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Thursday, September 15, 2011

One after another...almost double booked

Repeat feeders and new friends...both are hot when they give you hot thick cum.

I am sure you can figure out where this going, and it was one of those days that I don't get often.

As I had two different guys chatting me up online, I also had a text from the hot Brazilian stud that fed me a week ago. He wanted to meet up again.
One of the other guys was a contact from a bareback hook up site, and he was in my neighborhood but found me online via the hairy app.

Knowing that the uncut Brazilian stud was usually close by, I told him that I was going to be free soon. He and I agreed on a time, but I needed to take him to the tearoom as he did not recall the problem, I said.
Right on time we met on the street and I led him away.

Today the tearoom was once again empty when we entered, so we grabbed a free stall and shut the door.
Pulling out his uncut cock, he sat on the toilet and let me get between his knees. Before I could even kneel down, he had a bottle of poppers in his hand.
Many of you know what poppers do to me, and this time it was not a problem.

He shoved the bottle under one nostril, then the other. Then he took a couple of hits himself and sat back.
Long, slender tan uncut piece of meat bobbing in front of my face, I leaned in and began to suck and swallow.
While stroking and slurping, he touched my chin and had me look up. Bending over, he opened his mouth for a deep throat kiss and I did the same. Before I could take over sucking he let a large drop of spit slide toward my open mouth and went back to kissing.

More poppers and more kissing, and soon he was edged to the point of shooting. He would grab his cock and squeeze to keep from blowing in my face and I would give him a few seconds to catch his breath. And then I would work my way back to his cock and swallow all of it until he could not take it.
With one final hit of poppers for both of us, he reclined back and let me have full control.
I dove down on that cock and stroked his shaft until he was a millisecond from eruption - then he grabbed his cock and worked that load free. Using my tongue to tease the foreskin and head I was waiting with open mouth.
Then the geyser, two, three volleys in a row. Mouth instantly filled with spooge and more cumming.

Looking up into his eyes, I kept my mouth on the oozing head until he was spent. Taking the entire cock back into my mouth, I squeezed the last of the drops out with my lips.

Knowing we had to get going, I left first and no one was around so I let him know to follow.

And now for round two...

My phone has poor reception in some places, so when I was back in range I had a notification.
The other guy had arrived. I sent him a note that I was headed back to the tearoom.

I walked in and it appeared empty but there were two stall doors closed. Out of one walked the hot guy I was to meet.
Dark hair, 5 o'clock shadow, and a build like a rugby player. I was going to enjoy this one!

To be sure we were alone, I tried the other stall door and it was just shut with no one inside. Great.
We took the other stall and right away he began to undo his pants.

Now, I had seen a pic of his cock and it was described as large...but, DAMN it did not do the real thing justice.
Slight curve, massive mushroom head and a shaft that I could barely grip due to the girth.

I just had to get down on that, and so I did.
Swallowing him to the base with no gag reflex, sometimes I completely lose it after a hot cum sucking session, and this being round two meant my throat was wide open.
Oh, I forgot to mention that he also told me it was going to be a THREE day load...and that just made my jaw relax and open me up.

Using my hand to stroke between sucking and swallowing, I was not sure how long either of us could last. Precum was leaking out of my cock, and his cut mushroom head was spewing out just as much.
Deep throat, suck and stroke while I took a second to come off and just enjoy the sight of a hung stud ready to feed me a load and see that mushroom head winking at me.

Feeling like he was going to blast a massive amount of cum, I took off my hat and got back into position to really let him have a straight shot at my mouth.
Then I went back to filling my throat with his cock. Swallow, slurp, stroke and of my favorite ways to get a guy off.

Naturally he was edged to the point of no return and I was ready for it. Well, as ready as I could be...he did indeed have a multiple day load based on the volume of the first spurt.
Sweet tasting thick cum shot into my willing mouth and I let it sit for a mere second on my tongue before swallowing. As more filled the void, I could feel the warmth running down my throat while tasting and smelling that seed.

After he was drained to completion I stood back up and he said thanks, and I said it was my pleasure and indeed it was.

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