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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My buddy that works only a few blocks away sent me a text this morning asking if I wanted a load today....guess what my answer was...

After the past couple of days, it is great to back in cock sucking cum swallowing form!

So far this guy and I have used my office and his building bathroom, so I asked where he wanted to meet up today.
He said the bathroom.  It has a  more of a sleazy feeling, and I agreed.
We agreed on a time and then it was just a matter of anticipation...

I arrived at the building and sent him a note.
His reply was "in the stall".  Great!

I walked in and the janitor happened to be there, so I just went into the stall and waited. 
In less than a minute he was done and we had the bathroom to ourselves.
Once my buddy knew it was  me, under the stall came his legs - all three of them.

Just seeing over eight inches of thick meat had me salivating. 

He did not need any encouragement - it was already rock hard.  I just went down and filled my mouth with every inch I could.
Stroking that shaft and watching his cum filled nuts bounce was it's own reward...but not the one we both knew I wanted.

His breathing was getting heavier as my mouth was taking half of his cock and my hand took care of the other half. 
Being in such a traditional tearoom setting, I knew that anyone walking in was going to hear all that spit and cock stroking.
Eventually someone did come in and we took a quick break to let them do their business. 

Once they left, he had his cock and balls under that stall so fast, and I was on my hands and knees to finish him off.

Stroking and forcing every inch down my throat, the spit was running down my fist and you could hear the echoing sounds.
As he was getting closer to the edge,  his shaft was pulsing and filling my hand. 
Suddenly we heard the outer door open again, but neither of us was in a mind to stop and I kept on sucking and stroking. 
His legs bucked a bit and as we heard the latest visitor leave it was only a matter of time...

Almost instantly, after the door shut I felt the spasm and tasted the cum hitting my tongue.

Spurt after spurt shot onto my tongue and I just kept swilling it around and swallowed it as quick as I could.

And that is the way to use a set of bathroom stalls!!

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