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Monday, January 23, 2012

One more to finish off the day...

Okay, so I have already had one twink tight British ass milk a three day load out of me and I swallowed another uncut cock in the what better way to end the day then with another unexpected cock in my mouth...

I was meeting my husband to attend an event near his office.
As I exited the train station I had a message saying "If you are hungry, let me know" 

The location of the sender was within blocks, so I sent back "Damn, where?"  and he relied with a location very familiar to me. 
He was at my old stomping ground private stalls, and did not know it.
I sent back a note that I could do a quick load in the stalls where he was.  He replied that it worked for him.
I said that in 30 seconds I would be there... as I got in the elevator, he was right behind me.
Since we knew each other from our online pics, I told him where we were going.

Now for a brief description...mid 40's, slight salt and pepper hair, gym toned bod...about 5 foot 8 inches and intense blue eyes...and an ass to make your mouth water (I looked as we got in the elevator).
He asked about security and I said that if we are quiet it was cool and I had been there before.

We walked in and it was deserted.  Perfect!
I led the way to the back stalls and followed him in.  
Right away he mentioned that it was a long day and he needed to unload.  I just smiled and said that I was there to take care of it.
I pulled out his hard cock and got on my knees.

A good 7 inches of hard cock already straining to get out and when I finally released it from his pants I was getting wood myself...
Trimmed bush, rock hard cock with slight curve and a tasty looking mushroom head...all on top of a set of firm plum sized nuts.

I cupped his balls in my hand and slowly swallowed every inch of cock.
He let out a low moan and I was in my element. 

Right away we could both tell that it was going to be quick but very intense blowjob.  I took him down to the balls and after only a couple of those deep throat massages his hands were on my head guiding me down.

I don't mind a guy guiding my head onto his cock and this guy was gentle but I could tell that he wanted to really skull fuck I took over and really forced every inch and then shoved that extra inch into my throat.
As he got more and more spit lubed, he also go more and more excited and began to spasm with each thrust.
I could sense that it was only a matter of time before he was unleashing that days worth of pent up cum and stress.

Sure enough, as his body began to rock and sway I felt the first blast of cum exiting his cock head and hitting my tongue.
Then it was one volley of sperm after another as he emptied his cum filled nuts into my mouth and coated my throat with juice.

Once the intense orgasm was over, he told me "I said it was a hard day" and oh was he right...and oh, was I a cum filled happy pig.

As we left the tearoom I told him that I worked up the street and that anytime he had a rough day and needed some release to let me know and we could repeat.....
I think he may need some release again, and I am looking forward to it

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