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Friday, September 28, 2012

Mass transit yoga load

My husband had some meetings after work, so I took the extra time to get in a second workout at the gym. It was slow there, I had a great core workout and then headed home.

I always take the mass transit from the gym, and today I happened to see this young bearded guy sort of checking me out on the platform.
We both go on, and I took a seat towards the back.
 At this point I really had no idea if he was just looking or cruising.

A bit of background - he was wearing a pair of worn grey sweatpants, and a grey hoodie, carrying a gym type bag.
The hood of his jacket was up on the platform, so I only saw an auburn beard and short hair.
He had his hand in his pocket and I thought it would be hot if he were going commando.
When he sat down catty-corner to me, he had a view of my crotch and I could check him out.

At the next stop more people came on, so I just made direct eye contact with him and beckoned him over to my seat.
 He smiled, had his hands in his sweats and gave a slight twist of his head.
As the miles went by, I kept watching him and then I sat back and let him see my semi hard cock in my jeans. He loved that, and I knew he wanted something.
I debated how to get my hands on that cock when the cum gods smiled down on me.
He was getting off on my stop.
Grabbing my gym bag and hoodie, I stepped onto the platform and we walked side by side.
He was really grinning now, so I asked he were actually getting out at this stop.
He said yes.
I told him "I live at ### and ###" - and his reply was "want me to come over?"
I had mentioned the intersection in case he was nearby and may have wanted to host.

Asking him if he wanted a blowjob, he immediately replied yes and I said that could be done.
He had to get home also, and said he would be quick.
As we walked, he told me that he was a yoga instructor.
 Hmmmm, never had one of those before.

Once we got in the door, he took a seat on the couch and pulled out his cock.
Fuzzy balls, slight bush and a rock hard piece of meat standing straight up.
I got down on my knees in front of him and took him all the way down.
I had to push to get the last inch because of the angle, but that drew a low moan out of him.
That guttural moaning sound of someone that does not always get their entire cock sucked is such a sweet sound to a cock sucker.
At that point I just kept up the swallowing, deep throat and occasional stroking.

At one point he said "you really like sucking cock" and I said that I love to suck....and went right back down on him.
He was edging closer and closer.
He told me it was close, so I slowed down and then went back to working the head with my lips as I stroked the shaft.
As I heard his breathing speed up I asked him where he wanted to cum - down my throat or on my face. He smiled and said he wanted to cum on my face.
He stood up and stroked a couple of times and then the cum flowed.

It was like a thick river of white cream as it dropped from the head onto my lips and goatee.
Three thick spurts and it was done.
There was more on his hand and some oozed out, but he could not be touched because it was super sensitive - so I let him wipe his hand onto my tongue. He cleaned up and thanked me as he went out the door.

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