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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Husband's load makes four

Recently my husband has joined my gym and once in awhile we work out at the same time.

When I arrived there was already one cum feeding buddy in his gym clothes.  We exhanged glances and I went about my routine.
Later I saw that he was still working out, and two other past cock feeders had arrived to work out....hmmmm.

Towards the end of my workout, I told my husband that I was going to hit the steam.  He had a couple more sets and would join me soon.

When he was sitting next to me I filled him in on the three guys being in the gym and that they may pop in.
After a few minutes I needed to cool off, so I went to the cold shower and saw the first young blond.
He was getting dressed, and  then as I walked back from the towel area he was stripping back down and sporting  wood.

By the time I was in the steam, my husband headed out to shave.

The blond came in and immediately dropped his towel away from his rock hard cock.  I wasted no time in swallowing it down my throat.
Cupping his balls in my hand, and using my mouth to slick up his shaft.   Then I moved my hand up to stroke and work over the mushroom head.

That was all it took...after a couple of minutes of that routine he was blasting a thick wide load of cum into his hand.
I leaned over to lick up everything I could and then cleaned his fingers. 

As he walked out, my husband was on his way back....I told him that one load was drained already of the three possible.

As we sat there, buddy number two came in.  Lean  and about my height, he sat on the other side of my husband.
To get the ball rolling I leaned over to take my husbands pierced cock in my mouth.  That way everyone knew we were on the same page.

A bit of sucking and groping until we heard the door opening....and in walked buddy number three.

Hot young hairy cub.

He sat at the far end and could not tell what was going on so I once again went down on my husband's cock.
That got the young cub's attention.   I then walked over and asked if he wanted to join me at the far end.

On his was over, he stopped  to take the husband's cock into his mouth - and I reached under the cub's towel to stroke his cock.

After a few licks on husband, the cub came over to me and I deep throated his engorged shaft.
This young cub not only grows thick with each stroke and slurp, but he also leaks sweet precum.

After about two minutes of stroking and swallowing,  he began to moan and his shaft swelled in my mouth.
Then he shot a massively thick load onto my tongue.
I love how thick and white his cum is, so I pulled off a bit to let it hit my lips. 

As he was blowing, I could hear the other lean buddy begin to cum as well.

I used my fist to work out a few  more drops  of cub cum and reached over to feed it to my husband.

With everyone else drained, we turned attention to my husband.  I took his cock down my throat again while working over his nipples.
After a few strokes he was blasting a nice thick load up into the air and down his shaft. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Skull fucked deep throat action

I only had time for a quick work out, so I just did 4 sets of squats and then headed to the steam room.

Over the past couple of months I have been working out regularly to get myself back into shape, and part of that routine is to crank up the heat in the steam, and then alternate it with an ice cold rinse...and repeat.
Today I was in the locker room pretty much alone, and had the steam really hot and thick.

After my first short bake, I was walking back with a fresh  towel when I saw the shaved head regular cock feeder walking in.
He went to a locker and stripped down.  Hmmmm.

I just went into the steam and added more cold to the thermostat to crank it back up.  The steam started to fill the room when he walked in.

Usually he is sitting on the bench when I walk in, or he sits...but today he knew what  he wanted.

He walked right up to my face, put one foot up on the bench and presented me with his semi erect cock at mouth level.  I reached out and took his semi hard cock into my mouth.

He stood there and let me work his cock over with my tongue and lips.  As he got harder, I began to slide him past my tonsils and into my throat - I know he loves that.
Once he was rock hard, I deep throated him a couple of more times and stroked his shaft.

This was a new position for us, and I was not complaining!  He just stood there with a sly smile on his face while I worked his cock.
Then he turned to the side, and sat down next to me with his legs spread.  I knew what that meant.

I squatted down between his legs and started bobbing and deep throating.  Once I had his cock buried past my tonsils, he would take my head and force me to take the final inch.
Well, this time he must have been horned up as fuck, because he not only shoved me down on his cock but he started to skull fuck me at the same time!

His rock hard cock was hitting my tonsils and going down my throat so hard and fast that I had to just open and let him pummel my mouth.
He was piston fucking my throat and the sounds were echoing off the steam room walls.  At one point he had his hand on the back of my head and pushed down so far that I gagged - there was just no way to avoid it.

Whether the thought of someone in the showers hearing him skull fucking a guy made him edge closer, I don't know but he wanted more.
I took a quick breath of air, leaned back to stroke his shaft - and saw a thin string of throat slime linking  his cock head to my lips...and then I went back down on his cock.

At this point, he was so ready to blow that he just let me get the head past my tonsils before he began to piston fuck my throat.
He hit the gag point, but that was not going stop him.  He kept up the rapid fire  throat assault until his nuts pulled up and he began to unload down the back of my throat.
Not letting me up, he and I kept his cock buried while his balls unloaded...and unloaded..and unloaded.

Once he let go of my head, I leaned back and was rewarded with not only a bit more cum as he released a final blast, but he was smiling like the cat that ate the canary.