My favorite snack

Monday, November 30, 2009

Steam room load and then found two cocks at the urinals

As usual, I headed to the gym for a cardio workout and then a quick bite to eat before heading back to the office. The locker room was not real busy and it looked like most people might have decided to extend their holiday through Monday.
I was about to get into my gym shorts when I see the compact hung stud that fed me a load back in October - click this link to read about that one.
Well, since he was in a towel and headed to the steam room I decided that I could take a steam before my workout.
There was another guy in there with him but he was not a fellow stroker. We both waited and took a break to cool off with a shower.
When we were both in there alone we did not waste time.
He was sitting near the door and could see out, but we had enough steam that it was going to be hard to see in. He was soft and I went right down on his cock. After a few strokes and working the entire 9 inches into my mouth he got rock hard. He was shoving my mouth down so that it had nowhere to go but down my throat.
I was really working to not make a sound and that made it even hotter since I could tell he was filling every inch of my throat.
Twice I could feel his shaft bulge and grow so I was looking for a hot load to be filling my guts.
On the third shove down my throat he held my head down, started grunting and thrusting - his load was starting to work it's way out of his balls and he was not going to let me up until it was spent.
The head was so far down that his cum was going straight down - I had no problem with that, it is all about the other guy getting off and me doing what I can.
Once he was done, he let me up and I just had to sit there grinning from ear to ear.
I was rock hard and leaking buckets of precum.
We headed off to the shower and I went to finish my workout.

Then I decided to hit the shopping district and see if I could find some cum to swallow.
I went to my favorite spot and was surprised that there were no crowds after Thanksgiving. There was only one guy in the stalls and he was definitely jerking off. I thought the second bathroom may have some action so I headed out to find out. As I was walking down I passed a cute young twink and we both slowed down and looked back.
Since he was heading to where I just was, I tried to signal him to follow me. He kept walking and I did as well.
The second spot was also dead and I could tell the janitor was around so I ran back to the first tearoom.
As I got near the entrance I literally almost ran over the hot twink. He was heading out but when I passed him he turned around to follow.
I walked to the urinals and there was a guy standing there already. Maybe mid 30's, jeans and a very Midwestern look. I took the urinal next to him and the twink came up to my left.
I was not sure but when I spotted him stroking and checking me out I knew it was going to be a hot scene if we were not interrupted.
We all moved back so that the auto sensors would not trigger and I got down on my knees. Having two cocks at my disposal was hot and I went down on both.
Alternated between the twink and the Midwest boy - jacked one while sucking on the other. The stall door opened so I knew we had an audience but I was not going to stop.
I made sure to work my mouth onto each cock and go down as far and as quick as I could.
Whether it was the risk of being caught or we were all horny, it was not long before Midwest boy was ready to cum. He started to head towards the urinal so I instantly said "cum on me" and he started to shoot.
Cum was hitting my chin, face and some hit my shirt. HOT!!
Then it was time to turn back to the twink - hairy balls ready to unleash their load.
He seemed to know just what I wanted...he shot onto my goatee and then the next 3 or 4 shots went into my mouth and I could the force of them hitting my tongue and the back of my throat.
To finish off, we wiped his cock with my goatee.

We were all spent, I had two loads in me and on me. The twink commented that it looked hot so I went over to the sinks to check it out.
Thick pure white cum was coating my upper lip, not sure which hot guy put it there but I had to taste it- I used my finger and wiped it into my mouth.
Before anyone could come in and see us, we got all our disheveled clothes back in order and looked presentable.
I walked out of there with a HUGE grin on my face and pre cum soaking my jock.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Over 2 feet of cock in my throat today and four loads

Well, it has been a long time since I headed up to my favorite video booths.
Lately I have been working out on my breaks, but today I had enough to do that I wanted a mental break and wanted to see if there was anything around.

After I arrived I saw a hot guy - late 20's, grey sweater and jeans. He was walking around and I checked out the glory holes. There was a cute bearish cub in one. He was uncut and had a bottle of poppers that I could smell. After he unzipped and placed his cock through hole I began to work on him.
I think he may have been nervous because it took a bit to get hard, and then he took a hit of poppers and got hard finally. After a couple of minutes of sucking and fucking my face I could taste his cum filling my mouth.
It was quick but he had a nice clean tasting cock and the cum was delicious.

