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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Suck, swallow, repeat...and repeat....and repeat

Apparently my cum and bus riding karma through the roof this week!

I not only had my backpack returned with both video cameras still inside, but I have had the pleasure today of serving one very well endowed new buddy, and another hot Latino with a tasty uncut cock.

Now, the uncut young Latin0 was introduced via video in a previous post, and he continues to reach out when he is in need.
Today he happened to catch me before lunch, so I arranged to meet up.

I took him in to a bathroom that was perfect for a one on one encounter and before he even had his cock pulling out of his briefs, it was hard and pointing right at my face.

He has a fairly tight foreskin when he is fully erect, and today it was stretched to the limit. I took him down to his balls and then just started to give him the blow job he requested.
After a few minutes of intense deep throat and massage, he directed my mouth down to his balls.
Not being one to refuse, I went down and he kept up jacking off.

As he was ready to bust his nut, he let me have it - he was aimed for my mouth but the first shot went up towards my eyes.
With that shot sitting by my eye, the rest of his spunk was delivered onto my waiting tongue.

Now, for round three with the other buddy...

He first had me on my knees last Friday, and has since stopped by twice more. He remarked before our first encounter that he really does not get good blow jobs and ends up being the cock sucker.
Well, after the first session he was impressed and thought about it over the weekend.

Yesterday he sent me a text and mentioned that he really enjoyed what I can do with his cock, and that a repeat was requested.
I said sure, just come on down and we will get you off again.
He met me out on the street, and I took him to the same private bathroom.

Now, you all know that I always tell guys to let me know if they need to get off again. I do appreciate it when someone wants to give me as much cum as they can produce.

I have had many guys say that whatever it is I do with my tongue and throat is amazing but the honest truth is that I just do what comes naturally.
He was soft when he first pulled out and I was on my knees. I already knew how large it was going to be, so I just took over and did what felt right.

Starting out working on spit shining the entire cock, cupping his balls and using my tongue, lips and throat.
This is one guy that I feel more at ease not using my hands, but working it all with my oral skills... and he seems to appreciate that!

Once again, as he grew and was rock hard, I knew it was only a matter of time before he was filling my mouth with seed.

Before he came over yesterday, he ,said the wanted to see a repeat, and I originally said that I naturally wanted it all over my face...well, when he begins to build up that spunk he cums quick out of the start and it tastes so good that I never came off, but just kept my mouth locked around to catch it all.

Today he sent a note that he was walking by at lunch and thought of my mouth. I replied that he could have fed me again...and that led to him asking if that would be too much.
I told him just what my friends and husband know - if I could suck cock and swallow cum every day, I would.

Well, at that point he DID want to cum again. So I told him to head down the street and it could be done.

This time, as he pulled out of his briefs it was damn close to a hard on before my lips even touched it. HOT!

After sucking off my Latin buddy, I was already cum primed and I knew what this hung cock could do.

I went down on his shaft and head, and it was minutes before he was swelling up in my mouth. It was close to beer can thick, and I just had to feel it slide down my throat.
He could tell what I wanted, and when I began to open wide and push from the balls he led the way and shoved into my throat.

I hit a tiny bit of gag reflex, but that also put him on the road to the edge.
Once I pulled back from that throat stretch, he and I knew it was time for a "balls hitting chin" throat massacre.
He began to piston fuck and I just let my mouth open.
The spit and throat slime coated his shaft and let him go to town without stopping.

I was sure it was going to be the edge..but, he and I took a breathe and went back at it.

At this time, I did grasp his cock with my hand and gave it a quick stroke but had to get back to a hands free blow.
I went back down to his balls.
Now that he was closing in on an orgasm that I anticipated would be impressive, I worked my tongue around the head and upper part of the shaft.
That was all it took...and then he was moaning and spewing cum onto my waiting tongue.

Once again, the volume was amazing and I could taste it as it washed over my tongue and slid down my throat.

He is heading out of town for a week, so I am sure there will be a text upon his return...

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