock hard cock forward and the cum instantly filled my mouth. I swallowed quickly and forced myself to open up and take the cock further to let each spurt go right down my throat. The second and third spasms shot forth and I took those without losing a drop.
As he began to empty his balls I kept his cock on my tongue and let him fill my mouth with the last of his cum.

When he was drained of every ounce, I got back to my feet and we both agreed that it was another hot load and both had what we wanted.

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