After I left the booth I wandered and then I saw the cute guy in the sweater enter the booth where I just sucked (he saw me come out, so he knew I was up for some play).I went back into my same booth and got into position to give him a deep throat suck.
I could see his cock through the hole as he was pulling his pants down. Nice and thick, even while soft.
He slid about 5 inches of soft cock through the hole and I started to suck and swallow. Well, you all know there are those cocks that grow and this one did.
As he started to get into it, and I could feel it getting thicker I began to swallow more and more of it.
When he was finally rock hard, it was close to 9 inches and a good 5 inches or more around. Full heavy balls and a nice thick mushroom head made it all the more compelling for me to deep throat.
Once he knew I could swallow down every inch, he seemed to like the idea of shoving as much cock through the hole as I could take. Nothing like having a guy decide to take charge and just keep giving you more cock. We had his balls hitting my chin a few times and soon enough I could hear the intake of breath that signaled a full load about to be dumped into my throat. As soon as I felt the shaft swell I shoved my throat as far down as I could to catch it all.
I just love a mouth and throat full of cock as it empties all that sweet cum.

Well, that was two cocks and I thought it was time to head out...then I see a real cute young guy walk around the corner.
Smooth face, clean shaven, dark hair - wearing pin stripe dress pants, dark button down shirt and he was mid to late 20's. He saw me and headed to the same booth ( funny how I now think about the fact that I only entered two booths to get all of these cocks). Before I could follow there was another older business man that went in. Oh well, I thought, these things happen.
I took one more lap to see and as I was coming around the corner the older guy left the booth.
The minute I walked in, the cute guy looked through the hole and then started to unzip again.
I did not expect the sight the met my face at that hole...another long cock pushing the limit of 9 inches and with a nice slight up curve. Not as thick but damn tasty looking. I immediately went down to the base and felt his head pushing past my throat and entering. His cock was long and slim enough for me to swallow to the base and then take his cock in my fist and stroke him while teasing the head.
After a couple of minutes of hot deep throat action he is leaking and I am rock hard too.
He pulled back a bit and leaned down to say something..."can I suck your cock?"
Hell I slid my cock through.
He would not have seen the PA but I could feel his lips and then his mouth taking it. Picturing that smooth and clean shaven face being on my cock was hot but I was not about to shoot my load, yet.
He sucked me for a bit and then went back to work on his cock. Eventually the video was over and the lights came on so I asked him if he wanted to just get one booth. He said yes and we headed out.
Now, as I stepped out of my booth I saw a hot repeat from the past standing there. You may recognize the description of him as having minty fresh breath and every time we hook up, he uses his spit and it leaves his cock all minty fresh and tasty.
As the young cute guy left his booth, he and I went into the next one down. Right away we had our pants open and cocks out. I went a bit further and took off my sweater so that he could play with my nipples.
Once again we started off with me swallowing his cock to the base and playing with his balls - then he sucked me a bit.
Deep throat, pull off a bit, stroke and feel the balls hitting my fist as it slide down and then I deep throat again and stroke him some more.
As he was getting close he wanted to suck my cock again.
Eventually he was at that point of no return and asked if I wanted it. I nodded my head and slid his cock into my throat to let him release.
Suddenly my mouth was filled with sweet young male cum. I did not want to lose a drop so I kept his cock in there until he was spent. Then we both got our clothes adjusted again and he said it was time for him to head back to work.

I was getting my glasses and baseball hat back on when Mr Minty Fresh opened the door.
Well, it would be rude to leave him wanting after seeing me just send one smiling guy away...and he knows how much I LOVE cum.
He entered the booth, I locked the door and he started undoing his pants. As he was putting money in the video slot I was down on my knees taking out his cock.
It was a day of growers and I was about to get a minty dessert from yet another one.
I started out sucking on his cock and got it semi hard and then went for his balls. I have learned that he enjoys this and even likes to feel my tongue and goatee rubbing the space between his ass and balls.
After he was rock hard I went back to his cock and started to deep throat. Once again I had over 8 inches of cock being buried in my throat.
I was stroking my cock and he was pulling up my sweater to get at my nipples. I took a quick break and pulled my sweater off and let him go at my nipples.
As you all know, when I have had this much cock and cum, the next thing to get me to be a cum pig is to pull my nipples while slamming some meat down my throat.
I went back to his balls and he used some of his spit to work his cock. When I went back to his cock to finish him off it was that perfect minty taste.
It was not long at all before he was spurting a massive thick load into my mouth and I was working to get his mushroom head into my throat to milk the last drops out.
After he was spent I squeezed out two more thick white drops of cum and licked them off of his cock head.
He headed out and that was when I knew it was time to call it a day. After all, I am a hungry (and now full) cum pig and it is not good to be greedy...I had to leave something for the other pigs that were sure to heading over for their afternoon feedings.