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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Carhart load

Ok.  First of all, I know it has been far too long since I shared - I was laid off in February, and am still looking for a new position...but, a boy does need to take a break and get some cum.

I went into the hood today and figured I would have a beer, catch up with some friends and just relax.

After a couple of beers, I needed to drain some piss and went into the urinal. 
Standing there already was a bearded construction worker.   They are doing some work on the street, but I don't know if he was part of that crew or just another hot horny construction worker.

As I was pissing, I looked over and noticed him stroking. 

He was about late 40's, bearded and built with thick tree trunk legs that were stretching his Carhart pants.

Immediately I just leaned over and took his cock into my mouth.  He did not protest, and he leaned back a bit to let me have full access...

Once I had his semi hard cock in my mouth, he started to grow.  Thicker and thicker until he was a hand full - basically a good beer botttle sized cock with some hefty hairy nuts bouncing underneath.

Being in the urinal, I wanted to be considerate and moved us over into the corner so that others can get in and pee. 
A guy started to walk in, saw the action and stepped back.  I looked up and he gave me a nod to say "go for it".

I went back down on the hung cock and started to stroke between deep throat swallowing. 
He was rock hard, and with a slight curve up, it was a perfect fit for me to take every inch.  I used my hand to stroke him, and then would take his cock down to the balls.

Another friend happened to walk in and started to piss. 

Knowing that no one was waiting, we went to town and I started to stroke his cock.  I spit into my hand and kept up the stroking until he started to moan and twitch.

Suddenly a thick spurt of hot spooge flew out of his cock and landed on my arm.  I pulled his cock into my mouth and kept stroking.
Volley after volley of  more cum was flowing out.  Thick, warm and so sweet.

His cock throbbed with each ejaculation, and I swallowed everything I could. 

As his moaning and thrusting subsided, I stood up and licked the cum off of my arm.  I saw more on my bicep and used my fingers to get that.
Then we both exited the urinal...

As I was standind near the bar, a guy walked over and said "you have a tell-tale bit on your beard".  I reached up, wiped the lob of cum and licked it off my fingers.
Gotta love a hot horny construction dude that needs to unload.