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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Curved for a perfect fit

As many of you know, I used to work in the Union Square area of the city which offered multiple locales for me to service.

One of the best, and still my favorite when it is necessary, is a hotel bathroom nearby.
Back in February I happened to be in the neighborhood early, and was supposed to be meeting a hot young guy that claimed to want service.
Being a good cocksucker, I arrived at the appropriate time, but he was a no-show.
While I was debating how long to stick around, a hot businessman happened to open the stall door.

He was not expecting anyone, but I instantly recognized him from an online profile picture.
I stood there and let him make the next move. He seemed about to walk away, but I think he clued into why the door would be open...
and as we kept eye contact I stepped back and let him know to follow and shut the door.
Sure enough, he did and I instantly went to his pants and pulled out his cock.
Wham, bam and thank you...

He asked if I was there often, as he sometimes has meetings there. I told him that I used to work nearby, but would be happy to do it again.

Cut forward to yesterday.
He sent me a reply on the cruising hairy man site, and we discussed the encounter in the bathroom.
Then he said that he wanted it to happen again...

I told him that I knew of a place nearby, and that if he wanted to feed me a load to let me know.

Today he arranged to be here around lunch time. I told him the details and eagerly awaited the time.

After leading him to the bathroom, and shutting the stall door he began to draw out his cock. Damn, it was as smooth and snaked down as I remembered.
He was soft as I got down on my knees, but after three good swallows to the balls it began to grow.

I knew it was so large that I had to force my mouth open, but had forgotten the added bonus of it being curved down.

Cupping his plum sized balls in my hand, I began to give that curved monster all the attention it needed.

Using my tongue and lips, I spit lubed his cock until I had it ready to impale my throat. I leaned in and guided it past my tonsils.
Now, anyone that sucks a downward curve cock knows how awesome it feels to just naturally bend and fill your throat.
His cock was long enough that by the time I had him to the balls I was sure he could have poked out my chest. He seemed to enjoy the feel of my throat wrapped tight around, and he let me know with a small moan.

I was breathing through my nose and had to come back up to avoid was just so thick.

Going back to sucking and swallowing, I used my hand to work on the curve as I let the shaft continually glide across my tongue and begin to enter my waiting throat.

We kept up that routine for a few minutes, with my throat milking the head and then the shaft, and then slowly edging him past my tonsils a few more times.

Soon he was at the edge and while just at the base of my tongue he began to buck and moan. I knew the sweet cum was about to flow and let him slide past and into my open throat.
I felt the first and second spasm as the shaft pulsed and he emptied his ball juice down my throat.

When he was at the point of super sensitive, he pulled out and I kept my hand on the shaft.
Slowly milking his cock, I was able to get three more good sized dollops of cum to wash down the rest.

As I got to my feet, he was smiling and had that fresh drained glazed look in his eyes. Love that look.

After he and I went our separate ways outside, I texted him and said thanks.... he replied back "No, thank you. That was hot".

Always good to hear that my services are appreciated ( in addition to the hot loads that fill my waiting mouth).

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