My favorite snack

Friday, December 30, 2011

New office equals fresh new load

This week we had to move offices, and I was not sure how long it would be for me to get back into the swing of things…well, it was quicker than I thought!

When I got to the new location I logged on to Grndr just to see if anyone was around. It is a very metropolitan area, but not as touristy as my old space.
Lo and behold I got a message…and it was from a guy that I have seen around town for many years.
He and I have chatted but never managed to connect.
On this day he was at work, and within blocks of me. He asked if I had time to blow him.
I told him that I did and would love to.
We are both new to the area, so he came over to my block. I went down and led the way to a location I found that would be perfect.
He followed behind and smiled as I shut the door and we had a private spot to get me on my knees.

He has seen my work before and I told him that I would have been happy to let him video but my cam was on the blink. He brought out his phone and said that it would work.
And so I got down on my knees…
Now, I had seen pictures of his thick cock and heavy balls, but up close they were quite large and I could not wait to work a load out of ‘em! Thick shaft, torpedo shaped and with balls the size of small oranges. His low hanging nuts felt silky smooth and it was hot to see them bounce in anticipation.
I started out just working on getting every inch of him rock hard. His shaft filled my fist.
Swallowing as much as I could fit into my mouth and taking it down my gullet, and when I got down to his pubes I could smell the sweat from his walk over.
There I was deep throating as much as possible and gripping those cum filled nuts when he asked about stripping down and getting more comfortable.
I said sure, and he shucked his jeans, and sneakers.

When possible I love to be on my knees and let the cock just slide into my mouth and throat, but having him lean back gave me a chance to work the shaft and slurp on the head while he played with his nipples.
Stroking, slurping and deep throat. Then repeat.
After a few minutes he grabbed his cock and began beating it.
I took that as a perfect time to work on his balls.
I dove between his legs and took one into my mouth. They were so large that I could never get both into my mouth at the same time.
Stroking and ball licking was edging him closer but we were not ready for the climax, so I went back to swallowing his cock and working those cum filled nuts with my hand.

Then he grasped his cock again and told me to work his balls. I did not need to told twice!
After some hard stroking he was ready to blow.
As I saw the first two shots of cum start to erupt I leaned over to let him feed the rest to me.
Spurt after spurt came out and I was hungry for it all.
I licked and swallowed.
I even went down to the base of his cock and licked the pubes clean of every last drop.
As he sat there catching his breath I leaned back and savored the taste on my tongue and licked a few drops from my upper lip and mustache.

That was just the first day…I am looking forward the new year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Drained his young cum filled nuts

I know it has been awhile, but not to job has been in flux lately and between that and traveling with my husband it has just been harder to log on and share.

Well, today I had the pleasure of draining a young man's balls and oh was it fun.

He had asked me about the blog earlier, and right away said that he wanted me to drain him.
After chatting and exchanging pics I was hungry for his cum.

Today I was home and he happened to send a message and mentioned that he was up for some fun. I told him that I was as well.
His job is close enough to my favorite full stall bathroom that I suggested we go there.

As I headed out the door, he asked about poppers and I grabbed them.

We met out front and I led the way in.

After we both were inside and I locked the door, I handed him the poppers and then I reached for his crotch in jeans.
Already, he was sporting a hefty piece of wood. As I undid his belt and unzipped, he took a hit of the poppers.
The pics he sent were very mouth watering and I have to say that the real cock and balls in front of me were even better.
Thick full heavy cum filled balls, mushroom head and a shaft that has slightest curve to tickle the throat.

The pics included were sent and are being shared with his permission.

He was a bit nervous, and I took his cock fully into my mouth. Well, it was not long before he was getting thicker and harder in my mouth.
He had a cock ring on and that pushed out those full balls and I held them during each downward slurp and used my hand to massage them as I was slowly coming up off the cock.

Feeling his cock rock hard in my throat pushed me to the limit and I just had to deep throat until I could feel his balls on my chin.
Apparently he liked it to because he plunged his cock that extra inch without even trying.

With many guys, I love to feel their ass as I impale myself on their cocks...and this was one. I slid his underwear down to give me full access and then had to go back to sucking.

He took another hit of poppers. I was working on the head and shaft while gently tugging on his smooth nuts.
Soon I could feel him expand to the limit and I knew it was time.

Suddenly my mouth filled with a sweet warm load of his sperm. As each spurt landed on my tongue his shaft would give a slight jump and pulse.
After what felt like a half dozen or more shots, his load was spent and his balls were empty.

Taking a moment to savor the sweet taste, I kept his softening cock on my tongue. Then it was time to let him pull out. I looked up to see him smiling.
As I stood up, he expressed that he was spent and I had to say that I was one cum filled puppy (not in those words, but oh was it a mouth full!!)

As we exited and chatted, it was determined that a repeat is in order and I hope to get some pics or video to share of this young cub that likes his balls drained.