My favorite snack

Friday, April 26, 2013

Young and hung feeds me quick train load

Today I was able to leave work early.
Naturally, I figured that I may as well check out the commute and see if anyone else was heading my direction.

I hopped onto the train and noticed there was only one older man seated a few seats away.

After I sat, I pulled out my phone.   At the next step a young kid got on and sat in the seat across from me.

Late 20's, dark hair and a small septum piercing.  A hot little package over all.

Knowing that the empty car would be perfect, I watched him for a minute and decided it would be a good time to put own cock piercing back in.
I undid my jeans and tugged on my cock to set it free, and then slid the 2 gauge ring into hole.

By the time I was done, the young kid had his 7 inches of hard cock out and it was aiming straight to the ceiling.
An entirely empty (only us and the older guy) train is rare, so I motioned for him to sit next to me.  He stood and walked across the aisle, and sat down.

The older guy then took his old seat and watched us - and that was not going to bother me.

Immediately I leaned over to impale my throat with this young stud's pole.

I could reach around the base and the first 4 inches, but the last 3+ inches was prominently wider.  No problem...

As I was going further down, the kid was letting me know that he was enjoying this blowjob.

When the train pulled into the next station, I sat up to see if anyone was going to be boarding.  Nope.
A train did pull in on the other track, so I told the young stud to wait a moment.  Once that train pulled out, I dove back down on his cock.

From that point, I knew we would have a few minutes interruption free and turned to really give him some deep throat action.

Between the slight rocking of the train, his small thrusts up and my piston action down on his cock I could feel the head banging away at the entrance to my throat.
That was apparently what he liked as well, because his moaning picked up and I was treated to a minute of full on non-stop skull fucking.  

With another low moan, I felt his shaft swell and he began to unleash his seed into my mouth.  Feeling the first spasm, I extended my neck and let the head of his cock lodge into my throat and spew his cum right in.
The volume and velocity were enough that even as the last drops were spurting out I could taste the sweet load before it slid down my gullet.

I leaned up and used my hand to milk the shaft as I came up, and was rewarded with a bit more clear delicious cum.
That last bit went into my mouth as I sat up and I had to squeeze my throbbing meat to let my built up precum oooze down the head of my cock.   Since we were fast approaching the next stop I just used my fingers and gathered up my precum and licked it clean.  

The young kid and I buttoned our jeans, stood up and exited the train.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A night of cock and cum

Whew... my old computer was giving me fits and not cooperating at I have a brand new laptop and it is time to catch up!

So, a bit of some action that has happened recently...

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went out to one of my favorite late night action bars.  After we had our cocktails, I headed out back to see who or what I could find.

All around the room there were cocks being sucked, stroked and in a coupe of instances even being pounded into willing holes.
I walked into the crowd and started to scope out the meat.

Three hot guys were in a semi circle, all with cocks out and a willing sucker on his knees.
I recall that they were all blonde, but the best part was that they looked like either college frat brothers, or maybe teammates from their college football team...all built, hot and hung.

As I stepped closer, the cocksucker knew me and beckoned for me to join/take over some of the cocks.  Well, no need to ask me twice.
I got right in there and started on the closest cock.  

Thick, cut and I would guess a good 8.5 inches of hot young stud meat.  I started to deep throat and work all that I could into my mouth.  
Now, as I said there were three, so while I was getting this one all primed and pumped the other two guys were stroking and being handled by others.
After a coupe of minutes, my blonde frat guy handed me over to his friend and told them to let me suck his cock for a bit.

Ah, the joys of being on your knees with three hung cocks hovering over you...

I took the second cock, and he was equally well hung, and had some hot bouncing balls that I enjoyed feeling with my extra hand.  After a couple of minutes on him, it was time for another.
As I was down there, with mouth full of another cock I heard the others commenting - "he is good" and "can't wait to cum".

When the first guy was close to cumming he pulled me over and let me know it was going to be a big load and to get ready.  I opened  my mouth to give my access...
Well, sometimes the best plans need some tweaking - he shot a load alright, but it was thick and large enought that some hit my cheeks and mouth.
Now, you all know that I do NOT mind that at all.

Not waiting to waste a second, I went back to another of the frat guys and sucked his cock a few more times - yes, with the first load still on my lips and on my face.  That was just enough, because now it was time for cock #2 to unload.
Seeing his buddy's load still glistening on my face might have given him a clue, because he did not even try for the mouth, he just let his load fly at my face and land where it would.

Fuck, that was hot!

Well, the third guy was a bit more shy about shooting, but he was also grinning as he watched his buddies loads start to run into my beard.  I leaned back and let another load join.
Then they helped me to my feet and I started to make my way back to my husband.

Well, suddenly there is a wall of hairy bear in front of me...and I am not kidding...he must have been about 6 foot 4, a good 275 pounds of muscle and HAIRY.  He was standing near a woman that has seen my face and the loads being added.
She politely said that her friend "Harry" needed attention.    Well, I was so high on cum, that even a female did not distract me and I said sure.

Harry undid his pants and pulled out a thick pierced cock.

I know that some men are scared to death of a pierced cock, but I am not one...and I told him to get ready.

I leaned right over and swallowed every inch.  He may not have been  expecting it because he did get instantly rock hard.

Not being too shy when it comes to public cock, I was having a bit of fun swallowing this man's cock while his girlfriend was adding some commentary.  I don't know if she really expected me to follow orders, but she was asking to see me take it all, so we moved a bit and I let his cock come out and then swallowed  him back to the balls.

After a few minutes of it, I stood up just to get some air and say hello to the guy standing next to me - he had been there the whole time and I thought he may be with the guy and girl.
Yep, as I asked if he needed to be sucked, his reply was "that was my husband's cock in your mouth".
So, of course I had to say "Thank you, my husband appreciates you sharing it with me" and we all laughed.

Later when we were all outside, I picked up that they were all together - not sure if it was as friends with benefits or a bisexual triad...either way, it was a memorable night.