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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Full load repeat from last week

Okay, the hot young guy that I mentioned last week in the "Five days of cum" post...he needed to be drained again.

I had walked out for lunch when I saw that he sent a note.
Simple and to the point - "want another load?"
He was on his way through the city and could rendezvous within 15 minutes.
So I said yes.

He parked, we said hello and then went to the same location.
Walk in, door shut and he is already taking off his shirt.
I reached over and helped with the belt.

Once again he was going commando under khakis. Nice!!

After I took off my baseball hat, I got down on my knees and pulled all of his growing cock into my mouth.
He started out soft again, but this time the blood was pumping and in half the time he was sporting a full raging hard on.

Now, last time I did mention his balls...fuzzy covered, hanging down so that you can either bounce them off your chin or wash them both at the same time with your tongue while the rest in your mouth.
This time I just pulled one, then the other and then both into my mouth and gave them some intense attention.
He moaned and let me know his approval.

After that, I went back to the task at hand - his cock and the need to drain those cum filled nuts.

He did love to use my mouth last time and this time was no different.
I would piston fuck my mouth onto his cock, then push his cock head down my throat and come back up.
Today he seemed to really be oozing the precum, because I was constantly working on letting him pound my throat while swallowing that much volume.

A couple of times I miscalculated and had a bit of gag reflex and took a mini second break to focus.
Then I went back to his cock.
He let me know that he really enjoyed the fast pace, no hands action and I was happy to please.

After some intense oral throat coating, I came off for a moment to savor the cock...bright red mushroom head, rock hard shaft point straight up from his bouncing nuts.
And then it was back down and more slurping.

As I was feeling like I was about to drown in spit and precum, his shaft began to swell and I knew it was only a matter of seconds.
I came off his cock in a millisecond to clear my throat and mouth, then went back to deep throat.
That was all it took, and his load began to pour out. And I mean pour.

I could feel my mouth fill to capacity, I swallowed and then it filled again.

Rarely do I get to take such a huge load, because as you know I love to have it shot on me, but this guy and I knew it had to go right in my mouth.

Volumes of jizz filled my mouth, and I savored it all.

Once he was fully drained, I stood up and said "that was huge, wow".

He laughed and we exited.

Later I sent a text to say thanks and ask if he was a huge pre-cummer, and told him about the volume I felt during this blow job.
He replied that has happy that I was there to suck it out of him - he apparently had not unloaded in a couple of days and was bursting.

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