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Monday, May 25, 2009

Friends with huge cocks and their hung buddies

Ok, it has been a while and last week at work was busy in anticipation of the holiday weekend.
So, I was ready and set for action when Sunday came along.

Saturday I was out with friends at party where we saw many guys that I have had the pleasure of sucking off and some have even been in some of the videos. The scene on Saturday was lots of cocktails, lots of guys and cock just coming out everywhere.
While I did not swallow any cum I did get some nice tasty cocks into my mouth at the trough, in the corner, in front of the windows...all good clean fun.

Sunday we had plans to meet up with friends and went to a local beer bust. While there I saw a good friend from my past weekend trysts. He was standing with two others and I have to say that my fetish meter went into overdrive. Our friend is probably 6 foot 5 inches tall and his friends were equally as tall. When my husband came over, I was surrounded by all that meat and could just taste it.
During the discussion it was mentioned that we may all end up at a favorite hang out where I have sucked and been fucked by our buddy and many others.
I was looking forward to that!

My husband and I did head over before our friend. I went straight back to my favorite action corner and sure enough there was already a hot guy being sucked off.
Facial hair, baseball cap and a nice 7 inch cut cock - probably about 5 inches around easily.
He was already being serviced so I just stood back until an opportunity to join in came along. Once I was able to join in I swallowed him down and enjoyed a bit of deep throat sucking. My husband had come out to see by this time.
I could tell that the guy's first cock sucker wanted to finish, so I stood up turned to see a HUGE cock poking out of a pair of jeans. I looked over at my husband and he nodded to go for it.
I had seen this hot bear when I came in and his cock head was peeking out of the fly but I did not get a vibe that he was interested - hence I was sucking the baseball cap guy.
I got down and swallowed this bear cock and it was close to 10 inches and very thick. Just the type that I have no choice but to swallow down to the root.
I went down on that cock with gusto and just kept at it. I knew he was enjoying it when I looked up and his eyes were closed but there was a hint of a smile on his lips.
I was working all of it into my throat that I could but I took a few strokes with my hand in between swallows - after all I did not want to let this one walk away with his balls full of cum.
After a good five minutes of deep throat sucking and stroking he was ready to blow. He said "I am going to cum" and I just nodded and kept up my stroking. He shot the first spurt onto my cheek, the second his my chin - then I put his cock into my mouth to taste some. He was not done, and the rest of it was shot onto my goatee.
Of course everyone, including my husband, could see his cock and the resulting cum soak. I stood up, he zippped up and said in a very hot southern gentlemanly drawl "thanks". Oooh, a hot southern bear, hung and full (well, not anymore)of cum....and then there was more.

Cock #2 of the evening.

My husband and I went back to our friends out front and chatted but I was ready to see who else came in. I went to the back and saw a buddy of mine servicing a hot shaved head guy.
Since I know he loves to suck, swallow and ride cocks like I do, there was a good chance the guy hew was sucking would be hung....and he was.
I got back there and while there was a bit of a crowd I was able to see the action.
Long cut cock, slowly being swallowed but then at times the guy would take control and start fucking my buddies face.
The action may have been going on for awhile but then my buddy needed a break. He knows my true calling is sucking and he passed the baton off to me. As he left, I took over the cock and he told this guy that "my friend here will suck you off now".
There was a few other guys around and I went down on the spit soaked cock.
While I was down there, I was joined by a guy sucking his balls and other guy was working on his nipples.
Between the three of us, we had him edging closer and closer. The cock was getting hard and longer, so I knew it was only a matter of time.
Sure enough, he started to moan louder and I felt the first spurts hitting my throat.
My buddy that passed off the hung cock was back and commented that if it was shooting then I should share. I let the ball sucker have a few drops of the cum before I finished my job and made sure the cock was clean of all cum... and there was the final cock!
(On a side note - I realized later that this hung guy and I have chatted online and I was more than happy to get the chance to service - and if he reads this, a repeat is completely fine with me!!)

Number 3 - our tall buddies from earlier.

The three tall guys I met earlier were all standing in a circle and even my husband said it would be ok to start some fun.
Before we could get started one of the guys had to leave. We were down to two tall hot men and my tall hot husband.
I reached over and began to rub the tall new friend. He was wearing underwear but as he got harder I could feel it going down his leg a bit....that was going to be huge when I got it out!

The three tall guys stood around and another friend joined so that I was able to get on my knees and pull out the cock. It was indeed a mouthful and very hefty. Just my size!
It had already been discussed what I liked and what I would do so I just went down and started swallowing. He was a grower even at that size. Since I had the advantage of knowing I could pull it out and that it was getting bigger I pulled his underwear down even more to grab his balls.
It is always hot to find a hung guy with equally low hanging balls. I was able to fee those hefty cum filled nuts and when I would swallow him to the base I could feel them hit my chin.
We had a stranger come along that was interested in watching and he was about 6 foot 5 and seemed to be impressed with how much cock I could swallow and not gag.
I would have been happy to stay on my knees until the job was done but the crowd started to come in and the new friend wanted a break.
He helped me back to my feet and I just had a smile on my face.
Even though he is heading back to his home city today I think we will be able to finish this story on his next trip to the city.

And after all, as I have said in the pleasure comes from the other guys getting off and going away with a smile and all three of these did - and I was privileged to get two very tasty loads for my efforts.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Multiple cocks in one afternoon

It has been awhile and I needed to get back in to the swing of things so this weekend I was out for cock.

Saturday was one of those rare sweltering hot days in San Francisco and we were already set to meet friends for cocktails and fun.
After arriving at the designated spot I saw some buddies that know me very very well. The first thing they asked was what trouble I had gotten into.
None yet I said.

Right away he tells me that a friend of his is in the bar and has a new PA. In additon to that he wanted me to give his friend a blow job.
Ok, I can do that.
He pointed out a group of guys and I went to scope it out.
There were actually a few guys I knew in that group and his friend was already showing off the piercing.
I did not want to intrude so I held back and made a lap around. My buddy asked if I had tasted his cock yet and I told him that I was going to head back over.
He wanted me to tell his buddy that "I am the one you were told about".
I went over and said that I was the guy he heard about and I should check out his cock.
Sure enough he was happy to oblige and it was impressive. Thick cock and a great sized piece of jewlery.
I sucked on him a bit and some pictures were taken and then the conversation sort of progressed to sizes and cocks.
Most of the group knows me and I was on my knees for a hot 6 foot 6 inch hung guy.

That cock was also tasty and I asked if there should be a photo of his cock in my mouth. He agreed and brough out his phone again to take a picture.
At that point I mentioned that I had my video camera with me.
He was more than happy to let me film it and he also insisted that it be posted to the internet.
I said that is great and we went to work.
It was a bit busy there and he suggested that his cock would be better felt in my ass.
Hmmmm, can I do that???

We went to the darkest area and he spit on his cock while I spit in my hand and worked it into my hole.
Then I leaned over a bit and backed onto him. As we were in this position a few people walked by and could tell what we were doing.
Not wanting to get into trouble ourselves or the establishment we stopped after a few minutes - but not before I knew it would indeed be a fun time to ride his cock later.

We went back to our friends and the first guy I sucked off mentioned that he and my husband talked about a three way and all sharing holes, cocks, cum and pierced kind of afternoon.