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Friday, September 28, 2012

Mass transit yoga load

My husband had some meetings after work, so I took the extra time to get in a second workout at the gym. It was slow there, I had a great core workout and then headed home.

I always take the mass transit from the gym, and today I happened to see this young bearded guy sort of checking me out on the platform.
We both go on, and I took a seat towards the back.
 At this point I really had no idea if he was just looking or cruising.

A bit of background - he was wearing a pair of worn grey sweatpants, and a grey hoodie, carrying a gym type bag.
The hood of his jacket was up on the platform, so I only saw an auburn beard and short hair.
He had his hand in his pocket and I thought it would be hot if he were going commando.
When he sat down catty-corner to me, he had a view of my crotch and I could check him out.

At the next stop more people came on, so I just made direct eye contact with him and beckoned him over to my seat.
 He smiled, had his hands in his sweats and gave a slight twist of his head.
As the miles went by, I kept watching him and then I sat back and let him see my semi hard cock in my jeans. He loved that, and I knew he wanted something.
I debated how to get my hands on that cock when the cum gods smiled down on me.
He was getting off on my stop.
Grabbing my gym bag and hoodie, I stepped onto the platform and we walked side by side.
He was really grinning now, so I asked he were actually getting out at this stop.
He said yes.
I told him "I live at ### and ###" - and his reply was "want me to come over?"
I had mentioned the intersection in case he was nearby and may have wanted to host.

Asking him if he wanted a blowjob, he immediately replied yes and I said that could be done.
He had to get home also, and said he would be quick.
As we walked, he told me that he was a yoga instructor.
 Hmmmm, never had one of those before.

Once we got in the door, he took a seat on the couch and pulled out his cock.
Fuzzy balls, slight bush and a rock hard piece of meat standing straight up.
I got down on my knees in front of him and took him all the way down.
I had to push to get the last inch because of the angle, but that drew a low moan out of him.
That guttural moaning sound of someone that does not always get their entire cock sucked is such a sweet sound to a cock sucker.
At that point I just kept up the swallowing, deep throat and occasional stroking.

At one point he said "you really like sucking cock" and I said that I love to suck....and went right back down on him.
He was edging closer and closer.
He told me it was close, so I slowed down and then went back to working the head with my lips as I stroked the shaft.
As I heard his breathing speed up I asked him where he wanted to cum - down my throat or on my face. He smiled and said he wanted to cum on my face.
He stood up and stroked a couple of times and then the cum flowed.

It was like a thick river of white cream as it dropped from the head onto my lips and goatee.
Three thick spurts and it was done.
There was more on his hand and some oozed out, but he could not be touched because it was super sensitive - so I let him wipe his hand onto my tongue. He cleaned up and thanked me as he went out the door.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Folsom fair recap - I have NO idea how many cocks...

Well,it has been a few days - sorry about the delay, but my mind, mouth and ass were just exhausted.

So I am going to attempt to give you a recap beginning Thursday night.
This will be different because there were honestly so many cocks.
And I loved it!

Thursday night - an underwear party with friends and also attended by two extra hung visitors.
One has been in town before, and there are 100's of pictures of his baby arm sized cock on the net.
I had the pleasure of taking almost all of it into my mouth.
My eyes had to be glazed over by the end...but, after fucking my buddy for awhile he gave me a look that said he wanted my ass.
Well, I was not sure it would go with just a hit of poppers and some spit..but it slid right in and then I REALLY got nailed.
He did not cum, but I was now primed for more cock.

Then I run into my raw top visitor!!
He bends me over and fucks the hell of my ass in front of everyone.
He can be a brutal fucker, but he knows I can take it.
He fucked me until I was ready to explode and then he let out a massive yell and unleashed every ounce of cum that he could.
By the end of the night I had taken at least three loads.

Friday - I had an invite from my raw top Folsom visitor to breed his young friend.
I said sure and went to the hotel room with my husband.
There on the bed was a hot furry ass that I had only met briefly the night before.
While my husband was fucking his hole, I was being slowly opened up by the thick cock I had the night before.
The phone rang and he had to pull out to go get the new arrivals.
In walked two hot men.
Both uncut - and one was sporting what I would say is at least 9.5 if not more.

