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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Proof that 19 goes into 43 twice with a bit left over for thirds

This morning I was on my phone checking out the guys in the area when I had a message from someone.

The screen name had uncut in the title, so that already peaked my interest. Then I saw the message.

"I wanna feed you"

Profile picture was small, but it was a hot young buck laying back - from just above his pubes but no cock shot.
Maybe a hint of hair around his cock, but smooth flat chest and stomach.

I read the profile and almost came in my shorts.
Hot young buck, college freshman age.

I replied that a feeding sounded great.
Then we began to arrange it.

Late in the afternoon he asked where I was, so I told him and how to get there.
He had just gotten out of the pool and was going to hit the shower.
Thinking of that foreskin fresh from the pool, I told him not to worry about a shower.

Soon he was on his way.
He texted me from the train station and I headed out to meet him.
As I opened the door, I knew it was going to be a fun one.

I could see his cock barely tenting and beginning to show an outline in his cords.

As he was traveling I had asked if he wanted to take video.
He was keen on the idea.

Taking him into the stall, I set down my bag and he undid his belt.
He left the pants zipped up enough to keep his cock from falling out.
As I handed him the camera, I reached out to bring forth his cock.
The base alone was firm and thick, then I pulled his uncut cock out.

It was thick, hard and had enough skin to cover the entire pink mushroom head and I knew it was going to taste like ambrosia.
No trimming around this cock, and lightly hairy balls hanging in a sack that bounced as I took it in my hand.

Well, I was not going to let it be neglected and instantly had to put my mouth on it.
Or at least as much as I could.
I pulled on the shaft to let the pink head get a bit of air, and then I was devouring him.

Cupping his balls and using my fist to hold the shaft, I worked to get down to his balls in my throat.
Once he was buried, I did my best to keep him there and I felt his cock throb.

He asked if I liked it...I nodded, and had to give it another try.

There was so much cock to swallow and stroke. A few more times I took him to the back, and then we both knew it could go another three inches.
And go in it did.
I admit that I gagged a bit, and he smiled at that and asked if I liked gagging on his cock.

After a couple of minutes of some seriously intense deep throat, he was telling me to work on the head.

With each stroke of the shaft and tongue lashing of the foreskin, we edged him closer and closer.

And then it was time for him to feed me.

Spurt after spurt of that hot white young cum shot into my mouth, onto my lips and then a bit on the side of my beard.
The first shots barely hit my tongue. Then his second, third and fourth coated the outside of my mouth and lingered on my lips.

You know I was not ready to relinquish that piece of meat, and I wanted to be sure it was well and truly cleaned up.
I went back to cleaning him off, and in the process he never did get soft.

As I was admiring the cock that just fed me, he saw the look in my and the hunger for the foreskin. He asked if I liked it, and when I said yes, he told to chew on it.
Then he asked if it tasted good. God, yes.

He told me to chew on it more, and then he demanded me to pull on it harder with my lips.
I clamped down on all that skin and pulled...and pulled...and pulled.
He was breathing hard and telling me how good it felt.
"Oh, yeah..Oh, yeah" was uttered a few times and I just kept stroking, chewing and devouring that skin.

I had to pull back that skin a couple of times to give the pink swollen head some extra attention.

All of this extra foreplay made me ask for another load. And he was more than willing to feed me again.

For the second blow job, I concentrated more on the head and really letting my mouth do it's best natural work.
He was all for it, and gave me a few instructions as I was deep throating, stroking and swallowing.
I stroked the shaft to really move that foreskin up and down, and buried my tongue around the head, and worked on the first 4 inches of cock with gusto.

Knowing how much he loved the skin chewed, I took a few extra nibbles and pulled the skin tight...his moans told me that he approved.

We had a rhythm going. Stroking and my mouth in sync, so that he was fucking my lips and mouth with his entire cock.

Too soon, but not too soon, it was time for a second feeding from that slab of 19 year old young man meat.

"I am about to cum...Oh my god, here it cums" and his second load of baby batter was about to be deposited into me.

Two shots from the tip, onto my lips and rest I captured in the foreskin.
As I could see it all right there, I used my tongue to scoop it out and swallow that white hot sperm.


I stroked to get the last few drops out of his cock...and then as I sat there with his still rock hard cock in my hand, I asked if he wanted to go for another.

He did.

This time I started sucking and swallowing, but I was also leaking like a faucet and had to pull out my cock.
He took over jacking while I reached into my jock.
While he was jacking that pink tipped cock, I went down to service his cum filled nuts.

He told me to take them and suck, and you know I can take orders.

I knew this third load might have to be a jack off so that he could control the firmness and speed, so I just watched mesmerized by that massive cock that just fed me two sweet hot white loads of babies.

I asked if he wanted to shoot this final one on my ass.
As he stroked feverishly, he said "yeah, show me that ass"...and I turned around to drop my jeans and present my jock framed butt to him.

He started to cum and deposited it right onto my ass.
When he was completely and finally drained, I stood back up and wiped the cum with my hand to eat it.

I took his cock in hand one last time to milk it, and was rewarded with one last white drop of semen at the tip.
Licking it off, I also looked up and asked if he was empty at that point.
His laugh and smile said that we had drained him at last.

As we were leaving, I asked how much longer he was in town and we agreed that if either of us needs a repeat then it would be worth doing.


Anonymous said...

Fucking hot video man I got to look you up if I am ever in the area.

sfverscumboy said...

Yes! This hot young stud was visiting and found me.

Anonymous said...

Very nice I hope you make another video with him.

My Load Deep In You said...

Damn, that foreskin is HOT!!