My buddy threw me back down on the other bed and took over fucking me.
After the uncut visitor was done with the party bottom he came over and gave my ass a taste.
He went back and gave his load to the host's buddy.
The second guy that came in then came up behind me and wanted to fuck me.
I bent back over and let him take my hole. He gave me a good fuck, and bred my ass.
Now it was time for me to get it from the host again.
And this time he was POUNDING my ass. It was like a porn movie where the bottom is just a hole and he is going to be raped no matter what he says....and I was saying yes!

He ended up giving me another huge load of cum in less than 24 hours.

Now it was time to head out and hit one of the dance parties.
This party has a play space set up already, so I was prepped and ready.
I wore a wrestling singlet and pulled it down to reveal my ready and waiting ass.

Once again, I cannot even recall the number of cocks that were buried up my ass and down my throat...but, there was one special one.
A friend from New York sent his young friend out for his first Folsom.
As I was waiting by the bar he walked up and recognized me.
We chatted for a short bit, and then I decided that his cock should be in my throat. He agreed, and down I went.
While swallowing everything he had, including his load, there was a photographer taking pics.
My new friend was thrilled to be caught in the act, and we both cannot wait to see the final pics.

Saturday - the annual house party orgy.
All I can say about this is that my reputation for being a cock sucker was apparently well know and talked about.
And a demonstration was requested...and I did...for more than a few hung guys. More than once I overhead them say "yes, that is damn good".
 Later in the night I headed down to the play room.
Ass already used since Thursday night so I was looking for more.
I found it, multiple times.

Now on to the Sunday
That is really the only thing I can say, but I will recap what I remember and let you decide.
Arrive at the fair in rubber apron and cock ring.
NOTHING else but my boots.

Walked into one of the more aggressive spots where cocks are always out and being serviced.
Within minutes I was taking them down my throat or bending over and feeling random cocks sliding into my ass.
I recall five very hot guys that would not stop until they had planted their seed, and even more used my mouth to either unload in, or to get them to the edge for more ass.
Then it was time for a lunch break.
I went out and found another annual gathering that has some food and beer.
Joined in the fun, and said hello to many old friends.

Then I was ready for, I headed back to my first haunt.
Now the entire room was filled with even more horny, hung guys.
I went right back into the thick of it. More random cock in my holes.
Then I went out for some air.
And I ran int my New York friend from Friday night dance. He, his hot friend and I went back inside.

Since he is a very hot young guy, there were no lack of cocks.
Eventually his cock met my mouth and I was rewarded with another hot thick cum load from his young nuts.

Off the top of my head, I think that was the finale of the weekend. Of course, he was told of this blog by our mutual friend. I know that we will see him again in January at the annual leather event we attend.

Cannot wait to see what trouble we get into there...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taking his load in the van

It was a scorcher in the city today. To avoid the heat, I had planned to just stay indoors and enjoy a cool beverage...until... A few months back I had a guy on the scruffy app hit me up. He wanted a no string blowjob, and I was accommodating. He traveled close to my office for work and the timing worked. We met up near my office that time. Today I got a message "What's up. Hungry?" I told him that our old haunt was not available, but I was indeed up for a blow job. His response was "suck me off in my van?" "It would have to be the front seat." Knowing exactly who I was meeting, it was fine and I told him it would work. I have sucked other guys off while they drove, but not parked in the city. Because of my location it was going to be kinda hot to be blowing this guy while he sat there, and people going by would never know about the smile on his face. He came and picked me up, and we went around the block. He found a parking spot and told me that he would let me know if anyone walked by. Now, the hot part was that there was a construction guy about half a block away. My buddy already told me that heat makes him horny, and he was half undressed as we were parking. Cock out, camera in hand and sun shining down...I got my mouth between his legs and pulled his cock into my mouth. In the past, I was able to milk his cock and balls, but this position did not give me room so we just went at it like two guys should...wham, bam, thank you. During the first bit of sucking him off I heard a truck approaching and just lifted my eyes up enough to see a delivery truck drive by. He had quite an eye full of a guy getting head. I made sure to get every inch of his cock and a few times I pushed that extra inch down my throat until I gagged and could feel the head expand. He had his hand on my head and was guiding me, so I just followed his lead and adjusted my timing to his downward pushes. Soon it was time and I could tell he was ready to blow. I kept him in my mouth and let him unleash all of that pent up heat induced cum out of his balls. After he was spent, I stayed in place to milk his shaft and was rewarded with a few extra drops of white man sperm.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Young uncut security guard load

I had a message from a young uncut latino. He asked if I was looking because he needed a cocksucker.
My reply was just "where?"
He came back with an office building and said he had access to a vacant floor...he works security there and can get me in.

Due to timing I could not do it that afternoon, so this morning we agreed to meet up before work.
I took the train downtown and met him out front. Following him into the elevator, I was semi hard remembering his thick uncut meat.
You see, when I asked if he had a cock shot just to see what I would feed on, he told me that I have sucked him before and took video.

We got to the vacant floor and walked around to make sure no one was around. Then he leaned against the wall, while undoing his pants and I pulled out the camera.
I handed over the camera as his meat came out of his underwear. Thick and semi hard!

Not wasting any time, I got to work immediately on the head and swallowing the shaft. He told me that I needed to be as loud as I wanted so I knew I could enjoy the hell out of the moment.
Using my hand to milk the shaft as I found the foreskin a few times had me sporting full wood in my jock.

You know I had to deep throat his drooling cock, and when I did it swelled a bit thicker each time.
During the blowjob he panned across the room and it was hot to think of anyone walking in and seeing a security guard with his cock down the throat of a hungry cock sucker!!

After a few minutes of oral enjoyment I asked him where he wanted to cum - he said "your mouth".

Soon he told me that he was getting closer and I knocked it up a notch until I felt his shaft swell and the head flared up...then the sweet cum began to pour onto my tongue.
Squirt after squirt kept cumming and I let it pool in my mouth and as he was finished I looked up and let him see his baby batter.
Then I took a swallow and felt the thick load slide down my throat.

After he zipped his pants back up we chatted about where I work now, and I told him that anytime he wanted to use that floor to feed me it was fine with me.

Hope I get to feast on that uncut latin cock again soon...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Public transit is great for head

Ok, so this story started a few weeks back...

I was on the train home, and found myself in a car with another eager to play gay guy.
He is probably late 20's, some facial scruff, tall and in shape. We both sent signals back and forth.

It was a packed car, so I nodded my head to get out at the next stop. He agreed, and off we went.
The platform of this station has a great blind spot and I made good use of it - naturally.
I pulled him forward and he shoved a cut thick cock onto my tongue and into my open waiting mouth.

I was not sure how large he was going to be, but damn it was growing quick.

At that point we realized a train was coming and adjusted ourselves. As the train stopped, we saw the entire car in front of us was empty. SCORE!

We stepped back on, and I was bent over taking his cock back into my mouth. Soon he was coating my tongue with his cum.

That was so hot, that I wanted a repeat sometime. I gave him my number.

Today I got a note from him. We saw each other over the weekend at a bar, and I told him that I would have pulled him into the bathroom and done it again. He replied back that he was thinking of the same thing...

So, of course we figured that we should take of it immediately.

I told him where to meet me and he headed out. I also asked if he wanted a video, and he said would not be the first time his cock was on camera he said.

The first time we were pretty rushed, but this time I got between his legs and saw his thick untrimmed bush surrounding his semi hard cock.
Pulling that meat into my mouth, I was set to milk him for all it was worth...and he knew it.

So, there I was on my knees with a rapidly growing cock stuffed into my mouth. I used my hand a bit to coax more inches out of him.
Once I felt that he was rock hard and fully erect I opened up to let him get deep into my throat.
Fuck, trying to slide him in had me precumming and I could feel my own cock bounce.
I did get it down, and then came back up for air.

Alternating between deep swallows, tongue bathing of his head and stroking his shaft had him oozing some tasty pre cum as well.

I took a breather real fast to just savor the look of his spit covered cock, and then had to go back to work.

Earlier I had told him to cum and just keep cumming when he was ready.

With the tiniest bit of a moan, he let me know that I was about to get that man spunk.

I felt the first hot blast hit my tongue, and then I wanted him to see me feeding on the rest.
With my mouth partially open he kept cumming. Warm, and quick it just kept flowing.

As I saw some go down over my hand I swept in to catch it and the balls were churning because that did not stop the flow of semen.
More oozed out with each stroke and I kept licking and swallowing to catch it all.

Needless to say, I was rock hard as I milked the last of his spunk out of his balls. I cleaned up his cock and my hands with my tongue and damn if it was not a sweet load.
Once he was drained, we both stood up and pulled our pants on and headed out.

He is close by, so there may be more daytime encounters to cum.